2020’s Top PHP Frameworks for Web Development

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PHP Frameworks for Web Development

Modern websites are becoming more complex and intriguing day by day! The good news is these websites offer more value and insight than ever. Now, if you’ve consulted a few reputed developers for discussing which framework is ideal for your web development project, most of them will end up citing PHP framework.

Straightaway, you might wonder what is this framework and why do you need to invest in a PHP framework 2019?

Well, here’s the answer!

Popularly known as Hypertext Preprocessor, PHP is a server-side open-source scripting language that is used to design web application. With the use of this framework, developers can simplify the complicated coding procedures and work to develop complex apps in a jiffy.

This helps developers save time, money, resources and sanity.

Apart from this using the best PHP framework has several noted perks! Check these out!

  • Cross-Platform

The best feature of PHP is that it can be fit and moulded across various platforms. The coding available can moreover, be used in mobile as well as website development without making developers anxious about the operating system utilized.

  • Good Speed

In the competitive realm of web and app development, no one has time to lose. Thankfully PHP framework comes with a plethora of tools, code snippets and features, which makes sure web apps developed are fast.

  • Stability and CMS Support

PHP framework has been in the web development game for quite a few years now. Hence, with time owing to its vast community of developers loads of bugs and shortcomings have been fixed, thereby increasing the stability of Support.

Further, PHP offers inherent support over CMS for offering a better presentation of data. For more detailed insight on PHP and why to use it, here’s a reference link dotcominfoway

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Moving forward, now that the reasons behind using PHP are justified, it is time to select the best PHP model for your website!

However, here’s the catch! With so many frameworks available in the market how to find one that will suit your need best? To understand this you have to choose based on development time-frame, and experience of using similar frameworks.

Nevertheless, to make things easier and less complex, this blog has listed the top ranging PHP frameworks of 2019, which are tailor-made to suit your needs.

Give a Read:

  • Laravel

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Source: coderseye

One of the top-quality PHP framework 2019 to pick for your web development project is Laravel! This was introduced back in 2011 and is loved by most developers owing to it’s laid back functioning. It aids developers in creating strong web applications by simplifying complex coding procedures.

Further, it reduces issues faced due to authentication, caching, routing and security.

Why use Laravel?

  • One of the primary reasons to select Laravel is that it comes with a plethora of features that aid in personalizing complicated applications. Some of the components it simplifies are authentication, MVC structural support, security, immaculate data migration, routing etc.
  • Modern websites require to run on speed and security. Thankfully, Laravel fits these requirements and is ideal for any progressive B2B websites.
  • If your application begets complicated back end requirements then Laravel makes work easier owing to its launch of a comprehensive vagrant box, Homestead and prepackaged.

Currently, no specific issues have been noted with Laravel. However, as it is relatively new developers suggest keeping an eye open for bugs. To know more on Laravel here’s a link – coderseye


  • Symfony

If you’ve looking for a PHP platform that has a ginormous community of developers then Symfony is the best bet for you. Possessing a family of 300,000 developers, Symfony also supplies training courses in various languages analogy with updated blogs to keep the community of developers active.

Aside from this, this platform is coveted by developers all around owing to its easy-going environment and progressive features. (So, it is not surprising that Symfony surpassed over 500 million downloads). Additionally, symphony utilizes PHP libraries to ease out development jobs like object conformation, creation of forms, templating and routing authentication.

Other Reasons to use Symfony?

  • Symfony flaunts loads of features, with abiding support release options.
  • Offers certification as a result of training.
  • Harbours loads of bundles within frameworks.

Need to know more? Simply go through – raygun

  • CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is most suited for the creation of energizing websites and it is one of the best PHP framework owing to its minute digital foot-printing. It comes with an assemblage of prebuilt modules that assist in the formation of strong reusable components.

Why Trust CodeIgniter?

  • A primary reason to trust CodeIgniter is that unlike other platforms it can easily be installed. It is straightforward, simple and provides proper beginner’s guide for newbies.
  • If you wish to develop lightweight applications then CodeIgnitor is a good choice as it is faster.
  • Other key characteristics of CodeIgnitor is immaculate error handling, exceptional documentation, built-in security tools along with measurable apps.

The only shortcomings of CodeIgnitor are that it doesn’t have a built-in ORM and its releases are a tad irregular. As a result, it is not feasible for projects that require a high level of security.

  • CakePHP

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Do you want to develop a website that is aesthetically appealing and elegant, then think no more and invest with CakePHP! One of the simplest frameworks that started in the 2000s, it is ideal for beginners. Cake PHP runs on the (create, read, update, and delete) CURD module, which allows it to develop easy-going and attractive web apps.

Why CakePHP is a Winner?

  • Easy installation is one reason that caters to CakePHP’s popularity. One only needs the framework’s copy along with a web server to set it up.
  • Best characteristics of CakePHP includes improved security, quick builds, correct class inheritance, improved documentation, support portals via Cake Development Corporation etc.
  • CakePHP is ideal for commercial applications owing to its advanced security features like SQL injection repression, (XSS)cross-site scripting protection and (CSRF) cross-site request forgery protection.
  • Yii 2

Yii2 is a unique PHP framework that runs without the backbone of a company. Rather, it is supported by a worldwide team of developers who work to assist the web development requirements of businesses.

The primary reason to select Yii2 is that it offers quick results! Its designs are compatible with AJAX and owing to its potent catching support, Yii2 is very popular with developers.

Other Reasons to Use Yii2

  • AJAX support
  • Yii2 enjoys the backing of an extensive community of developers
  • Easy handling of tools and error monitoring.
  • Hassle-free consolidation when working with 3rd party components.
  • Zend Framework

Zend is mostly an object specified framework. This means that it can be stretched to allow developers to input needful functions in their projects.

It is mainly developed on an agile methodology that assists developers in delivering superior quality apps to people.

The best part about Zend is that it can be personalized and used for project-specific needs.

Reasons why Zend is a Winner:

  • If you’ve complex enterprise-level projects, for example, in the banking or IT department then Zend is the best PHP framework to use.
  • It allows the installation of external libraries that permits developers to use any component they like. Further, this framework flaunts good documentation along with a vast community. So any bug errors or otherwise can be fixed immediately.
  • Classic features of Zend include, easy to understand Cloud API, session management, MVC components and data encryption.
  • Excellent speed

To know more about Zend PHP framework, go check out this link here – raygun

  • Phalcon

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Source: coderseye

If speed is what you desire for your PHP framework then Phalcon is an ideal choice. This framework is built as a C-extension and is based on MVC that makes it super fast. Using remotely fewer resources, Phalcon is quick to process HTTP requests.

It includes an ORM, auto-loading elements, MVC, caching options and many more. Other perks of Phalcon includes excellent data storage tools. It uses a singular SQL language like Object Document Mapping for MongoDB, PHQL etc.

Apart from this Phalcon uses the simplicity of building applications owing to global language support, form builders, template engines and more!

On this note, Phalcon is ideal for building comprehensive web apps, REST APIs etc. To understand more about Phalcon give a read here – coderseye

  • FuelPHP

One of the latest PHP framework released in 2011 is FuelPHP. It is bendable, full-stack and supports MVC design pattern! It also possesses it’s very own (HMVC) hierarchical model view controller to prevent content duplication on various pages.

This prevents it from using excess memory while saving time!

Why Consider FuelPHP?

  • Best characteristics of FuelPHP includes RESTful implementation, an upgraded caching system, a URL routing process, vulnerability protection and HMVC implementation.
  • It provides enhanced security options that surpass regular security measures.
  • It offers solutions for complicated projects that are vast and confusing.

On that note, now that you’re aware of the various types of PHP platforms, find the PHP framework 2019, which will work for your project best. All the Best!

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