UI/UX Design

Like you already know, user experience and interactive user interfaces are quite capable of making your website rank high as they can make visitors stay at your website for a good long time. And that’s what we specialize on. At Ethane Web Technologies, we have a team of expert designers who are quite capable of designing the top-notch UI and UX you had ever dreamt of, which makes us the best android app development company in India.


Integration is also an important part of today’s tech world. And that’s why we have developers who have mastered the skill of integration. We are such an android app development company who have been successfully integrating android apps since last 10 years for clients from all over the world.

Widget Development

Like you already know, widgets can access the permanent storage ability for settings and downloaded data. This process is just like cookies, though the storage capacity of widgets is quite larger. Such widgets are a necessary part of android apps due to their utility. But not all android app development companies can craft high-quality widgets and this is what differentiates us from the rest. Here at Ethane Web Technologies, our expert team of developers are quite capable of crafting top-notch widgets just like a pro.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps can run smoothly in both Android and iOS. And that’s is like solving two problems with one solution. But developing top-notch hybrid apps with sheer perfection is something a very few developers can master in. But luckily, our team consists of such expert developers who can craft superb quality hybrid applications by just snapping their fingers entitling us as the best android app development company in India.

Support & Maintenance

Enhancing the productivity, filling up your android application with top notch features and updating its functionalities regularly are something that cumulatively define maintenance services. And this what makes your app feasible. Maintenance important part of every android app development company. And here we are at Ethane, offering the best maintenance services to our customers across the globe.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of dedicated and brilliantly creative website developers, digital wizards, and tech savy specialists synergize to deliver technology solutions for business success, from start-ups to corporations.

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At Ethane, we craft and strategize our services depending on the ongoing top market trends and plan them according to the requirements of our beloved customers.

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Like you already know, innovation is the key to success, and that’s why, we don’t just develop, we innovate.

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Time & Quality

In this era, time is money and that is why we try to provide with the best value for your valuable time. On the other hand, quality is what we concentrate on because we know that a good high-quality application can generate more ROI than 1000 below the belt applications.

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Trust means more than anything to us, and that is why Ethane has been the favorite of 1000+ clients belonging from 80+ countries across the globe since last 10 years.

Our Development Process

We don’t stop at fulfilling the technological trends alone, but to meet our client’s business requirements is our main goal. Planning, proper development, and designing of your app by our developers are what makes your app stand out in the crowd.

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Requirements Elicitation

Our Android App Developers in India will work efficiently to meet your business needs within the conditioned time-frame. They will keep you on the loop regarding the requirements to keep and which to toss out. Our skilled developers make sure that all your requirements are met.

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Testing & Quality Assurance

Our Android app developing team tests our apps on regular intervals, to fend off anomalies and check for updates. Our Android App developers in India are ascertained that your app is the best in your market.

We Care About Your Business

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Design & Development

The design and development of your site are handled by the talented developers of Ethane Technologies. Be sure, the UI of your app will be the best and most functional amongst other competitors.

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We have initiated a secured online transaction system which is absolutely trustworthy. Once the formalities are done with, and your approval is gained, our developers don’t waste a second in launching your app on the various platforms

Ethane is One of the Top Android App Development Companies with Over 30,000 Man Years of Experience

Ethane is an ISO 9001 certified Android app development company, consisting 300+ expert android app developers. Ethane Web Technologies a top-notch android development company that offers an abundance of extremely groundbreaking and remarkable mobile apps based on Android which help businesses boost up their marketing strategy and sales. Endless study and detailed understanding of numerous Android platforms facilitates Ethane Web Technologies to offer advanced android app solutions for countless industries. Ethane has an internal squad of skillful Android app developers, who own a pro-active experience and acquaintance of building performance-centered android applications for the state-of-the-art Android platform. Hire Android app developers from Ethane to render supreme quality Android applications for your own business.

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Easy To Use

Easy To Use

Our apps have a simple UI/UX making it very much user-friendly.

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Awesome Design

We make interactive apps with attractive design to please the users.

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Easy To Customize

Our apps support hassle-free customization for better performance.

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24/7 Support

Don’t hesitate, just reach out. We are always there to help you.

Responsive Design for All
Devices with Quality

To turn your app into the darling of your customers you need to provide them with such swift experience that they have never experienced before. And Ethane is such an android app development company in India that has been serving 80+ countries all-round the globe. So, you can already guess the caliber of our designers who have been successfully designing such responsive designs that can fit in well into any sized screen.


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Systematic work helps us to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business. Our talented team of iOS app developers in India are always enthusiastic to take up new projects as soon as they arrive.

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Experience & Skilled

Having an experienced team of skilled android developers, we are now a leading android app development company of India. Our development team only comprises of people who are fully dedicated to their work and have amazing skills in performing their job industriously.


Java, JavaScript along with Ruby work in an object-oriented way, but they handle data in a much strict way. This is why Java has been the first choice of developers who strive hard to strengthen the backend of their applications. and the best part is, our developers are highly skilled in Java and have years of experience working on it.

Understanding of XML

XML lets developers share information among multiple devices in such a way that it can be clearly understood. In case of android application development service, backend developers utilize XML to craft several layouts that the work as a foundation of user interfaces for Android apps. Hence, it is quite clear how much important XML is in android application development service. And this is why we have summed up a team of developers who are amazingly good at it and are ready to use their expertise in developing your Android application.

Android SDK

Android SDK (Software Development Kit) is nothing but just a set of prepackaged tool. This prepackaged tool is modules that consist of java codes and let developers access device functions just like accelerometer and camera. But this tool requires huge skill and experience to get utilized properly and luckily we have such a team of developers who are quite familiar with this Android SDK tool.

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Being an android app development company, Ethane Web Technologies have crafted some of the best apps in the market. Here are some of them. Check them out.

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