9 Reasons Why Every Web Designer Should Know About SEO

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reasons why Every Web Designer should know about SEO

Business investment is made to get returns from them. The return from an investment always decides the ROI and so business owners are always keen to make the best investment to get the maximum ROI from it.

But, when it comes to investing in web design, they fail to understand the need for it. They cannot figure out why it is so important.

But they need to understand one thing, if they want to witness growth, they cannot ignore web design.

But, till date we heard that SEO is for digital marketers, then why the Web Designer needs to know about it. Well, there are reasons for it.

It helps the business which wishes to grow cannot afford to ignore the SEO web design.

So, to know more let us understand how important it is for business success and why the web designer should know about it.

  1. The visitor remain connected with you

The web designer job is to design the website, but if the design is SEO friendly, then the purpose of the website is fulfilled. Your website can be for anything, e-commerce, blogging, local business, consulting anything. But, without the right traffic, the purpose of the website is not fulfilled.


Image Source: fourdots

SEO web designs make you appear in the right rank for search results.

You understand your potential customer and design the site accordingly. One thing is for sure, the Web designers are paid to create “wow’ designs, which is not restricted to visual appeal but has the capacity to reach the people and influence the search algorithm crawlers.


  1. It keeps a tab on speed

Even the second’s matters in SEO and the designers knows about it. Even a second delay is good enough to turn away searchers who have plenty of options for smart websites that have the required information.

It is actually responsive that counts in SEO and the web designer need to know about it. Without the right web design, it is impossible to attain the desired speed which ultimately affects the SEO performance of the website.

  1. You can attract valuable traffic

The job of the web designer is not done only by attracting web traffic. Retention of clients is also an important factor. Once the visitor will visit you, but later if the design s not attractive you remain appearing in the top search results but will not get the attention or loyalty.


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Incorporating designs, widgets, text, videos and of course, style elements do the job wonderfully good.

  1. The customer experience is seamless

The visitor wants everything explained in well-structured manner. For example, if the site does not have a proper navigation path, they will get confused and keep landing on the same page.

 The colors, fonts and navigation has to be organized. It should not appear as if the visitor is getting distracted. It is common in sites especially the e-commerce ones where the visitors abandon their cart and move to other sites for shopping.

This is not high headiness but no one has the time to decode the design of your particular site.

So it is the responsibility of the web designer to make sure to design the site accordingly.

  1. URL structure

The site is not only for humans but also for web crawlers who actually decide the ranking of the website. So, the URL structure is tad important and the best thing which the web designer can do is to

  • Make short URL’s because they get memorized faster
  • Make URL which describes the content of the page
  • Use hyphens to break up for readability and use them for sub-pages.


  1. Site navigation

The site should be effortless for visitors to visit. It should definitively have a site menu at the top page or at the side bar to make sure that there are no abandoned or orphan pages. The visitor should have a clear idea of the outline of the website the moment they reach the landing page.

  1. Image optimization

There are steps to optimize images for SEO purpose which the web designer need to understand.

First thing is that they cannot ignore images. It is very important for any site to have images because it gives them the right appeal to attract visitors.

The next thing is to name the image accurately.


Image Source: milesweb

It is always a smart move to name the images perfectly like png 223 rather than only the png.

Also, the size of the image has a lot of significance because the bigger the image, the more time it takes to load the site.

  1. Structured data

Over time, structured data has proved that it is able to attract traffic and boost SEO performance of the site.

It brings high-quality traffic as it provides valuable information to the searches made by humans.

  1. SEO web design works great for conversions

The web designers needs to understand that they have designed the website with a purpose laid by the site owner. They want leads which will further turn into conversions. So, instead of only focusing on their creative aspects, web designers need to understand how to create a design that will increase the business of the website.

There are tips for it which the designers need to understand. The designs should not make the purchase complicated. Instead of providing too many options for payments at the checkout, keep it simple and secure.

Even manage the cart carefully and make the site responsive so that the visitor understands that they are getting the right direction and navigation while making the deal. If the designer wants to make the last limit nudges then do not overpower the buyer because it may annoy them.


Some web designer finds it offensive that they have their creativity restricted and they do not get the liberty to show their uniqueness in web designing. But, the fact is that websites are built with a purpose which the web designer has to fulfill.

So, they need to follow the trend as well as show their creative aspect to fulfill the common goal which is to increase the business of the site.