How To Build a Brand Identity with Digital Marketing in 2020: Complete Guide

Introduction to Digital Marketing in 2019

Since the introduction of the internet, it has passed a long way from being a mere tool for entertainment, rather an excellent platform to promote as well as an operating business. Nowadays, corporate presence has been mandatory to grow and thrive. Every company across the globe, irrespective of their size/niche has been operating a major part of its business through an internet portal.

The Internet has empowered an organization to manage consumer demands, provide quality services and reduce operational costs through proper digital marketing methods. Brands are not only a mere symbol for a brand of a company, rather the representative of organizational values and ideas that provides a strong brand image of the company. As branding is designated to serve an organization beyond selling products, brand image perception conveys an inherent message and acts as a medium to develop adhered relationships with the customers.

What Is Brand Identity?

“Brand identity” is the face of a brand where the term “brand” stands for both representatives of a product as well as of the organization. It acts as a mediating factor in the case of choosing one product over another by a consumer. Brand identity is not a mere visual representation of a brand in forms of a logo, color, and design but also envelopes a deeper philosophical and emotional aspect of an organization that helps to establish a relationship with the customers utilizing creating an impact over consumers’ minds and portray an image in their minds. Brand identity needs to be transparent as well as consistent enough as it is the prior medium to establish communication with consumers.

Why Brand Identity?

As consumers tend to select a particular brand based on factors such as brand appearance, its intimacy with the customers’ and the message it relays rather than going in deep analysis for product quality and relevant information. In the greater context, an ethical image and larger than life message also portrayed by a brand image help a company to uplift its reputation and acceptability among existing consumers while attract new ones. Most of all, a brand identity needs to be capable of fulfilling the basic requirements of a company, increase its sales and revenue.

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Figure : Branding Strategy, Source: studio1design

To maintain strong brand identity, organizations need to develop a brand management plan that will allow them to maintain a steady and dynamic brand image that suits according to the existing market trend. Organizations need to include a style guide, a brand management software and employee training for maintaining speed and flexibility requisite for being prosperous in the business market.

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For example, Coca-Cola is a well-renowned organization that has been a perfect example of branding for decades.      For more info click at : thinkmarketingmagazine

Role Of Digital Marketing In Brand Identity

360 degree Digital marketing not only serves as a platform to promote products but also acts as a platform that helps organizations to provide services, communicate with consumers, and solve issues related to the services being provided.

Taking real-life examples, ROI digital marketing can be visualized and properly implemented. For instance, when encountering with other people for the first time, each of them judges them based on their outer physical appearance rather than quality and standard of that individual and based on that impression decide whether to approach the person or not.

Similarly, brand identity also acts as a Representative of a product and based on it consumers decide their responses for the brand. More attractive, mind touching and convincing a brand image is the greater chances to be appreciated by the consumers. Hence, digital marketing has greater philosophical and psychological influences over consumer minds and helps to build a long-lasting trustworthy relationship with the customers.

White label digital marketing is not only for advertising purposes rather acts as a tool that helps companies to provide service and assistance to the consumers to gain numbers of sophisticated consumers and build a relationship based on trust, convenience, and quality. Digital marketing through social media platforms also helps companies to maintain an interactive contact and gather information concerning consumers’ responses and further improve in operational processes.

Various Modes Of Digital Marketing

There are numerous modes of digital marketing such as social media marketing, content marketing, E-mail marketing, SEO, etc. that houses platforms for marketing products. Companies are utilizing these tools whether to reach consumers, provide services and/or to promote products.

Using Social Media Marketing (SMM) for Increasing Brand Identity

A type of content marketing, social media marketing has been one of the most effective digital platforms of marketing that helps companies to develop brand awareness and stabilize brand identity. As days pass, the number of social media, platform users are gradually increasing. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. are gaining popularity and have become an indispensable part of their lives. In this scenario, promoting a product through these platforms where people spend much their time would be an effective idea. Virtually, social media is an umbrella term that provides opportunities for users to come, participate, gather information and mist importantly, communicate with others.

According to studies almost 90% of B2B marketers use social media platforms for content marketing. Three types of social media help an organization to promote its brands namely, earned media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. that provides free publicity, owned media such as company pages and blogs and paid media for websites that hosts paid advertising of products for an organization.

Content Marketing for better brand identity

Content marketing refers to creating reliable, relevant and interesting content that satisfies the visitors and turn them into potential customers.

Content marketing does not only indicate to promote products and provide information based on that but also directs an organization to establish its reputation as an organization that has come to the market for the passion of business rather than mere product selling and revenue generation.

Content marketing helps companies to provide appropriate, reliable and useful information of a product to develop a better brand image and build trust. These factors are very crucial in terms of making products familiar to the market, draw the attention of new consumers and retain existing ones.

Mail Marketing To Increase Brand Identity

One of the basic tools of the digital mode of marketing through the internet, E-mail marketing is a consistent tool used by many organizations to establish connections with consumers. Companies can provide product information, promote new products, and provide product-related information. Companies can also provide services and acquire consumer information regarding products and services.

However, companies need to stay cautious about being marked as spammy ones as it may hinder them to provide further product-related information with the consumers and eventually relation base is lost.

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Figure: E-Mail Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) To Increase Brand Identity

SEO or search engine optimization refers to the process of bringing one’s product or services on top of the pile when searched for. Although, search stands for a way that helps people find their product of interest. As the majority of searchers don’t go beyond the first page that appears before a search, companies that are listed among the top ones on the first page of the search results, tend to have more visitors than others that do not.

Search engines have been extensively used by marketers to increase brand awareness among consumers. To increase the feasibility of SEO, the mitigation of several factors is essential for companies to place their website on the top.

These factors include infrastructure of the website, quality of the contents and influences of other sites, social channels, endorsements, etc. Companies are on a relentless quest to apply scientific approaches such as keywords, the inclusion of relevant names in the content for better search results.

For further statistics related the advantages of digital marketing on branding you may follow at lyfemarketing

Ways To Improve Brand Identity Through Digital Marketing In 2019

Brand identity and the way people visualize brand changes with passing generations. A branding strategy that has been effective in the latter half of the 20th century may seem lucrative to audiences in the 21st century. Since digitization has taken over almost every aspect of business more or less, it has been mandatory for organizations to increase their brand identity through these platforms in a strategic way.

  • Companies need to exploit social media platforms to increase their familiarity and also develop a strategy that allows them to interact with consumers that will help an organization to have a better knowledge of consumer demand and choices and their approaches to a particular product.
  • Make consistent changes in the brand logo, design, and structure to make it relevant to contemporary trends and thus avoiding the chances of being outdated.
  • Use digital branding methods to make brands look more relevant, attractive and appreciable.
  • Remain available for instant and consistent support for the consumers to build trust, acceptability and attract more consumers.

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Figure: Brand Evolution Of Pepsi, Source: foundr

For further queries for maintaining brand identity using digital marketing click at campaignmonitor


Brand identity is an inseparable part of an organization and brand image allows companies to elevate their standard in business. A deeper psychological and emotional factor implies the relationship of an organization with its consumers based on the acceptability of the brands to them.

Since the advent of the digital platform, a revolutionary change has occurred in promoting a brand as it has opened many dimensions for the publicity of a brand.

The well an organization is capable to become adapted to the changes then more it will succeed in creating a stronger brand identity that fulfills the utmost desire for an organization, to increase revenue through increased popularity.

Succeeding in so, an organization will not only manifest the advantageous features provided by the digital marketing method and also will experience unprecedented growth in forms of brand identity and increased consumer base.

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