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Designed originally for the interactive television the language Java was too advanced for it. “Write Once, Run Anywhere” is the motto of the language. Over nine million people use Java across the globe. Used in every major industry segment it is present in a wide range of devices, computers, and networks the number of mobile phones that use Java is far much bigger than the number of mobile phones that run on the other systems like Android or Symbian or IOS.

The technology is used by all the major software development companies, in all major spheres, and for various devices. Some of the most well-known Java-based devices are printers, game consoles, car navigation systems, terminals, medical devices, parking machines and many others. The applications that are written in Java and can be read through your browser are known as the Java applets. Large companies use Java applets for intranet applications and for various e-commerce systems. Java is fast secure and reliable.

Why Ethane Web Technologies for Java development services?

  • We would help you by dedicating you your own Java developer. Our Java outsourcing services include
  • Java Application development 
  • E-commerce Application development
  • Java games development
  • Development of web applications and web portals
  • Helping hire Java developers

You are most welcome to hop on our bandwagon if you think that you need superior Java application development company. Do not hesitate in calling us as we would be only too eager to help you out in your endeavors. Get in touch with us if you wish to have a dedicated team of java developers assigned to you.

Some of the activities that the software based on Java allow us to do are:

Play games
Chat Software

Calculate mortgage interests
View 3D images

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