What is eCommerce Development

eCommerce web development plays a pivotal role in driving huge sales and revenue for merchants and retailers having an online store. It involves online buying and selling products or services through secure online transactions over an electronic medium. In this digital era, where businesses are competing for similar products or services, eCommerce web development has become a trending subject for most of the online merchants. eCommerce web development offers a wide range of exciting features that help you grow your business

  • Comprehensive order and sales tracking.
  • Ensures secure online payment gateways.
  • Allows easy upload and display of multiple product images.
  • Support multiple languages and currency transactions.
  • Facilitates product organization.
  • Provides search and filter options.
  • Attractive user experience.
  • Simple and easy checkouts, and more.

Fuel your Online Store with the Right eCommerce Solutions

As a leading eCommerce development agency, we are committed to providing contemporary and productive solutions for your online store. With our capabilities of handling websites of varying complexities, we offer an ultimate user experience to both the end-user and website owner. If you’re looking for the most trusted eCommerce website development company, you have landed at the right place. Our key areas of function;

Our eCommerce Website Development Services Include

Magento 2 eCommerce Development

An open-source content management system based on PHP development platforms such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal is a boon for website owners as they can easily manage their content with less technical expertise. However, when it comes to having a full-fledged shop cart solution for enterprise requirements, there’s nothing better than Magento 2.

Magento 2 is an open-source platform with a myriad of new and interesting features that make it a pioneer eCommerce development platform among the other shopping cart solutions. From an end-user’s prospect, Magento 2 provides advanced personalization capabilities to ensure personalized shopping experience for users that is based on their online activities, preferences or needs.

Additionally, it provides search and filter options on your e-store so that users can discover products easily. Lastly, it ensures streamlined checkouts to make the checkout process easy and increase conversion rates. From the store owners’ point of view, Magento 2 provides a powerful and user-friendly backend to facilitate use, automation, and management of sales, orders, shipping, inventory, and reporting. With its optimization capabilities and cross-platform compatibilities.

Magento 2 lets you optimize your products and offers seamless user experiences across various devices. For eCommerce web developers, Magento 2 is a blessing as it allows easy integration of data, plugins or cloud services and ensures compatibility with the latest versions of PHP, high speed, security and hassle-free programming.

After envisioning the benefits and scope of Magento 2, we have chosen this platform to build best-in-class online shops for our clients. As a stellar eCommerce website development company, we have a team of 40+ eCommerce website developers who leverage their relevant experiences and knowledge to deliver exceptional and result-oriented eCommerce website development services for large-scale businesses.

OpenCart eCommerce Development

OpenCart is one of the most popular open-source eCommerce development platforms among PHP developers. It is a user-friendly development platform that allows online merchants or retailers to sell their products with ease and a minimum investment.

OpenCart development platform is a customizable solution for online merchants as it allows them to choose from a plethora of themes and templates and is compatible with various shipping methods and payment gateway integrations.

Moreover, its multilingual and multi-currency transaction capabilities help merchants and retailers to take their online store beyond boundaries. OpenCart is the most preferred choice of most of the eCommerce website developers as it offers an impeccable user interface and ensures that your site is responsive and SEO-friendly.

For installing Locomotive CMS to your web application, you must have the latest version of Ruby on Rails such as Ruby 2.5 installed on your system.

In addition, it comes with various powerful plugins, add-ons, templates and modules that facilitate easy customization of the online stores. Furthermore, OpenCart provides options for product review and rating which helps the merchants to gain the trust of their potential customers and establish the authority of their online store.

Lastly, its capability to generate sales report and easy-to-use functionalities ensure low-cost maintenance which adds value to this powerful development platform.

As a well-established eCommerce development company, we assure our clients of providing a complete suite of eCommerce website development services that will help them to accelerate their revenue like never before.

Prestashop eCommerce Development

With over 300,000+ merchants using Prestashop for their online store, Prestashop has emerged as an award-winning eCommerce solution software for most of the merchants. Prestashop is a customizable open-source development platform that helps merchants and retailers to create an online store with great ease and boost their business growth.

With its advanced shopping cart features, Prestashop creates a win-win situation for most of the global online merchants and retailers. The latest Prestashop is loaded with many jaw-dropping features that ensure the best online shopping experience for customers.

Some of its benefiting features include;

  • Full-fledged product catalog and site management with an easy-to-use backend.
  • Customizable product display.
  • Powerful SEO and digital marketing tools to optimize and make your e-store SEO-friendly.
  • Enjoyable and easy checkout process to convert sales.
  • Compatibility with various payment gateway integration and shipping methods.
  • Provides client’s account for personalized user experience, easy login, and checkout, and sending tailored messages based on their needs and preferences to ensure customer loyalty.

So, know when you know the benefits of using Prestashop and wish to build a Prestashop-powered online store, we have the right solution for you. As a leading eCommerce web development company, with over 10 years of development experience and capabilities to handle diverse projects of our global clients, we provide the latest Shopcart solutions to ensure the productivity and sustainability of your online store.

Shopify eCommerce Development

Shopify is an excellent, fully-hosted development platform that empowers merchants and retailers to start trading online. Shopify is suitable for all business types and facilitates easy product organization, storefront customization, secure online payments through multiple payment gateways, manage sales and orders and so on.

Some of the perks of using Shopify include;

  • Shopify is a fully-hosted eCommerce web development platform that covers every aspect of hosting requirements, web maintenance, and up-gradation of software to keep your website running in an optimal condition. This lets you focus less on technology and concentrate more on gaining new business opportunities.
  • It is a highly-scalable platform that is beneficial for expanding your online store in the future.
  • With its easy social networking site integration, it is an omnichannel for 360 degree marketing and selling products on multiple online platforms.
  • Shopify provides detailed documentation for guiding the developers in terms of any technical hurdles that they might encounter during the development process.
  • Shopify’s App Store provides professional and standard themes that aim to attract more customers and increase conversion rates.
  • Shopify provides an SSL certificate to your online store once your domain name has been properly added which encrypts your store data and publishes it using HTTPS. This ensures a high level of security and credibility of your online store.
  • Shopify has built-in SEO functionalities that ensure your website is SEO-friendly.
  • It provides easy and responsive checkout to all its users for free. It is a reliable and professional checkout page that maximizes sales through an easy checkout process.
  • With Shopify, you can be certain of round the clock customer support service via live chat, email or telephonic conversation.

We are a top-notch eCommerce development company offering the best eCommerce website development services for various development platforms including Shopify. As Shopify experts, we provide instant support and expertise to keep you ahead of your competitors.

WordPress WooCommerce Development

WordPress WooCommerce is a powerful plugin that transforms your normal WordPress website into a dynamic online store. It comes with a wide range of extensions that facilitate the ease of customization of your e-store with various functionalities. Let’s explore some of the benefits of choosing the WooCommerce development for your business.

By default, Comfortable Mexican Sofa allows you to manage several sites from a single installation. It contains content tags that are capable of page templating and CMS seeds for the initial content population.

  • WooCommerce is a free-to-use WordPress plugin and therefore it ensures minimum investment.
  • With its designs and settings page being similar to WordPress, WooCommerce is an familiar platform for WordPress users which saves a lot of time in learning about its features.
  • It ensures better user-experience with its professional looks, structure, order tracking and customer engagement tools to keep your customers informed of their past orders or delivery status.
  • It facilitates the ease of content marketing, content management on multiple web pages, customization of templates and designs, and search engine optimization of the web pages.
  • WooCommerce also provides built-in analytics tools to keep a record of sales, orders, and customer behavior to offer tailored services.
  • With every new update of WooCommerce, comes a high-level of web security that fixes previous technical bugs to ensure your data is secure and your store is running flawlessly.

As a top-notch eCommerce development agency, we have our technical expertise in delivering the best Shopcart solution for cross-industry clientage. Our eCommerce web design company is backed by an expert team of WooCommerce developers who with their expertise create engaging, intuitive and appealing e-stores using WooCommerce.

eCommerce Website Maintenance & Upgradations

For merchants and retailers who completely depend on their websites for business, it is vital to keep their online store in an optimal condition. Even a tiny technical bug can affect the whole business significantly.

In order to keep your online store running smoothly and prevent unforeseen issues, you need to keep an eye on your website for any bugs or irregularities that might lead to revenue loss. Regular maintenance and upgradations help you to keep your online shop stabilized and make sure it is sustainable to any new web development technologies.

Here are some basic tips for website maintenance;

  • If you’re using any third-party code all over your business website, consider shifting it to Google Tag Manager which lets you manage and control your code from a single place. This ensures code reliability and better efficiency.
  • Conduct NPS surveys to learn about your customer relationship. The Net Promoter Score tool allows you to evaluate reviews and ratings of your product, service or business to determine where you need to make improvements.
  • Make sure all your web pages are interlinked properly and are free from 404-page errors.
  • Perform extensive A/B testing for problematic web pages to improve your insights.
  • Monitor your customers’ journey on your website to provide them with more personalized user experience based on their preferences.

Being a professional eCommerce development company, we understand the need for maintaining a website for ensuring the smooth functioning of your online store. As a stellar eCommerce web development agency, we offer maintenance and upgradations of your online store as parts of our full cycle of eCommerce website development services to help you improve on your flaws and build a high-quality e-store.

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Our Steps to Successful eCommerce Web Development

eCommerce Requirements Gathering

Requirement Specification & Planning

As a reliable eCommerce web development company, our project managers work closely with you to understand the nature, scope, feasibility, functional and non-functional requirements of your online store. Our project analysis team makes sure that it covers every aspect of your enterprise needs to provide the best-fit solution for your business.

Ecommerce Web Design & Development

Testing and Quality Assurance

After the development stage, we make sure that the website undergoes extensive testing for any technical snags that might disrupt your e-store in the future. Our testing experts employ advanced testing techniques to resolve issues related to website design, coding, responsiveness, transaction process and so on. We always strive to deliver a high-quality and bug-free online store for your business.

eCommerce Web Development Process

eCommerce Testing & Quality Assurance

Design and Development

On receiving your approval, we then take the process to the next step. Our dedicated team of eCommerce web developers combines the latest technologies with its innovative ideas to build intuitive, scalable and highly-engaging websites. As a transparent eCommerce development company, we keep you updated with the progress reports and proceed further only after your consent.

Go Live

Go Online

Once we receive a green signal for your online shop, without much ado, we launch your website to let you start selling your products online. Our development process does not end here; we extend our service to periodic website maintenance and up-gradation as well to ensure the smooth functioning of your online store.

Why Choose us as your eCommerce Web Development Partner?

Strategy Partner

We offer unique solutions for your unique online store. As a well-established eCommerce web design company, our focus on providing tailored solutions to our clients helps us build websites that sell online. We understand your key requirements and devise plans that ideally fit your business requirements.

Strong Expertise

Our eCommerce web development company is backed by a team of highly qualified eCommerce website developers who have in-depth knowledge & numerous years of experiences of various technologies and strong expertise gained while completing diverse projects for our cross-industry clientage.

Timely Delivery

A delayed project means loss of sales and business opportunities. With our appropriate and tuned workflow, you are nothing but the best. As a professional eCommerce development company, we are committed to delivering high-quality and bug-free websites within the conditioned time-frame.

Reliable & Trusted

As a well-established global eCommerce development company, we have a clean track record of delivering the ultimate solutions for 4000+ global clients, giving 100% client satisfaction and establishing trust and credibility for our eCommerce website development services.

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