What is Contractor Internet Marketing?

Contractor internet marketing is the process of improving your online presence, visibility, and reputation through a series of paid and organic marketing techniques. We use strategies like SEO, PPC, email marketing, content marketing, video marketing, etc, to ensure you have a strong marketing campaign in place that approaches target audiences from multiple directions.

Our digital marketing for contractors services are specifically designed for professional contractors. We use strategies that work for you and are likely to deliver the best ROI. We don’t use strategies that are just a waste of resources and are added just because they’re popular.

Being the best & leading digital marketing agency, we are well equipped to handle all aspects of contractor marketing. We are particular about keeping our clients on the same page as us and we regularly furnish them with reports.

How we can help you with our Contractor Marketing Service?

We create a specialized campaign that helps you establish a strong brand presence and become more prominent on platforms like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Our team will use every tool available to create lean, strong marketing for home contractors so you attract more clients.:

We assure you more calls, queries and qualified leads through our competent 360 degree digital marketing services. Our optimization techniques ensure a considerable amount of online conversions. From relevant content creation to tracking regular progress to management of social media and other online platforms, with us, you get all of these services under one roof.

Our Contractor Marketing Services Include

Do you want more leads, call-outs, and wish to build a strong customer-base? We can help with all of that through expert marketing services. We can significantly increase the number of calls you get and help you establish a strong brand presence through the following reseller marketing programs:

Contractor SEO

SEO is one of the most effective and versatile marketing strategies available today. It helps you rank high on search engine results pages, which makes you more visible to prospective customers looking for your services. Our online marketing for contractors includes proven SEO strategies that ensure you dominate the first page of search engines. Here’s a look at how we do it:

  • Keyword Research -

    If you want to attract the right audiences, you need to use the right keywords. We conduct in-depth research to understand which keywords are effective.

  • Website Optimization -

    Site optimization ensures your platform lives up to Google’s established standards. We make sure the page is organized, the website copy is accurate, the URL is readable, you have descriptive meta-data, and optimize all aspects of your site.

  • Link Building -

    Inbound links are one of the three most important ranking factors. We source links from well-established and reputable platforms in your industry to showcase your authority.

Contractor Social Media Marketing

Local contractors rely heavily on word-of-mouth to get more customers. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to build a strong customer base, especially if you are a new contractor and are dealing with intense competition. We offer expert social media marketing for home contractors. Here’s a look at how we can help:

  • Paid Ads -

    Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc, allow users to create paid advertisements that show up on people’s feed.

  • Organic Posts -

    Social media is an excellent way to establish a true connection with your target audience. You can publish content that showcases your talent, answer questions, and engage prospective clients directly.

  • Analysis -

    We will monitor your social media presence and make sure you get maximum engagement on this platform. Our team will check whether you have the right level of engagement and are taking full advantage of the reach provided by these platforms.

Contractor Pay Per Click

PPC or Pay Per Click is an effective marketing strategy that is different from organic techniques like SEO or content marketing. We create ad copies that are displayed at the top of the search engine results pages and immediately catch a user’s attention. It is one of the most important strategies of online marketing for contractors because you can get attention even if you don’t have a strong industry presence yet.

  • Targeting Properly -

    We use the tools provided by ad platforms to target the right audience. Our team creates a target audience personal that includes age, location, gender, and other factors before creating a campaign.

  • Keywords -

    We conduct thorough keyword research to reach the right audience. Keyword research is even more important in PPC than it is for SEO because your conversion rate depends on it.

  • Testing -

    We carry out A/B and multivariate testing for every campaign to ensure it delivers the right results. Comprehensive testing improves ROI and reduces expenses in the long run.

Contractor Content Marketing

Content is a great way to establish a strong online presence, especially for contractors, which is why we have made it a part of our contractor internet marketing services. You can showcase your expertise, maintain a dynamic website, and rank high in search engines through content. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Value-Based Content -

    We create content that is more than just a space to add keywords. Our content is focused on informing your target audience and showcasing your expertise. It helps build trust.

  • Quality -

    We make sure all content pieces are well-written and of reasonable length. Google requires a minimum of 300 words for ranking and industry experts believe that the content of over 1,200 – 2,000 words delivers the best results. We make sure your content is substantial enough to stand out.

  • Different Formats -

    We don’t just stick with a single format of content but explore multiple formats. For example, you can expect articles, infographics, white papers, graphics, videos, and so much more.

Contractor Online Reputation Management

A company’s online reputation plays a vital role in its success. That’s why we include reputation management in our digital marketing for contractors plan. As a well-established agency, we know how to clean up a contractor’s reputation and bring positive attention to them. Here’s a look at what we can do:

  • Respond Correctly -

    We respond to all negative feedback properly to turn them into positive experiences. Our team monitors your online reputation carefully and makes sure all negative feedback receives a prompt response.

  • Encouraging Positive Reviews -

    We come up with different ways to encourage positive reviews and feedback from clients. We make reviewing easier by including buttons on websites, providing links in email marketing campaigns, etc. All of these factors encourage people to share their experiences.

  • Targeting Visibility -

    If you have a poor reputation thanks to bad feedback, we work on making those reviews less visible. Our team uses keywords, ads, content, and other strategies to populate the first few pages of search engine results.

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Some of our Proven Contractor Marketing Strategies

We understand fully why you need professional help from white label marketing agencies. Running a contracting business is difficult enough. You do not want the added stress of online marketing for business growth and tracking every single campaign. We offer foolproof services and are reputed for excellent ROI based marketing strategies. Our clients are important and we offer as much assistance as is possible to make your marketing journey more fruitful and profitable. Here are some of our strategies that have proven successful for contractor marketing.

  • Website Optimization

We conduct a thorough audit of your current online presence to identify what it lacks and what is working perfectly. Based on our assessment, we create an optimization plan that improves your online presence significantly. Our team will make sure your website is mobile-friendly, responsive, well-structured, easy to crawl, and secure. All of these factors improve user experience, which directly impacts your SEO and online reputation.

  • Effective email marketing

There are two main end-goals for a successful email marketing campaign - acquisition of leads and retention of existing customers. Our team designs fruitful email campaigns to achieve both goals. Beautifully crafted promotional emails can leave a formidable impression. We use this medium to reach out to convertible leads, and at the same time stay connected with a loyal customer-base. Our team effectively uses email marketing to share information and promotional content to generate more conversions and thoroughly engage with your customers, constantly reminding them of your existence.

  • Optimized Paid Ads

Getting good results from PPC can be tricky. Many marketers create campaigns but fail to target them properly or optimize the ad copy well. Unfortunately, this leads to a waste of money and can even bring in the wrong traffic. We make sure your paid ads target the right people by creating a client persona, researching keywords, looking at competitors, and using an ad platform’s full potential.

  • Analytics

No contractor marketing agency worth their salt with skip analytics. Regular checking and analytics ensure all marketing campaigns are on the right track and delivering good ROI. We provide clients with monthly reports that showcase just how successful our well-planned campaigns are. Our team will either optimize underperforming campaigns or remove them entirely.

What should you look Before Hiring a Contractor Marketing Agency?

Portfolio Relevancy

Has the contractor marketing agency worked in your specific niche before? Browse through their portfolio to see if they have worked with clients in your industry because experienced professionals know which strategies will work well.

On-time Delivery

Some marketing strategies must be handled in a timely fashion. Look for agencies that can work within a specific timeline or deadline without any compromise in quality.

Affordable Costs

Marketing expenses can get out of hand if you’re not careful. Look for companies that offer affordable plans or flexible pricing to save money wherever possible.

Experience Hands

Everyone can learn marketing theory but successful implementation requires experience. Companies with hands-on marketing experience provide much better ROI.

Why should you Choose us?

Choosing the best contractor marketing company is essential if you want strong campaigns. Not all companies are made equal or can utilize the resources you invest efficiently. Here’s a look at why you should consider hiring us:

Proven Strategies

We use proven strategies in our marketing to get the best results. Our experienced team of professionals will study your requirements, target audience, and industry carefully to understand what your marketing campaigns need before creating a solid plan.

Leading Innovation

Just because we focus on proven strategies doesn’t mean we are afraid to try new things. Modern marketing is a fluid landscape and we are fully aware of that. Our team always keeps an eye on trends and new innovations and will implement them if they’re useful.

Focus on ROI

Clients invest a lot of money into marketing and we aim to get them their money’s worth. Our team will make sure all campaigns are effective and deliver good returns. We also analyze active campaigns regularly to ensure the returns are consistent.

Customer Support

If you have questions or concerns regarding your projects, you can contact to our dedicated account manager at any time. Our customer support is available 24/7 and provides a prompt response. We will resolve all issues as quickly and effectively as possible.

A Few Words from Our Clients

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