Which one is better from Cake PHP and Laravel? Step by Step Comparison and Answers

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That web designing world is going through a radical revolution phase as everyone is looking forward to improving the web presence. But PHP developers face problem while choosing the platforms for the development due to the sheer number of platforms that are available in the market.

Well. Nobody can tell which is better or worse because each platform has its own unique features and limitations. And choosing the right platform can be a little tricky affair. This article aims to provide insight into the two major platforms that include Laravel and CakePHP. Well, it is a comparative study.

The Laravel:

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Laravel is the PHP open source framework that allows simple and understandable coding. Its MVC feature makes the designing easier by providing a clear view of presentation and logic. It also provides neat and detailed documentation. The best part is its diversified way of accessing the relational database.


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The CakePHP is a PHP based rapid web development framework, it is an open source web platform that follows MVC pattern and features such as association data mapping, active record and front controller gives the developers the flexibility to work in a structured manner and of course, it makes the development process quicker.

The Comparison:

The Framework Structure:  PHP has a defined plug-in structure while the Laravel has a little-relaxed approach of letting the developers experiment with the third party plugins. Yeah, it might have benefits, but third-party programs certainly are the hindrances to the maintenance. The strong plug-in structure of CakePHP improves the reusability of the code; the CakePHP scores here, let’s move to the next one

The Code Structure: Laravel with its expandable blade template engine and easy configuration process give the developers of adding new features without hijacking the core of the framework. The CakePHP with its excellent Object-relational mapping (ORM) can try to compete with Laravel, but Laravel scores here. Let’s move further.

Peer support: Since CakePHP existed much before the Laravel, its community has grown and developers get adequate support. The Laravel community is relatively smaller thus making the support system a little weak; CakePHP scores here.

User friendliness: the Laravel’s command line interface known as Artisan enables the developers to work faster; the CakePHP developers need to create their own files that make things complicated. Laravel scores here

Portability: Both the frameworks work perfectly fine in all major ecosystems that include Windows, Mac OS and Linux; both are evenly balanced here.

The Blogging: The CakePHP provides better blogging options whereas the Laravel is used in bigger projects that demand maintenance

Pagination: The Laravel is quite good at pagination and it beats CakePHP on this front; in fact, Laravel is capable of producing a host of links like pre-page, current page, and last page.

Documentation: the documentation in CakePHP is robust and you can get the document on their website, on the other hand, Laravel also gives better documentation opportunity and both the frames works are evenly balanced here.

The comparison between to frameworks suggests that both the frameworks have very distinct features with some features coinciding. The developers must choose the framework rightly according to their own specific needs and demands.

The selection should be based on the nature of website, nature of clients the developers work for because you might need to create a site that gives better blogging site and at this occasion, you have to choose CakePHP but if you want to create a site with better pagination facility, then Laravel should be the ideal choice.

So, ensure that you analyze your needs and demands before you choose the PHP framework because the selection of the framework decides the outcome of the project.