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Dental SEO is the process of attracting patients through smart marketing strategies and optimizations. We use several techniques to capture the audience attention and encourage them to book an appointment. Our team has ample experience in this field and specializes in dental SEO. Our services can be tailored according to your target market so you can develop a strong base. We offer:

  • A team of dedicated dental SEO experts who understand which strategies are effective in this field.
  • Dedicated account managers who keep you updated on all aspects of your campaign.
  • Proven techniques that deliver strong ROI.
  • Smart use of your resources, making sure no money is wasted on ineffective campaigns.
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What is Dental SEO?

Dental SEO is a strategy designed specifically for dentists. It helps them draw more patients to their clinic and build their customer base. Reputation is everything in this field because a person’s health is at stake. An experienced SEO professional will:

  • Conduct Keyword Research – We find keywords that target and attract the right audience to your website. Our strategy is to use a combination of converting and knowledge-seeking keywords along with long-tail phrases to make your brand stand out.
  • Clean Up Your Reputation – Not every patient has a pleasant experience with their dentist and sometimes they complain about it on social media or review platforms. We manage your reputation by making sure there are more positive than negative reviews.
  • Unique Brand Voice – A unique brand voice helps patients connect with dentists online, making them more comfortable. We make sure your online presence is professional but welcoming at the same time. A unique brand voice helps brands appear more relatable. As an established dental SEO company, we know just how to get the right results through well-planned marketing strategies.
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How we can help you with our Dental SEO Services?

Dental SEO requires a different approach because it is a brick and mortar business that needs a strong online presence. Our dental SEO services are designed to ensure more people book appointments on your website. Here’s a look at how we can help your business:

  • User-Friendly Website – Poorly designed websites have a high bounce rate, and a high bounce rate shows Google that you don’t have a user-friendly website. Search engines value user experience over everything else and will not rank a website that doesn’t deliver it. Our team will optimize your platform to ensure it lives up to Google’s expectations.
  • Brand Presence – A dentist clinic needs to establish a strong brand presence to thrive in the industry. If you don’t have a brand identity, you’re not going to stand apart from other offices in the vicinity. Being the best digital marketing company, we make sure you have a unique brand voice permeating through all your online assets.
  • Reaching the Right Audience – We conduct thorough research on your target audience and create an audience profile. This helps us create campaigns that target the right audience consistently, which directly translates into increased sales.
Urgent Care Marketing

Our Dental SEO Services Include

We offer a wide range of white label services that fit different budgets and requirements. All you need to do is explain what you need to our dental SEO experts and they will handle the rest. Here’s a look at what’s included in our services:


Auditing a site means to check the website technical as well as SEO issues that make an impact on the performance of your website. We conduct a thorough audit of your current online presence to identify any weak spots. If you don’t have an online presence, we search the internet for mentions of your brand and identify factors that may mar your reputation.

Our team of SEO experts tries to find all the relevant factors according to the category of your website. They analyze the core factors that will play an important role in order to enhance the position of your website.

Planning and Research

Once we know about your company, we focus our attention on your audience and competitors. Dental marketing company analyzes your target market, looking at competing clinics, identify their weaknesses before creating a detailed plan.


A good SEO strategy takes time and effort. Clients don’t see results for several weeks, if not months. Don’t be fooled by promises of quick results, especially if people offer to get a first-page ranking within a month. It takes at least nine weeks for some results to show.

Reporting and Troubleshooting

We provide a detailed report every month and correct all the errors we find in these reports. We also remove strategies that don’t work well if we can’t optimize them.

Our end-to-end SEO service is backed by reliable customer care. If you have any questions about what to expect, don’t hesitate to call us.

Need dental SEO solutions that actually work? We can help!

Some of Our Proven Dental SEO Strategy

Strategies and techniques make or break a marketing campaign. As an established dental SEO company, we understand the value of using proven techniques. Our team regularly refines their skill sets and uses new strategies, but they always make sure those techniques are effective. Here’s a look at some of our most valuable strategies:


Most professionals and business owners don’t understand just how vital content can be. We use professional and informative content to showcase just how knowledgeable you are. A dentist’s website must be informative and provide value. You need blog posts about procedures like root canals, extractions, Invisalign, braces, etc. The more information you provide, the most likely your patients are to trust you.

Intent-Based Keywords

Google’s Machine Learning AI knows how to identify a user’s intent instead of just matching keywords to search phrases. For example, when a user looks for ‘orthodontist near me,’ they are looking for a clinic close to where they live. Google AI understands people are looking for specific services and will lead them to the most desirable result. That’s why we use intent-based keywords in website copies and content. It allows us to bring the right audience to your doorstep.

Local SEO

Dental SEO company are brick-and-mortar businesses so the goal of an SEO campaign is to get as many people walking through the door as possible. We use tools like Google My Business, local directory citations, content in local publications, etc, to get more visibility. Our goal is to make sure you show up clearly on Google Maps.

Link Building

Links from reputable websites are one of the three biggest ranking factors. If you have a link from trusted publications, it has a direct impact on your ranking. It shows Google and other search engines that you’re trustworthy.
As a trusted dental SEO agency, we only use techniques or strategies that provide value to our customers. Our team double-checks everything to ensure no resources are wasted.

What should you look Before Hiring a Dental SEO Agency?

SEO is one of the most important marketing strategies available today. It can influence how many people visit your website and what kind of influence you have online. That’s why you need to hire a strong dental SEO agency. Here’s a look at what you can do:

Website Maintenance

Portfolio Relevancy to your Job

Look for companies that have worked in your niche. For example, clinics that offer cosmetic dentistry 360 degree services exclusively should hire marketing companies who have experience with that particular niche.

Website Maintenance

Delivery Assurance

Marketing campaigns rely on getting the timing right. Some strategies require scheduled posts, prompt utilization of trends, and timely action. We make sure all deliverables go out on time.

Website Maintenance

Reasonable Cost Consultation

Dental SEO expenses can easily get out of hand, especially if they’re not managed by reliable professionals. Look for a company that can create a streamlined campaign with good ROI.

Website Maintenance

Advanced Strategies

SEO involves a number of sophisticated techniques like technical SEO, link-building, website optimization, content creation, etc. Always hire a white label marketing company that is well-versed in all efficient SEO strategies.

Why should you Choose us?

Every SEO marketing company provides a list of promises but few actually keep them. Our team has worked hard to maintain a good reputation in the industry by keeping the client’s trust. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring us:

Experienced Professionals

No two SEO campaigns are alike. Things that work for a fashion house may not work for a dentist’s clinic, which is why you should consider hiring professionals with hands-on experience. We specialize in the dental field and know exactly what to do to help clients gain a steady customer base.

Industry Experience

We don’t just have the technical knowledge, but also practical experience. Our team has worked with several dental clinics over the years and has gotten great feedback from them. The industry experience means we know the ins and outs of the dental field and what patients are looking for.

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most important factors to consider when hiring dental marketing professionals. We assign a dedicated white label marketing expert to every client so you have a single point of communication. This makes it easier for customers to get information on campaigns and stay up-to-date.

White Hat Techniques

We make sure all our strategies are legal and efficient. We don’t use techniques like link purchase, keyword stuffing, and other such shortcuts because they only deliver temporary results. They can attract penalties down the line. Our experienced team only use pure white hat techniques.

Intimidated by SEO? Our team of experts make it easy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Dental SEO?

Dental SEO is a tailored marketing strategy that targets people in need of a dentist. We develop nuanced strategies using proven techniques to reach out to local patients.

How your Dental SEO Services can help me to Grow?

We help clients establish a strong brand presence and showcase their authority in the field. We also make sure you have a solid customer base through nuanced marketing strategies.

What Time I can Expect to get my Work Done?

The timeline depends on the scale of the work. You can discuss this in detail with our marketing expert. SEO is an organic strategy so it takes a few weeks to see any concrete results, but the results will come. You can expect to see a change in 2-3 months.

How Much Cost you will Charge?

We offer dental SEO for different budget and requirements. You can get basic, bare-bones SEO suitable for small clinics to full-fledged packages with all the bells and whistles.

Why should I Trust you?

We’re an ISO 9001:2008 certified, insured, and experienced dental SEO company. We have worked with several dental firms over our 11+ years in the industry and have successfully handled over 2000 projects.

Will you provide me free support & for how long?

Customer support is a part and parcel of our marketing services. We will offer support even after the project has ended so you can rely on us to be there when you need us.

What sorts of payment methods do you accept?

We accept debit cards, credit cards, and online payments through reliable platforms. Clients can pay for the dental SEO up-front or avail of our monthly payment options.

Is my payment safe with you?

We take every precaution necessary to ensure all transaction information is secure. You don’t have to worry about this data falling into the wrong hands as we use certified payment portals and have an SSL certificate.

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