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Android operating system reigns the market for smartphone iOS by a lion’s share. It is the most preferred choice for several enterprises as it brings along easy customization, scalability, security, and simplicity. We are a leading Android app development company that specializes in crafting high-end Android mobile applications with our advanced Android application development services. What makes us ahead of others;

  • We have successfully launched 20+ Android applications in the last 6 months.
  • Our strength lies in our experienced team of Android app developers.
  • Our team of React.js & Node.js experts will help you build quality-rich apps for your business.
  • We have dedicated project managers to ensure a hassle-free development process.
  • We combine cutting-edge technologies with our innovative ideas to craft feature-rich mobile apps.
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A Quick Overview of Android App Development

Android is the world’s most popularly used mobile app development platform that is based on the Linux operating system. Since its inception, Android has transformed the way people used to communicate with each other.  There are billions of users using Android apps that are compatible with smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, or smart TVs. For Android application developers, Android is an open-source development platform that is written in Java and comes with unique features to develop intuitive, high-quality, adaptive, and secure applications.

As a leading Android app development services provider, our dedicated team of experienced Java programmers uses its vast knowledge, expertise, and the latest Java resources to build apps that run flawlessly on various Android devices. They deploy several high-end technologies and tools including Android Software Development Kit comprising of Android Emulator, Android Plugin Tools (ADT), and other useful app development tools. This unique collection of tools extends into the Eclipse environment which helps our developers to build robust, intuitive, and high-performing apps that cater to your business requirements and goals.

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Our Range of Android App Development Services

Taxi Apps

Ride-hailing has become a trending subject for the new taxi aggregators who dream to join the competition with their valuable services. A taxi app provides an immense scope for shared mobility, a quick, convenient, and cost-effective mode of transportation that connects the rider and driver in real-time. It also lets the rider know and compare the taxi fare prior to confirming the trip and facilitate easy transportation to-and-from the set location.

Furthermore, taxi-booking applications also open doors to new employment opportunities for job-seekers. Taxi apps are considered the smartest way to cater to the travel needs of the riders. It can be seen as a blessing for those people who do not own a car or do not know driving. With the help of these ride-sharing apps, they are able to experience seamless traveling anytime from anywhere.

Therefore, envisioning the scope of mobility as a service, we have specialized ourselves in creating full-fledged on-demand taxi booking apps for our clients that suffice the needs of riders in their real-time.

Our top-notch iOS and Android app developers have strong expertise and experience in the latest mobile app development technologies and can develop amazing taxi booking apps with user-friendly interfaces, real-time GPS location tracking of riders as well as drivers, digital wallet integration, reviews and ratings, favorite routes, car types, hourly booking, and many more.

Social Networking Apps

A social media app is a great way to keep your users up with the trending subjects and allow them to connect with their near and dear ones easily with no barriers of time or distance. From a business owner’s perspective, a social media app is a great platform for expanding their reach to a wider audience and promote their products or services on a large-scale. From the user’s point of view, it helps them in connecting with their friends and family at any time from anywhere, keeps them aware of the trending news or events around the world, shares their opinions, posts, status, and more.

From the developer’s perspective, it helps them gain and retain huge traffic and utilize it to grow their business. With various social media trends like live streaming, augmented reality and funny or beauty face filters, AI and chatbots, ephemeral content, video content, and publishing opportunities, Social media app has become the game-changer for online business marketing and sales.

If you’re through with the comprehensive research of the social media app market and have all the required materials ready for building your first social media app, you may approach our iOS or Android app developers for building your first social media app. As a stellar iOS and Android app development company, we build highly-quality apps with impeccable UI/UX designs, exciting features that will keep your users engaged for hours.

Chat/Dating Apps

Online dating and matchmaking apps like Tinder, OkCupid, or Happn have emerged as the most thriving industry in today’s digital era. After envisioning their rising demand among the peer groups, online dating services are estimated to reach $3.2 billion by the year 2020.

Creating a highly engaging dating app requires an out-of-the-box concept or niche that will help you to embark on your dating services journey is of extreme importance. With various exciting features like location-based social search, easy-to-use interface, in-app messengers, setting up of dating preferences, swipe to like or dislike a user, brand marketing, and other premium features, dating apps offer more than just match-making.

If you have a unique concept and wish to build your first dating app with creative mobile app development solutions, you may get in touch with our top-notch dating app developers who will craft your unique idea with the right solution. We are backed by a team of expert with their top-notch knowledge and skills render the best iOS and Android application development services to build feature-rich, user-friendly, and highly-engaging dating apps for your users.

As a reputable iOS and Android application development company, we have an awesome track record of creating successful dating apps for our global clients across 80+ countries. We use the latest technologies along with logical abilities and ideas to build that exceeds the expectations of your users.

eCommerce Apps

In this highly-digitalized world, eCommerce mobile apps have provided the ease of shopping online at any time from the comfort of our couch. eCommerce app development has an immense scope of boosting sales and growth which has compelled most of the brick-and-mortar commercial stores to take their business online. Some of the giant eCommerce businesses such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, or eBay are reigning over the smartphone users helping them shop-on-the-go.

Online shopping apps come with great features such as a simple registration process, self-service interface, multiple payment integrations, push notifications, review and rating options, wishlist buttons, complete synchronization with your existing eCommerce website, analytics, social media integrations, and easy checkouts, which is why most merchants depending on websites only have shifted to building eCommerce apps to boost their business growth.

Having esteemed years of experience in developing a diverse range of enterprise apps for iOS and Android devices, we have gained versatile expertise in the domain which makes us believe that we can be your trusted partners in your endeavors. Right from evaluating the primary goal of your eCommerce app to launching a successful Beta version, our top-notch app developers will take care of all the aspects of mobile app development.

Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps provide the ease of placing orders with your favorite restaurants, searching dishes and comparing prices, submitting reviews and ratings, making online payments, order tracking, and communicating which makes it the most favorite app on the home screen of the users.

With features like simple social media logins, user-friendly dashboards, location-based results, restaurant menu, order tracking, reviews and ratings, in-app payments, coupon management and follow friends, a food delivery app is indeed the smartest way of connecting people with their favorite restaurants. Moreover, an on-demand food delivery business also generates innumerable job opportunities, which is a blessing for various job seekers. In addition, as a food delivery app owner, you can run product or service ads on your app and generate more revenue.

If you’re ready to invest in food delivery app development, you may hire our advanced iOS and Android app development services that deliver the best-fit solution for your business growth. Backed by vast knowledge and 10+ years of extensive expertise in Android app development, we offer white label marketing based food delivery mobile app that is high-end and productive.

Tracking Apps

Geolocation has become a trending subject in the mobile app development industry. Its integration in mobile apps has helped in better client service treatment selling and marketing goods and services. Some of the mobile apps are completely dependent on this technology which helps them in providing location-based services.

Furthermore, tracking apps also facilitate easy navigation and locating places by integrating Google Maps features. As a top-notch Android app development company, we have helped various small, mid-sized, and well-established businesses to boost their growth with our unique, innovative, and productive tracking mobile app development solutions.

Through our highly-reliable app development services, you can build tracking apps that will help your users gain full control of their workers, moving assets, know the exact location of their pickup and delivery orders or vehicles, or connect with their friends and family and guide them in an unfamiliar location.

Tracking apps comes with amazing features that help users to track mobile numbers from all over the world, block unwanted calls, show the location of callers, locate mobile phone numbers, operator, city, state, or country, find a location on Google Maps, and many more.

Our iOS and Android app developers have strong expertise in creating user-friendly and appealing designs, easy-to-use functionalities, and white-labeled admin panel for your users.

Gaming Apps

Gaming app development has a lot of potential for generating huge revenue. Some of the successful social gaming apps such as the Angry Bird, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, and more have inspired millions to invest in mobile gaming app development. To create a new success story of your gaming app, you must ensure your app is superior from all angles of gaming app development.

Building a successful social gaming app requires a unique and killer idea, easy-to-use functionalities, the right development platform, stunning designs, effective monetizing app strategy, cutting-edge technology, and last but not the least, a professional gaming app developer.

Therefore, if you have a fantastic game idea, hire the best iOS or Android app development services to build a unique, engaging, and viable gaming app. With exciting features like social logins, social media status updates, invites and referrals, friend challenges and challenge recommendations, in-game chatting or calling, blocking, email sharing, and more, gaming apps can keep your users entertained for hours.

With our valuable experience and expertise in iOS and Android application development, we can help you build addictive gaming apps with enticing features that will make your apps the most lovable one. Our top-notch app developers will leave no stone unturned in creating your first gaming apps with awesome features and stunning designs.

Custom App

Custom app development aims at providing tailored solutions for users or a group of users who are looking to build applications with specific functions. Our mobile app developers follow an agile and customer-centric approach to creating an app that ideally fits their enterprise requirements. As technological developments are inevitable, custom app development fosters the creation of feature-rich, adaptive, secure, and commercially viable mobile apps that will help you achieve your business goals and boost your growth.

Custom development gives birth to a unique and innovative app with out-of-the-box features and functionalities. The overall development process includes commissioning, requirement elicitation, planning, designing, development and lastly releasing of the application tailored to user’s requirements.

Custom app development lets you develop apps keeping your organizational needs in mind which ultimately prove to be beneficial for your business’s productivity. If your business has certain needs that can be fulfilled by an all-inclusive mobile app, then custom mobile app development is the smartest solution to take into consideration.

With over 10+ years of experience in custom iOS and Android application development, our dedicated app development team has gained unparalleled expertise in successfully designing and implementing custom apps that provide the ultimate solution to your business’s productivity and growth. We assess your current as well as future business needs, make realistic plans, and deliver futuristic solutions to scale up your business.

Get a complete suite of android app solutions to outreach your business goals.

Our Spectrum of Android App Development Services


Custom Android application development


Implementation of enterprise app features


Android app porting


Project consulting, and more to explore


Optimized UI/UX designs


Social media and In-app payment integration


Widget development


Flexible and cloud-based solutions

Our Development Process

Our focus on a customer-centric and agile approach to application development process helps us build custom intuitive applications with outstanding interface, functionalities, and features.

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The first and foremost step of application development is conceptualizing an idea and refining it to develop a high-quality and productive app. Our dedicated project managers gather and assess your project requirements and business goals so that the end-product perfectly fits your business objectives. They also perform an extensive analysis of competitors to figure out what features in the mobile app can help you gain a competitive edge in the mobile app market.

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Planning & Feasibility Study

After the conceptualization, our developers outline a realistic plan of the product to help you visualize and understand the viability of your application, and make changes accordingly. Feasibility assessment helps our developers to prepare a backup plan for the conceptualized product in case the original plan fails. After analyzing all the aspects of app development, a detailed proposal will be forwarded to you for approval.

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Design & Development

Once we receive your approval, our designers use their expertise to design the best UX/UI designs based on a modern user’s preferences. Our app developers then follow an agile approach to develop working prototypes that validate the functionality, expectations, and understanding of the product scope. Our highly talented designers and developers use cutting-edge technologies to build apps that are technologically superior and productive.

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Testing & Deployment

This is the critical step of our app development process. Testing at every stage ensures error-free development of the application. The developed app undergoes extensive testing for checking its usability, user interface, security, compatibility, and performance. Every application store has certain policies and guidelines, and so in the deployment phase, our developers make sure the app adheres to the guidelines of the app stores to gain instant approval from the app store owners.

Why Make us your Android Development Partners?

With our proficient and highly-skilled team of Android app designers, developers, technicians, and digital wizards, we can build custom, intuitive, scalable, and best-in-class applications that perform flawlessly on various Android devices. Our focus on quality, timely delivery, transparency, and 100% customer satisfaction has helped establish a long-term relationship with our clients and makes us their preferred Android App development company.

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Agile Approach

Our dedicated mobile app development team follows a customer-centric and agile approach to the development process that reduces risks, accelerates productivity and ensures transparency.

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Unique and Innovative Apps

As a professional Android application services provider, we constantly strive to create trailblazing solutions, forecast industry requirements and develop futuristic features or add-ons to keep up with the trends.

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Feature Development Expertise

Our top-notch app developers have mastered the development and integration of sophisticated features including social media, GPS tracking, AR and VR, camera and many more to provide enticing mobile app experience.

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All-in-One Service

Our complete suite of Android application development services covers all the aspects of the app development process including consulting, planning, UI/UX designing, development, testing and deployment, maintenance, and upgradations of your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Android app development?

Android app development is the process of conceptualizing and developing innovative applications for multiple Android devices including smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, Smart Watches, etc. Android apps can be written in Java, Kotlin, or C++ programming languages using the Android SDK tools that provide the app developers with the useful libraries of Java codes that they could use in their projects.

How much time does Android app development take?

As the most trusted Android application development services provider, we offer unique and tailored solutions for your application. To develop an MVP, the general build-time is 4 to 5 months which is used as 8 weeks for front-end development and 10 weeks for backend development. However, the estimated timeline calculation depends on the complexity of your project, features or add-ons in your app, and the availability of our developers.

How much does android app development cost?

Generally, a basic Android app costs around $25,000, a medium-sized app cost ranges from $40,000 to $70,000, and complex apps cost goes beyond $70,000. However, the development cost may vary depending on the nature, features, and add-ons, the number of sales that you’re going to drive from your app. Android app development is comparatively cheaper than in other countries like the USA, UK, or the EU. Our affordable Android application development services are just perfect for all the business types.

Why should I choose you?

We’re an ISO 9001:2008 certified custom web and mobile app development company serving 4000+ clients worldwide over 10 years. We have worked with global cross-industry clients and have gained top-notch expertise in handling various projects and delivering them on time with best-fit solutions. We have successfully launched plenty of web and mobile apps and have a loyal client-base with 100+ satisfied clients.

How can Android app development help me grow?

As long as Android users use mobile apps for their purposes, Android apps will continue to reign over smartphone users and the mobile app market. With the majority of users using Android OS, businesses can easily increase their customer base and sales, which ultimately leads to business growth. If you’re looking to boost your business growth, you should consider grabbing this huge user base by developing an Android app.

Will you maintain my Android app free and for how long?

Yes, we provide free lifetime support and maintenance for your app. We promise to take care of your app so that it runs successfully for years. As an integral component of our complete suite of Android app development services, we monitor your app for any bugs and fix them as early as possible to avoid any app crashes. Moreover, we incorporate the necessary end-users’ feedback on your application and provide its updated version to your users to enjoy a better mobile app experience.

What sorts of payment methods do you accept?

We deploy a high-end data encryption system to ensure secure online transactions on our site. We accept online payments through credit card payments including Visa, Mastercard, etc. However, the payment methods may be variable depending on your geographical area.

Is my payment safe with you?

A reputed android app development company, we respect your privacy and safety. We have a reliable and highly-secured online transaction system, so you can be sure of safe and secure online payments with us. As a reputable and the most trusted web designing and mobile app development company, we use the most trusted payment gateways to ensure top-level security of your online transactions.

You have an awesome idea, we have the best-fit solutions.

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