5 Reasons IOT will change Web Development Trends

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IOT will change Web Development Trends

Every individual has experienced IoT (Internet of Things) at some point in their life. The auto-notification system which tracks the person’s mobile location and sends a message is one of the simplest applications of IoT.

But this trend is going to get strong and we will be witnessing a major change in the ways we operate. For example, there will a combination of wireless and sensor technologies to figure out and track the customers’ behavior which includes the buying preferences, leanings, drifts, and of course adoptions.

So, there is no surprise if the communication system will impact the process of web development. In fact, on the huge range of things that are predicted to get impacted by IoT, web development will be one of the major areas that will face the impact.

But why the IoT is gaining so much importance?

It is a fact that technology has a rapid pace and the ultimate goal is to provide customized and personalized products and services. So, IoT is already geared up for the process and so now we witness a lot of products which are built with the IoT.

The health trackers are the perfect example of such technological advancements.


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so, if we say that IoT is good, important, useful, and the trendiest thing in web development, then we are not wrong. With the promise to take the big data to a new level, this the way the future will be designed and will work on it.

But many companies are still not aware of the use of IoT. The primary reason can be that it is expensive and because it is a new technology, there is a tendency to take time to get absorbed in it.

How do the developers need to check web development trends?

But the developers need to understand fast and be well versed as the inclination of the industry is already towards IoT. The fact is that there are some websites which can require the complex ability to interact with the backend databases which can/ will store the personalized data which can be obtained from the IoT devices.

So, to build websites for such products and services, web developers need to focus on these development trends. The next level is building a dynamic front end interface and also communicating with the user with the IoT devices, both working tighter at the same time.

We here present you the 5 reasons why the IoT will change web development trends

  1. 1. User interfaces

There are two fundamentals thing for the implementation of IoT systems,

User Interface

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  • The user experience
  • The user interface

This means that the designer has to design the user interfaces for a huge variety of devices. These devices can be of different resolutions and sizes and will be running on different platforms.

In fact, designers are already developing responsive websites for mobiles and now the challenge or the next stepping stone is to develop responsive interfaces for different kinds of devices which encircle or can be done with IoT.

  1. 2. Complex web design

The more IoT will get into things, the more complex it becomes. The users will be using the front end of different devices which run of IoT. They can be cameras, mobiles, sensors, health trackers, and other smart devices.

Also, the page load speed and transmission time will be touched by it. It might delay the loading time which will have an adverse effect on the performance of the website. But the developers need to check for the web designs that will not only enable a brilliant interface at the front end but also enhance the backend. At the back end, the users will be allowed to communicate with the IoT devices.

  1. 3. JavaScript for the real-time IoT applications

JavaScript has the potential to solve the challenges of web design which are posed by the IoT. There are two libraries of JavaScript that are used to develop the applications for the real-time, namely JQuery and Socket.IO.

It also has a technique from JQuery which is used to constantly update information on the webpage. It is however used along with HTML and CSS to make things possible. JavaScript also put to use a server-side programming language which overcomes the issues pertaining to IoT.

  1. The huge change in web development

Things will not remain the same with IoT in web designing. It will require an efficient web development team to complete the task efficiently. Most of the companies are still in the process of figuring out the best formula to manage their developers or developers, team.Siri

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Even adding the new trend of voice assistants such as Google’s Now, Microsoft’s Cortana Apple’ Siri, and even Amazon Echo’s Alexa is all about IoT. So, the websites, especially of the businesses, need the ability to respond to the personal data from the services which are web-enabled.

  1. 5. Low-code solutions

C is most useful for IoT devices as it requires very less processing power. JavaScript is another very popular web application, even Python is now a popular solution and they all have different solutions for it. Some have their embedded programming solutions and some need coding as well.

However, IoT has provided a lot of solutions and changed the landscape of web development. With more and more devices are connected, technology is growing and experiencing new trends day by day.


Both businesses and customers are empowered by the internet. But, with IoT, things have taken a new turn and direction. Now the focus is to make the most of the digital data which is procured from smart devices and numerous sources.

This will create an excellent user experience with a good frontend for the user. The competition is huge and everyone is striving hard to provide the best of services which are now both personalized and even customized.

The above reason does prove that the IoT will change the web development trends and will continue with the same urge to provide the best UX and UI services.