Amazon SEO: The Ultimate Guide to Higher Product Ranking in 2019

Hey! Do you have a retail outlet and looking for an opportunity to extend your business both nationally and internationally?

In that case, Amazon can give you a lot more than your expectation.

What is the first thing that strikes your mind when you come across the term “Amazon”? Many of you will say – it is the wonderful one-stop destination to make an online purchase. But is that enough to describe the popular e-commerce store?

Amazon is not just for the buyers it is also a productive destination for the sellers as well. Agree or not? That’s the reason why Amazon SEO is gaining huge popularity.

What is Amazon SEO? Any idea?

Amazon SEO is similar to the SEO on Google. It optimizes all your products available in the Amazon store so that they appear on the first page of Amazon search results. To be a bit precise, whenever a buyer puts the keyword (desired product name) in the search bar, your products will be made visible on the top.

The primary aim of Amazon SEO is to boost the product rankings that in turn enhances the visibility of the products to the potential customers.

So, are you planning to sell your products on Amazon? If yes, then you must know about Amazon SEO. As high rankings on Amazon contributes a lot to the success of a business.

Going in-depth, Amazon rankings are evaluated on the basis of A9, that is the famous Amazon ranking algorithm 2019.

Do you know how this A9 algorithm work?

Probably this will help you to get a breakthrough in your business.

In this algorithm, the Amazon filters out the products that make a perfect fit for the queries made on the search bar. It will not be wrong to state that Amazon contains millions of products. And among these millions, it has to search for the product that has been put on the search bar, that also within less than two seconds.

However, there are certain factors that Amazon SEO 2019 consider before showing its results. Take a look at what they are. The probability of purchase, Amazon rankings, and Amazon marketing strategy.

Now, since you have learned about the factors that influence Amazon SEO, you have understood how important is to have a high product ranking.

Wondering how to improve your product ranking on Amazon? Here we have unfolded the factors that you need to focus if you are looking for good rankings for your products.

8 key factors that Amazon A9 algorithm make use of while determining the rank of the products

  1. Title of the Products: Title of the products has a lot to do with your product rankings. A dull, boring title never attracts any buyers. It is always the fun-making, interesting, and attractive title that drive potential consumers to the products.Other than these adjectives, Amazon SEO even looks for appropriate keywords in them. However, stuffing your title with keywords is again prohibited.The factors that Amazon look for in title are – product name, brand, quantity, material, and color.Do the title of your products fit all the clauses mentioned-above? If not, make sure you take care of it.Take an example from the Amazon products. You will understand better we suppose.
  2. Keywords play an important role: Choosing the perfect keywords as per the search likelihood is important. But how?Get through your product category and look for the products that are high in demand or ranked high by the Amazon. This will help you to choose the best keywords from the list. Try this before submitting your product.
  3. Check the stock: Next is to check out whether the products you are about to sell are in stock or not. It is unlikely to excite a customer to place their order if the products are unavailable. This creates a negative brand impression, allowing potential buyers to look for alternative brands for the desired product.Another reason why you need to check out the stock is – there is a high chance of losing the secured position.To avoid this we have 2 valid ways.First, if you are availing Amazon FBA service, you can easily set an alarm that says your products are going out of stock and you need to restock again.
    Second, if you are using more than other e-commerce channels to sell your products, you can definitely use multichannel synchronizing platforms. In this scenario, you get an option to synchronize your inventory levels which will never make you zero.But what if you truly rely on Amazon? Not to worry. You have plenty of inventory management platforms for that.
  4. The price factor: Another factor that is responsible for higher ranks in Amazon is the price factor. Amazon SEO 2019 even look for the pricing list to rank the products on Amazon.You just can’t give high discounts driving your business to losses. But you can certainly look for attractive offers and discounts to beat your competitors.
  5. How engaging are the images?: Are your images engaging? Yes, we are asking you. Look at your images and examine the quality. Amazon allows the users to zoom in and out on the images so that the consumers get a clear and close view of the product. Therefore, high-quality images are mandatory to generate high rankings.
  6. Content, of course: Next, is the content presentation. Content that does not use bullets and numbering, images, or paragraphs are unlikely to be ranked high by Amazon A9 algorithm 2019.The potential buyers who are likely to buy the products at first go through the product description given in the section. Hence, long paragraphs, heavy words, lengthy content often confuse them, dropping their mood of making a purchase.Do you want that? Hence, engaging content with a good presentation is needed if you are looking for higher rankings.
  7. Customers’ feedback: Products reviews or the consumers’ feedback are again responsible for ranking your products high. Positive reviews draw the attention of more customers. This encourages the customers to buy the products thus increasing the business sales to a great extent. This goes with a flow.Products that have good customer reviews are always ranked higher by Amazon.
  8. Search terms playing in the backend: Backend search terms, as the name suggests, are the terms that are not visible to the customers. They are indexed by Amazon A9 algorithm which influences the product search likelihood a lot.But what are the things that need to be included in the backend?Keywords that do not fit the title.
    Product name wrongly spelled.
    Translation of the key product words to other languages.

Other than these organic factors, there are some expensive ways as well that can help you to rank your products high in Amazon. You may call this paid Amazon SEO factors. Interested to study these? Here we go!

4 Effective but Paid Amazon SEO Factors for high ranking

    1. Running online campaigns: Marketing campaigns can be categorized in two types – one that includes Pay Per Click or PPC and other that includes Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, sending discount codes through email, and using Launch service.
    2. Taking help of Amazon for the brand content: Have you heard of Amazon Brand Content?
      Taking this service, helps the brand to enhance its Amazon product rankings. This is done based on the image placement and the graphics associated with the brand. All these add a professional and engaging look to your brand, making the brand more visible to the consumers.
    3. Availing FBA service: What is FBA? Fulfillment by Amazon, abbreviated as FBA, is a service offered by Amazon in which the e-commerce store take care of storage, shipping, as well as product management.
      Now, this is up to you. As this one-stop service of Amazon is a bit costlier but at the same time offers you a great platform to rank your brand or products on Amazon.
    4. Create a Pro Seller Account: Have a Pro seller account or Professional Seller Account on Amazon is of great benefits. This particular account includes a “Buy Box” that eventually improves the chance of making your products more visible on Amazon.Take a view on the right side of the Amazon result page. You will find a seller named “Buy Box”. This is the section where Amazon displays the recommended sellers, as per maintaining the A9 algorithm of Amazon.

It is true that everyone look for options that are inexpensive or free in their words. But if you have the option to gain fame simply by investing for sometime, then don’t you think you must opt for that? We guess that would be the best approach and a smart move towards your prosperity.

Reaching the bottom line, if you properly optimize your product listing, it will give you a broad platform to boost your business sales and take your brand to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for? Amazon SEO and its A9 algorithm are already been discussed with you in a detailed manner. Embrace them and see the magic!

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