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10 Best SEO Tactics of 2021: Boost your Leads and Conversion

Table of Content; What is SEO? How SEO of a Website Works? Stats and facts 10 Best SEO Tactics you Must Consider in 2021 Create a High-Quality User Experience Focus on Voice Search Optimization Use More Internal Linking Earn High-Quality Backlinks Learn User Search Intent Target Long-Tail Keywords Create Amazing Title-Tags and Meta Descriptions Optimize Page Loading Speed Deploy Featured…

Is Infographics Play An Important Role In SEO?

Derived from two different words “information and graphics”, infographics are representation of any kind of information through graphic presentation. So, you may wonder that, why do you need to study infographics rather than presenting information in old conventional way? The answer lies in the fact that infographics can relay information much more easily as compared to other conventional methods and…

Google Penalties How to Find, Fix & Avoid: A full Guide

Google penalties are webmaster’s worst dream. There is more to Google apart from their fantastic algorithms and learning mechanisms. They have an enormous army of quality evaluators which estimate quality and penalize websites. So when Google’s machine algorithms find out that there’s something “suspicious” in a website, or when people have reported the website to Google a multiple times, it…

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