A quick gaze at the web development attributes and platforms:

  • HTML, Java, Python, Laravel, HTML5
  • Responsive web design
  • Web applications
  • E-commerce site design

The web development architecture:

Our approach is not unique, but definitely objective. It is a simple process; first, our developers analyze your objective, find out the feasibility of your imagination, decide the platform, develop, test, and finally deliver the product. For Accelerate business growth you can hire dedicated web developers from India.

Is there anything great about our developers? Not really, but we can say that our developers are proficient in all the major languages; we have a robust training process in place to ensure that every developer goes through the learning process and surpasses the steep learning curve.

The development team is a combination of creative individuals and technically efficient experts that create coherence between the idea and actuality. While the creative team exercises their intelligence on the creativity of ideas, the technical team empowers them with the skills that translate imagination into actuality.

Yeah, right, you will get a website that matches your imagination, if not surpasses because the reality can never get better than the idea; that is practically impossible.

The Business of “internet of things”:

The world is operating on a virtual plane; from love to dating, shopping, food ordering, buying insurance, booking hotels, everything taking place on the web and websites are serving as the most vital point of contact. And it needs you to have a website that works perfectly, not a site that looks beautiful and functions as vintage car.

Nobody has the time to look at the window that has this aching message that says “please wait a moment” and to get a website that loads faster is the key to success. It might look like a small aspect, but small is big.

That is not all; your website should be mobile responsive that means your customer should be able to view your website on their cell phone and it needs exceptionally clean coding to make your website available to multiple mobile ecosystems. Hang on! Are we forgetting something?

Yes, the E-commerce site development is the complex process, but you need it to drive growth; otherwise, the web presence is a simply metaphorical assertion.

Ethane Technologies from clients’ perspective:

Our clients never think us as their partners because that is not the reality, they only take us as their vendor and the only vendor that delivers the superlative product, better service at a cost that can be called rational pricing.

We have worked with thousands of clients and each one seems to have a unique idea about us. No, that is not our versatility; it is simply their idea about us and we thrive to match their perceptions. Yeah, right, we are vast, we do not confine to any ideology because that is a limiting factor.

Consult us; you are bound to discover something new; we can bring new things into existence. Let’s discover the ways of profit together.


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Yes, you can, but you need to have adequate knowledge about the implications and applications of the technology; otherwise, you might end up creating a wrong website.

The cost depends on the nature of the project, as the project gets complex, the prices rise. We also give customized service so that you can get a website according to your budget.

Out of hundreds of platforms available in the market, it is difficult to say which is the best, but be rest assured that we can give the best possible platform that will bring stunning website into existence.

We have a dedicated technical support team to guide our clients during the downtime; we also have an exclusive customer support team in place.

The e-commerce site is a little complex business; hence, you might need to give us some time to get the site functional.

Yes, it is a part of e-commerce web development and we give comprehensive e-commerce solution that also includes the E-commerce SEO.

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