Benefits to Hire Dedicated Magento Developers in India

From a developer’s standpoint, magento framework is a flexible option because the dedicated magento developers from India can choose appropriate Magento framework according to specific designing demand. For instance, the “Magento Go” is ideal for small and medium-size business houses while the Magento Enterprise caters to the big corporations.

The inbuilt themes and templates enable the dedicated Magento developers to come up with a stunning eCommerce site in a quick time. the availability of unlimited extensions make the magento developers job easy; since the framework is an open source platform, the technical support from the tech-community adds up to the developers’ skills.

The coding allows integration of multiple platforms that multiplies the developer’s capability. Ask any developer, he is going to tell you something beautiful about the platform.

How does it help the business?

The reasons are unlimited. This platform literally addresses all the aspects of an ideal eCommerce site. From the beautiful user interface to the carting, order management and clean check out process, it streamlines the most important factors of an eCommerce site that could make or break the business.

Should you ask how? Here it is; the customers are highly agile and mobile, they do not have time to search for shopping button to click, neither they are interested in going through all your product list nor they have time and patient for a slow checkout process. Alas! Magento somehow knows its awesome.

You are going to sell the product and you have to market the product; the Magento’s marketing tools are superb tools to deploy killer marketing strategies that could multiply your revenue flow.

Where does SEO stand? Magento is ideal for SEO strategy integration with an effective content management system, page indexing and other SEO related features it leads the market in terms of SEO-friendliness.

The robust reporting system keeps the business owners informed about the website performance, inventory status, transaction details and a lot of other features that helps them in strategizing and formulating better marketing and operational plans.

With more than 50 payment gateways, the platform opens the door for the seamless and secure transaction that plays vital in the buying decision.

Why Ethane Technologies to hire dedicated Magento Developers?

The reasons are unlimited; we can go on giving you a thousand and one reasons, but that does not make sense. You actually need one solid reason to decide, right. Let’s not beat around the bush, get to the point; we are an experienced dedicated Magento developers team with a global presence; do you still need clarification!

Why do you need hire dedicated Magento developers?

Magento websites do not behave like a normal website. They are complex, heavy and need to perform smoothly every single minute. Imagine, on a high selling day your website displaying weird behaviour can significantly harm your business which is why you need to hire Magento developers who can constantly look at the behaviour of the site and maintain it to give better user experience and enable it to take the load of high traffic transactions.

For more clarifications, discussions, brainstorming about to hire Magento programmer, you can consult us, talk to us and call us. Let’s discuss…


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Magento is designed to cater to the global audience; a Magento developed eCommerce website can sell products on a global level. To hire Magento programmer, call us or fill the Inquiry form above.

This open-source platform does not burn your wallet however, the cost can vary according to the dynamic demands of the business. Call us to know its cost to hire dedicated Magento developers affordably.

The Magento is built to create highly functional eCommerce sites that can handle millions of transaction at a given time without causing any technical disruption.

A dedicated Magento developer can help you managing and maintain your site perfectly. You have to define your maintenance objectives. To know more about to hire dedicated Magento developers from Ethane, please call us or email us.

It greatly depends on the nature of the business and the business objective; generally, the basic site with inbuilt templates will not take much time.

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