The ROR Development with Quick Turn Around Time

If you wish to have the quickest of turnaround time for development without missing any deadline then you must hire dedicated ROR developers.

Ethane Technologies is an organization who can offer you such a dedicated ROR Developer who is knowledgeable and professional to offer the best of development.

Why Have ROR Development

It is noticed that Ruby on Rails is adopted by many organizations of repute for the development of their project. There are obvious reasons for such choice.

  • It is an open source framework allowing quick completion of a project.
  • It is mature having support for multiple database and OS
  • Less code and less configuration is involved in the development

Reasons to Hire Dedicated ROR Developer

The first and foremost reason for hiring a dedicated ROR developer is that they will be entirely concentrated on your project and you can expect to have quick completion of the same. They have experience in ROR and will enable you to have the advantages of ROR. They use tested methodologies and strategies so that your business goal can be meet within the shortest time frame.

Why Have ROR Developer for Your Business

You can expect to have quality ROR development at an affordable cost when you hire a dedicated developer. Their expertise and knowledge are extensive and they will be using that effective for the development work of your project. Their work process is transparent and you will always be informed regarding any development that occurs. You can also expect to have the development done using high quality of code which is well structured.

Why Hire Dedicated ROR Developer from Ethane Technologies

Our dedicated ROR developer will allow you to have development at an affordable cost. They will be in constant touch with you and make you aware of the development that is done. Their expertise in ROR will help you to have the best of development using the open source platform. You can also expect to have the best of development without missing any deadlines. Having the development done by dedicated ROR developer from us will allow you to have the advantages of ROR.


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The optimistic aspects of ROR are many. The dedicated ror developer will be developing all the aspects perfectly like you can expect meta-programming, active records, scaffolding and built-in testing properly implemented.

It is the ORM layer that comes with Rails. It follows the basic standard of an ORM like the mapping of tables to classes and rows to objects. Columns are also mapped to the attributes of the objects. Our dedicated ror developers are proficient in doing so.

Rail migration can do a lot of things. The dedicated ror developer will be able to create a table, drop a table, rename a table, add and rename a column and change or remove a column. The developers have professional expertise in doing so.

The Rail controller would be used by the dedicated ror developer for various functions. They will be using it to perform any internal action by routing ay external request. The capabilities of the view template will be extended without much use of codes.

They have the professional expertise in making the development protected from CSRF. They will be properly adding “protect_from_forgery” in the Application Controller. When having dedicated developer from us you can be assured that your development is completely secured.

We keep the development cost as low as possible. You can expect to have quality service from us by paying less. There are no hidden cost associated and no compromise on quality to make our services affordable.

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