Best Free Personality Testing Assessments & Tips for HR to hire employees

Do you find it difficult to shortlist job applicants for a particular job role? This is the most common challenge for any HR executive in this competitive market. Therefore, the right Personality Testing or the character evaluation of a willing candidate, however, can lead the HRs in the right direction while ensuring their hires are the right hires.

Personality Tests & The Hiring Process

As per an article published in Forbes Magazine in 2013, as many as 118 people apply for every advertised position. Therefore, for a busy HR Recruiter, it is next to impossible to find the best candidate to recruit for one or a few more JD within the company.

Hence, a well-designed Personality Test can prove to be really helpful for the HRs to streamline the shortlisting and make sure that the candidates, they ultimately interview, are potential for the job role they have applied for.

Purpose of Candidate Personality Assessment

Even though Personality Testing has been in practice since the early phase of this 20th century it has turned more frequent in current circumstances due to this perceived profit which allows choosing administrators to get rid of applicants who do not match a particular job profile.

One such provider, Amtrak, has utilized them to fantastic impact in expediting the selection procedure. In 2015, the provider obtained 5,000 software for project openings, so a number that undoubtedly defeated it is employing administrators.

Amtrak decided to take that candidates fill in personality evaluations before scheduling a meeting. One of that original software, just 2000 were located to function as that which they called a “powerful in shape,” even though the other 1,800 ended up also a medium match.

Examining enabled the enterprise to get rid of tens of thousands of candidates from first concern before throwing away some time together with interviews, a movement that may have saved tens of thousands of worker hours along with tens of thousands and tens of thousands of bucks.

As per a questionnaire by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Mercer, 67% of HR specialists are now applying personality evaluations and qualitative pre-employment analyzing to experienced applicants at the selection procedure.

What Is Pre-Employment Personality Testing?

Personality Testing is a test made use of by companies to assist get an applicant whose characteristic attributes are best fitted to a certain placement. The Pre-employment screening is intended to show particular areas of an individual’s behavior and estimate the chances that he or she is going to surpass these job criteria.

Why is Pre-Employment Screening So Popular?

Research also demonstrates that in case a member of staff is set able which does not fit their character, and then often it contributes to lessening involvement. Very low employee participation contributes to 21% lower productiveness and roughly 45% higher earnings and replacement workers are more expensive.

Only think about the investment (both time and money) set prior to procuring a fresh hire, sending them from your device, training them, and continuing the process all around for every single new hire.

Therefore, considering the present work culture, companies are looking to get candidate evaluation tools, which supplies them with fathomable measures and help them make conclusive decisions.

Pre-employment candidate character evaluation can be performed online now, whereby they’re processed immediately. Email address details are subsequently confirmed and organized in opposition to tens of thousands of different applicants, speeding the hiring procedure along with guaranteeing the candidates that proceed forward are harmonious with all the providers.

Being a company HR, you must be aware of how crucial Personality Testing has become and what to take care of while hiring the right candidate?

Here are some common personality testing tools variations and a few tips about how to decode these for the new-gen HRs.

Some Personality Testing Tips & Tools for HR

1. The Caliper Profile

This testing tool measures the way the person’s behavioral characteristics relate to their project functionality. The evaluation is composed of a few questions from various topics. Most frequently found type assessment ideas include giving several statements to the candidate and to let them pick the most suitable one with their viewpoint.

Also, there are some statements given to the candidates that merely reflect the perspective of the candidate. Candidates might be given some true/false questionnaires, as well as MCQs in order to answer having an “amount of arrangement” measure, including “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree” parameter.

The Caliper Profile is different and more advanced from other personality evaluation tools as it assesses both favorable and unfavorable traits of a candidate, and provides the complete image of an individual prospective hire.

Additional Tip: Businesses may cause a customized decision tool that’ll permit them to personalize the appraisal to target critical behaviors. This may aid them to acquire info about job-fit profiles or advice concerning an applicant’s possible achievement in a certain functional area.

2. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Probably one among the most famous personality testing tools for mapping the applicant’s characters is the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

The MBTI describes whether a candidate’s character evolves toward the groupings: “Extroversion vs. Introversion,” Intuition vs. Sensing,” “Thinking vs. Feeling,” and “Judging vs. Perceiving.”

The MBTI assessment pattern includes 93 questions, where the candidate has to answer option A or option B. The answer – A or B – determines the tendencies individual candidates lean toward.

Additional Tip: Myers Briggs Type Indicator isn’t just a regular assessment tool, nor would it be the inquiries included. This is among the toughest pre-employment personality testing tools to get ready for.

Though the truth is that CPI places a statement claiming it is not significant to use MBTI for employment, the character evaluation is much befitting focusing on the way the candidate can do the job in certain positions. One other drawback of this tool is that score may not be immediately in comparison with other competitors for the same job profile.

3. The SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire

Another popular application – SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire, or “OPQ32,” is intended to supply employers a picture of certain behaviors that strongly influences an applicant’s job performance.

This evaluation consists of all 104 questionnaires, which quantify 32 distinct departments. Candidates have been assessed at 3 major domains, namely – “Relationship with People,” “Thinking Style and Feelings,” and “Emotions.”

To the evaluation, applicants have been presented together with 4 statements plus so they must decide which statement best explains them and then the statements that least clarify their characteristics.

Even the OPQ32 was specially designed to make sure its scales are both suitable and relevant for different business sectors.

Additional Tip: The SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire delivers companies having a personalized record of organized scores, and describing equally the strengths and stains at length. These personality testing tools give an easy-to-read picture overview of the operation and are simply comparable with another applicant.

4. The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) introduced in the 1980s and has been originally utilized at a socio-analytic circumstance; however, it has currently been utilized to predict business performance.

It’s been well-organized on more than 500,000 applicants throughout the world and confirmed on more than 200 jobs. It is a frequently used dependable tool utilized to appraise a person’s character and the way that it fulfills the requirements of a particular job. The HPI relies upon the 5 Factor model.

It is made of all 206 true or false questionings that have to be performed in approximately 15 to 20 minutes. The HPI assesses 7 principal scales along with 6 occupational scales, and in addition to this, there are 42 more subscales. This assessment is administered online using an instant scorecard.

Additional Tip: The rating from this test explains the way the prospect hire is probably going to do something in certain situations. Additionally, it assesses the job interview scheme and cross-examines applicants considering job-fit matches.

5. The DiSC Behavior Inventory

The DiSC Behavior Inventory (DiSC) estimates a candidate’s principal abilities predicated on 4 personality patterns. This four-style behavior model could be the quickest mode of character assessment. This personality testing tool is in existence since the time of Hippocrates, approximately 400 B.C.

The DiSC personality profile comes in several variants, including the 4 basic DiSC aspects: “Dominating (D),” Influential (I ),” Steady (S),” and “Compliant (C ).” Recruiting businesses utilize the DiSC for something to assist comprehend that an applicant’s professional behavioral traits and their capacity to adjust and work in a team.

The DiSC is one of the most user-friendly evaluations, plus it’s moderately more precise compared to other similar evaluations. This testing tool includes 12 to 30 questions, and the candidates are supplied with phrases or adjectives and are requested to pick the option that, they believe, describe them the most and the least.

Additional Tip: Although the DiSC can be a well-known character evaluation method employed by many businesses, the DiSC is regarded more as a character reviewer, and not pre-employment testing. Further, it follows the Ipsative assessment pattern, which makes it difficult to compare with other candidates.

The outcome of the test simply demonstrates the comparable advantages of one candidate, so which means the scores are not properly organized with other probable candidates. Hence, the DiSC is perhaps not regarded as a legitimate personality testing tool for career results.

Pick The Ideal Testing Tool To Boost Benefits

However, to select the ideal testing tool to boost the benefits, companies need to begin with re-evaluating their approach for hiring the right candidates.

We have listed here 5 Personality Testing Tips for the HR Recruiters while determining whether to utilize Personality Test or not.

1. Great Executives ≠ Good Recruiter

This examination is conclusive, as stated by most of the human resource executives worldwide.

Individuals, who are most persuaded about their capabilities to foresee and evaluate who will probably succeed in a specific job role or function, are usually the least proficient at it. There is chutzpah with an immediate correspondence to lack of managing, regardless the business is large or small.

Many business people possess surpassing faith in their abilities due to everything they attained and merited so. But they must keep note that it will not equal sensible hiring. Small businesses might be more exacerbated due to the absence of an in-house human resource expert.

Thus a personality test that provides a prospect, agreement, and impartiality, is unambiguous. Therefore, every business should take advantage of a more consistent, authenticated assessment strategy vs. a deep-seated conclusion, in order to get smarter hires in the future.

2. Hiring Is Requirement, Not Choice

This can appear as a variant in the aforementioned, however, it is, in reality; a radical notion of testing might aid your marketing company.

Everybody believing precisely the same manner, results in ineffectiveness. However, now the recruiters need growth and modernization to remain competitive, which cannot come about in centralized work culture.

Personality test applications consist of exercises and analyses developed to pull a “whole level” of the presentation, to define definite employee categories.

For an entrepreneurial business, HR particularly ought to make certain that he or she hires applicants who have a wide scope of characteristic balance. Hence, rather than weeding out ill-fitted candidates, it’s recommendable to segregate candidates in multiple categories considering their candidature to simplify future job-fit matches.

3. Personality Test Gives Good Returns

Every administrator is aware that the charge of worker turnover is quite high. Even now, that regularly must be balanced against the expenses of evaluations and corresponding companies. From the mid-2000s, numerous facets appeared to produce experimenting with a feasible alternative for smaller organizations.

To begin with, evaluations came straight back to trend after decreasing celebrity in the nineties as these were regarded as overly conformist and insufficiently conscious of rising principles such as diversity and individuality. The brand new evaluations measure that these along with other characteristics Which Make them suited to little companies

Secondly, the internet world burst. All types of analyzing decisions came in easy access to industry people. Businesses like retain the services of Success supply downloadable applications that make it possible for supervisors to personalize and manage evaluations and also send out the outcome on this business for test fees mostly beneath $500.

Third, a surge in online career postings — those that a company failed to market — together with all Great economic downturn have bombarded companies with job-seekers in the past couple of decades. The subsequent uptick in both certified applicants demands much more instruments for sorting them out.

4. Assessments Require Expert Attention

Any administrator might implement and interpret a character evaluation. But this does not indicate it is wise. To begin with, you’ll find valid worries.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has issued requirements about the evaluation and design of analyzing. While choosing a 3rd party will not exempt business in accountability, it underscores that the requirement for using individuals who have significant knowledge inside this region.

This does not signify that you must go outside and seek the services of a Vice President of the HR dept. Lots of investigating consultancies currently tailor their services and products, especially for smaller enterprises. They will have additionally scaled-down prices now.

Predictive Index around the world, as an instance, supplies an edition of its Predictive Index analyzing and solutions. Even a PI group of advisers may instruct vital managers in a customer company to manage and test inhouse to get a commencing charge of roughly $7,000, for example, constant utilization of the work analysis device.

5. Tests Alone Are Insufficient

Testing isn’t just a magical all-purpose alternative, warn several Talent, Coaching, and Placement professionals worldwide.

In most of their views, attracting potential candidates on board would be more effective when several elements, which may influence your operation, are taken into account. Further, the recruiters need to implement various activities within the evaluation procedure to get an informed conclusion.

Most of the recruitment specialists agree that while Personality Testing can play a beneficial role in the entire hiring process, this testing phase is simply “a beneficial part of the process.”

Tests alone are not sufficient for the right hiring. This method can be used in correlation with various other additional evaluations and meticulous background screening policies to reassure that the candidates selected for interviews and subsequent employment will have the best prospect to add more value to the company’s representation.

In Conclusion…

By following these Personality Testing Tips For HR To Hire A Candidate carefully, companies can achieve the most out of the character evaluation, and similarly the employees, they hire, will get more confidence acknowledging they have chosen the right career for themselves.

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