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A quick look at the HTML5 attributes:

  • Enhanced readability
  • Great accessibility
  • Seamless mobile responsiveness
  • Advanced Geo-location API
  • Stunning semantics for the SEO
  • Simplified doc-type

How does it look from the UI developers’ viewpoint?

When UI developers look at this platform, they see a complete tool that is capable of translating any ideas into digital reality. Be it the superlative web App or the fluidity of the responsive mobile-App, it can actualise everything into perfection.

The greatest challenge is building websites that are SEO friendly and HTML5 beats every other platform on this front. The superlative audio, video and multimedia elements empower the UI developers to create highly functional apps that deliver high-quality content easily.

Can Ui Development drive business growth?

The humans are storytellers and find motivation in narratives. Without inspiration, the humans seem to get disoriented because the mind needs ideas and directions to function. And by creating stunning web and mobile Apps, you will be communicating your brand message clearly. Yeah right! Direct them to do business with you.

The dogs are no more the best friends of the humans; they have been replaced by the mobile phone; fortunately or unfortunately, we are not sure! But certainly the mobile phones have become the greatest companion and they follow humans everywhere.

As a brand, you need to have a robust mobile presence and UI is the ultimate tool to create mobile-friendly web apps that can detect the ecosystems; the device sizes and adapt to them automatically. Well, that’s pretty intuitive.

And consumers love the things that understand their behaviour and fits into their environment easily. Certainly, you are going to win some hearts, blow a few minds, and stun some spirits through your visually and functionally perfect web and mobile apps.

How does Ethane Technologies perceive your business?

Ethane Technologies is not just another company thriving to achieve perfection or expand its wings. We are already the achievers with a robust global presence and we think there is nothing so great about achievements, in fact; it creates limitation, would you like to know how?

Look at this; when we want to achieve, we do not see your objective because we are too busy in looking at our goals and that deviates us from looking at your objectives dispassionately. And that is where every other company goes wrong. And here begins the problem because underneath there is subtle “conflict of interest” but we eliminate that inner struggle.

Yeah, right! You will find us extremely objective in terms of our clients’ demands. And we are not really proud of it. It is simply the way we live, run business and do everything else in the world. Ethane Technologies is a revolution. Let’s talk about your business.

Consult us today and we are going to bring you revolutionary technological skills to empower your business.


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Yes, this run-time markup language is better than the legacy HTML and it is superb at creating responsive and exceptionally beautiful web apps.

Of course, not! This platform has the excellent cross-browser compatibility that means the Apps will run on all the major browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

You can tag a location to an image or post; for instance, if you have visited a restaurant, then you can tag the location to the image of the restaurant and that enhances the brand visibility and connectivity.

The super simple readability empowers the developers to write quick codes that expedite the development process. You can get the Apps quickly. In addition, we hate to miss the deadline.

The cost depends on the kinds of the App that you want to design, we give the customized solution so that you get what you want exactly and it also keeps the cost under control.

We have a dedicated Ui Development customer service team to address all our clients’ issues on time.

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