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Are you tired of your low website rankings and unimpressive business ROI? Turn your business performance better by hiring any of our hand-picked & affordable SEO packages. All our SEO packages are designed to achieve higher search engine rankings, quality leads, better ROI, and more sales. Choose the right SEO plan and implement the right strategy to enjoy quality results for your business. Why Ethane is a better choice for opting SEO packages.

  • We make use of white hat SEO techniques
  • We believe in transparency
  • Our result-oriented SEO packages
  • A strict no to black hat SEO
  • Affordable SEO services pricing in India
  • Dedicated Manager for prompt support
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Find Best SEO Packages and Build High Website Ranking

Are you interested in implementing SEO strategies for your business? Then you are residing in the right place. At Ethane, we have designed four different SEO packages for you: Basic, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Four of them are designed to serve different needs of the business. The Basic package is crafted for the small-scale businesses who are interested in improving the rank on keywords and lowering down the competition level. The Standard package fits for those who need higher website rankings in low competitive areas. The Professional package helps the business to target a wide geographical area for a group of keywords. The Enterprise package is made for big websites seeking higher search engine rankings.

Our Monthly SEO Packages for Small Business

All the SEO reseller packages mentioned above involve the best practices and strategies. We make sure the package of services boosts your overall search performance by improving your web traffic, qualified leads, and brand visibility online. Just pick one of the SEO packages that fit your requirements and enjoy reaching out to the local and global audience in no time.

Why you Must Invest in a Monthly SEO Package?

SEO is essential not just to grow your business revenue. It is worth having a strong online presence and high brand visibility on popular search engines like Google. According to the recent market search, 75% of online users never search beyond the first page of a search engine. In fact, a majority of people only trust the first three search results. Therefore, having a good search experience is quite significant nowadays. Not just this gives the business a new height but even makes the site appear whenever a relevant search is made based on the keywords. Coming to a conclusion, making an investment in an SEO package is a must.

How does Our SEO Process Work?

Ethane believes in offering extensive and impressive SEO strategies. We make sure the strategies are processed perfectly and help you to stay ahead of the competition. Our SEO process is not so time-consuming. Instead, it comes up with rank-driven results. Here’s how it works.

Audit your website

Before we start with our process, our experts prefer to have an audit of your website. This gives an insight into your current website performance and helps the SEO specialists to analyze and figure out the requirements. The step includes finding the current search engine rankings, backlinks quality check, assessing indexed pages, and key page identification.

Keyword research and analysis

Deep analysis of keywords and key phrases is needed to improve the search experience. This is the most crucial step in your overall SEO campaign. Here we would list down the most relevant high-performing keywords based on the target.

Competitor research

Next, comes to competitor research where we use advanced tools to keep an eye on your competitor activities. Spying on them helps us to build a competitive SEO strategy so that you can reach your targets effectively.

On-page optimization

Now, it’s time to implement the on-page optimization techniques that contribute a lot to improve the search results. The techniques involve restructuring HTML codes, building a better internal linking structure, ensuring a mobile-responsive website, optimizing the website content, checking the header tags, and so on.

Monthly reporting

We believe in keeping our techniques, strategies, and processes transparent with our clients. Hence, we come up with our monthly reports that contain all data in detail. You can find our reports, either in tabular or in graphical format.

Tracking and monitoring

Finally, when the entire process is completed, we don’t leave you and your website as it is. Instead, we ensure the implemented techniques and strategies are up to the mark. We use the most advanced online monitoring tools to keep an eye on your site performance. From monitoring the website rankings to optimizing your performance, Ethane shares its hands to assure better search results.

How to Opt for the Best SEO Package from the List?

Choosing the best SEO package from the list of packages is indeed a daunting task. However, your choice should depend on the business requirements and priorities. You can immediately make the right decision if you follow the following steps.

Assess your website

Audit your website and find the strengths and weaknesses. Doing this you can figure out the areas that need to be optimized on a significant note. Skipping this step, you are actually creating confusion regarding choosing the right package.

Have extensive keyword research

Next step is to perform extensive keyword research. Performing comprehensive keyword research implies in-depth research of user intent, competitor analysis, and the latest trends. Find the SEO packages in India that includes this significant step.

Develop quality content

Content marketing is the key that delivers rank-driven results for the business. Good content builds quality links, increases user reach, and enhance brand enhancement. Use the SEO package that includes content marketing on a priority basis.

Monitor your performance

Does your SEO package offer consistent monitoring and reporting? Make sure it does. Keeping track of your website traffic, campaign performance, and business growth. And this is easily possible when you have a detailed report about everything.

What Makes your SEO Package Failure?

Are you new to the digital landscape? Then probably you have the least knowledge about which SEO package is beneficial for your business. The following are the reasons why your SEO package can turn out to be a failure.

Fake promises offering instant results

If any SEO company promises to offer rank-driven results in no time, you must think twice before hiring the services. No SEO plan and strategy can bring such instant results. It is a slow and steady process that takes time to deliver the ideal results. You have to keep patience and use the best plan to enjoy the optimum consequence.

Lack of keyword or competitive research

In an effective SEO plan, keyword research and competitive analysis are the two pillars. Extensive keyword research helps to build enhanced brand visibility and brand recognition. While strong competitive analysis helps to build an insight into the business trends and competitive activities. Hence lacking proper research badly influences the business, creating damage to its online reputation management.

Top ranking at the first step

SEO can definitely bring results to a business on the digital landscape. It can even help websites to rank higher on the search engine result page. But it takes an ample of time. So, if you are expecting top ranking at the very first step, no digital marketing agency can fulfill your wish. The only way to get top ranking is by using unethical ways i.e. your black hat SEO techniques, which is strictly prohibited. Ethane doesn’t support this. But with our white hat SEO plan, you can surely reach your target with time.

Zero transparency

Transparency in services is very important. If your SEO package doesn’t include this, you can’t help accepting the failure. Choose a plan that offers 100% transparency by offering monthly reports and extensive performance analysis. Without this, you can’t overcome your incompetency. SEO can be measured and traceable. So, find the package that includes monitoring and tracking SEO strategies.

Which Package is Better – Monthly or On-Time SEO Package?

Searching for the right SEO packages? Ethane is the best destination where you can opt for the right one within your budget. The budget plays an important role in the budget. It helps you to decide your strength for making an investment, no matter what it is. Now the question is – investing in which package is better based on your budget – monthly package or on-time package?

Monthly Packages: 

Do you believe in stable services that can give you unpredicted results? In that case, choosing one monthly SEO package can be the best decision. This will not just improve your cost-effectiveness, but even increases the efficiency with the regular ongoing process. We believe, this is the best way to set up a strong relationship with the client and business, as here there will be a regular mode of transaction.

Fixed or One-Time Packages

A fixed or on-time package, on the other hand, demands a fixed payment for a fixed time period. If you want to increase the time strength, you have to renew the service. This is completely based on a contract signed between the client and the business.

Which Can be a Better Choice?

Truly speaking, the Search Engine Optimization process is time-consuming. If you are expecting fast, productive results, then unfortunately SEO can’t meet your desire. Hence, we would suggest you choose the monthly SEO packages. Trust us, you will be the gainer.

However, if you still feel like picking the one-time packages, you may end up renewing your package due to the need of increasing the time span. In many cases, this happens. This is indeed an unpredictable option, where you may or may not gain your desired result within the stipulated time frame.

Isn’t it better to go for the monthly packages and continue with the on-going process until the desired results are obtained? The fixed package can certainly be a budget-friendly option but the drawback it carries is surely not accepted.

All our SEO packages are crafted based on the customers’ needs. Be it is an ecommerce client, healthcare business, or a realtor, everyone can make substantial growth by investing a little in our services. We ensure picking our package well worth your investment.

What do Our Monthly SEO Packages include?

Ethane comes up with affordable, promising, and result-oriented SEO services. Our industry experts try our best to achieve your target by using the most advanced tools and techniques.

Enhanced keyword research

Advanced keyword research is the key step for any SEO campaign. Our SEO experts use the best online tools to list down the high-performing keywords based on the brand. We make sure the keywords drive high ranks for your website.

Content marketing

We deliver the highest-quality content with respect to your brand and keywords. Creating unique, keyword-specific, engaging, creative, and relevant content is our objective. We make sure the content is completely plagiarism-free and has the potential to build more conversions.

Building backlinks

In SEO, backlinks have a separate fan base. They have the power to drive more prospects from different web sources. Hence, we create high-quality backlinks on high-authority websites and even help you to earn more backlinks from other sites.

Improving traffic

Our team of SEO specialists works on the techniques that help in building more traffic for your website. We use the ethical white hat SEO techniques to power your business digitally. Our best SEO practices are based on the SEO guidelines to deliver a promising result.

Customizing SEO Plan

No matter what your need is, we believe in customizing our SEO plan for you. With our pocket-friendly packages, you can focus on both short-term and long-term targets. You choose the package and we will design a proper strategy to deliver the best results in the best possible time.

Building Report

Ethane never hides anything from the client. Our transparent service gets reflected in the monthly report that we share with the concerned customer. No matter how the performance is, we believe in sending a weekly or monthly report with detailed information.

Tired of finding an appropriate SEO package that meets all your demands?

Why Choose our SEO Packages for your Business?

Ethane Web Technology believes in offering the best SEO packages in India at a cost-effective rate. Need more reason? Here we go!

Team of Professionals

Our team of SEO experts is experienced enough to use the best techniques in the right way. We ensure providing you with the best SEO solution and reach out to your target in no time.

Rank-Driven Results

We promise you to deliver rank-driven results using the power of keywords. Our SEO packages are well-designed to improve your business ROI and make you stay ahead of the competition.

Customized Plan

At Ethane, you get what you need. If you don’t find a suitable SEO package, you can share your requirements with us. We will customize a plan for you at an affordable price.

Years of Experience

We are an award-winning company with experience of more than a decade. We are well-aware of the SEO industry and have good knowledge regarding the trends and techniques required for a business.

Comprehensive Solution

No matter which package you choose or customize, you get a comprehensive range of solutions. From smart keyword research to content optimization, we believe in including all the services that are essential for boosting SEO.

Prompt Support

Any problem? You can reach us at any time. Our experts are always there to give you a prompt response and instant support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Different SEO Packages?

At Ethane, you get different categories of SEO packages at different rates. Our packages include – basic, standard, professional, and enterprise. However, if you don’t find one fitting your need, you can even customize your package and accomplish your goals.

How Long it Takes to Deliver Results?

SEO takes time to deliver the desired results. Keeping patience is the only option. However, it starts reflecting the results around 3 months of continuous performance.

How to Measure SEO Performance?

Measuring SEO performance is easy. We use the best online tools to monitor the SEO process. We even pen down the performance metrics and build a monthly or weekly report for your benefit. You can easily measure your progress and analyze your performance from the report itself.

Why should I Trust you?

Ethane Web Technology is an award-winning company that is running in the SEO industry for more than a decade. We have a team of professionals who are well-aware of the latest techniques and trends that can improve website ranking and build more conversions. Last but not the least, we believe in using white hat SEO techniques. We never use unethical ways to deliver results. Even if this takes time, we choose the right way.

Will the SEO Package Work?

All of our SEO packages are result-oriented. Choosing any one of them and keeping patience will definitely shower you with the perfect result. They are indeed worth your investment.

What is your Workflow?

Once you share your details with us, we start our process by auditing your website and analyzing the requirements and priorities. From keyword research, competitor analysis, and market research to content marketing, link generation, and content optimization, we perform all with perfection.

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