How To Market Yourself As A Realtor On Social Media? Learn The Tips And Tricks!

While realtors are trying to shape their business on digital marketing platforms, the importance of social media started dominating the market. In order to stay competitive and to gain a strong social presence, realtors started focusing on how to market yourself as a realtor on social media.

Is that what you are struggling with?

Well, social media is a key segment of a digital marketing strategy. It helps marketers to target a wide audience and build strong brand recognition online. Therefore, like other industries, real estate marketing companies also require a good brand presence over the web so as to make a great impact on the client base in the long run.

We would like to put a limelight on some stats and facts generated from the National Association of Realtors.  

According to the study, 77% of realtors are now using social media as their primary marketing platform. While 47% of realtors trust social media marketing as a key to generate high-quality leads.

This what makes sense that realtors are keeping social media as the first priority and how in realtor marketing social media plays a significant role.

Now coming to our main concern – how to market real estate on social media?

Yes, there are plenty of marketing techniques that need to be followed when you are serious about realtor marketing using social media. Let us dig deep to learn about them in detail. Before we start this, let us take a look at the headings that we have covered here;

Let’s get started;

How To Market Real Estate Business On Social Media: 10 Important Practises

Are you concerned about how to market yourself as a realtor on social media? The following real estate social media best practices will certainly ease out your headache. Just go through the social media marketing tips for real estate agents and craft your own social media marketing strategy.

1. Engage Your Audience With Valuable Blog Ideas

Does your real estate website have a separate blog section? Blogging is considered pivotal in real estate marketing. If you consider every successful real estate marketer, you will come across the various blogs and articles they have published. It is said that such pieces of content are responsible for drawing heavy traffic to the website and improving the brand visibility online.

When it comes to real estate social media marketing, you can share the links of such blogs with your social audience and get a huge response from there. Your blog posts would help you to gain more new prospects, more new traffic, engagement, and most importantly, high search engine rankings.

But how?

Getting the best real estate blog ideas to gain great results is a bit challenging. However, here in this context of how to use social media for real estate business, we have pointed out a few examples of blog ideas.

A realtor can create articles on market predictions, market statistics, and market rates.

Also, he/she can create blogs on DIYs, home improvement remedies, buying and selling tips.

Further, they can create articles on the neighborhood, community, and property itself.

Check out different real estate blogging sites like Zillow, The BREL, etc. Think like a homeowner and create a unique, engaging, appealing, and brand-specific article for your audience and share the link on social media.

2. Optimize Your Content With Trending Real Estate Hashtags

The next important aspect of real estate marketing using social media is optimizing the content with trending hashtags. Hashtags are well-known for building engagement by making the content visible to the right audience. To leverage the social media benefits, include real estate hashtags for every content you post.

Be it video content, a normal post, a social media ad, or any other creative posts, make sure you use hashtags. They are even great for discovering new business opportunities.

Let us showcase some examples of hashtags that you can add to the posts of real estate marketing using social media.

General hashtags: #realestate #realtors #propertyforsale #newhome #justlisted #dreamhome #broker

Hashtags for the real estate agents or brokers: #propertysales #brokers #investmentsales #realestateagents #listingagent #realestateinvestment #investmentinproperty #propertyinvestment

Hashtags to draw in more customers: #[real estate brand name] #[real estate neighborhood] #[real estate property location] #[target city]homes #[target city]property

Whether you use Facebook posts, Instagram posts, LinkedIn posts, or any other social media posts, hashtags have a crucial role to play.

3. Make Your Content More Creative With Special Realtor Quotes

Another way out for how to market yourself as a realtor on social media is by adding popular realtor quotes. There are several highly experienced and well-known realtors available worldwide. You can use their quotes to seek the attention of potential clients.

Moreover, you can even add your own quotes and turn your content unique like always. Creating up quality content on social media helps you establishing trust and brand authority online. Just browse your web and find the quotes that can turn your content special.

Guys, the topic on how to market real estate on social media is not over yet. Let us disclose some other practices that are actually result-driven.

4. Share Visually Appealing Images

In your social media marketing plan for realtors, visually appealing images require a separate section to address. It is said that images speak a lot more than normal content.

You can simply get proof by posting regular content and image content separately. The latter will get more likes, more shares, more comments, more reactions compared to the former.

Are you running out of creative real estate content to post on social media? In that case, creating amazing images, graphics, animated pictures, infographics, or sharing property-related real-time photos will be a better marketing concept.

You can check out the free stock photos from websites like, Unsplash, Burst by Shopify, etc. Apart from getting a ready-made photo, you can showcase your own creativity by developing realtor marketing social media graphics using online tools. We will learn about the tools in our upcoming section.    

5. Generate Quality Leads With Realtor Ads

Whether you prefer Facebook, Instagram, or other social media marketing channels for your real estate business, don’t forget to run realtor ads. Social media ads for realtors are very convincing. They are responsible for cultivating quality leads and converting them into real estate customers.

Among the various social media channels, Facebook has a wide corner for real estate advertisers. The best thing about this paid advertising technique is you can target a specific set of audiences based on different demographics. This can be the location, interests, habits, age groups, marital status, and much more.

On Facebook, you can run carousel ads that allow you to put multiple images related to real estate property. If you are trying to promote listings, you can definitely launch such campaigns and enjoy a great breakthrough in your business.  

6. Share Your Brand Success Story

Every brand has its own success story. We believe your real estate marketing brand also has suffered through losses but succeeded to gain achievements in the long run. You can share such stories when you are actually running out of ideas.

The more people will find your success stories, read your achievements, the more they will trust in your real estate business and buying and selling service. It actually creates interest and satisfies the clients about the brand.

Thus, when you are considering real estate social media best practices, adding this to the list will be of great advantage. Use pictures, certificates, client testimonials as proof of your achievements.    

7. Use Different Facebook Posts To Seek Attention

Facebook is the most demanding social media channel in contrast with other marketing platforms. The reason behind this is the range of features that excite the audience to perform any sort of action.

Now, on Facebook, you will get numerous features that won’t disappoint your audience. Rather, taking the leverage of these features you can target more audiences, gain more client response, understand their behavior, and get a complete insight into your followers.

Let us unfold them one by one.

Live streaming video – you can use this feature to connect with your audience directly and interact with them lively.

Run contests – You can excite your followers by running quiz contests or hold giveaways related to your real estate brand.

Share any online or offline event – You can inform your audience about the upcoming real estate event or simply launch an event online.

These are some loopholes in how to market yourself as a realtor on social media and gain profits out of it.

8. Add Video Marketing To Your Strategy

It seems like you have forgotten one most vital realtor marketing social media practice. Yes, here we are talking about video marketing. While you are listing down the social media tips for real estate agents, make sure you add video marketing on social media at the very top.

Video marketing enables businesses to grab the attention of the audience using emotional and inspiring clips. In your video content, you can add a short clip of the property neighborhood, the location, the ambiance, and definitely every corner of the real estate.

Besides, you can even use video clips to display clients’ experiences, their feedbacks, and their thoughts towards the brand. Educational and informational videos like news updates, information related to the industry, etc. can also be created to build engagement.

Turn any inspiring content into a video format and share it on social media. You can share them in the form of short stories, lengthy videos, GIFs, Reels, IGTV videos, animated videos, and many more. Though different platforms accept different sizes of videos, you can easily compress them and meet your goals.   

9. Encourage More Social Media Reviews

Real estate marketing using social media remains incomplete if you don’t manage your social media reviews, especially those on Facebook. Every social media platform allows customers to share their recommendations and reviews. Even they get a chance to rate the brand. Being a real estate brand owner, it is your duty to monitor and manage all your reviews and ratings and bring a reflection of your brand into their content.

Here is what you can do –

  • Ask your happy clients to share more positive reviews.
  • Comment on both positive and negative reviews added by the clients.
  • Be alert whenever a new feedback or brand mention is added on social media.
  • Try to solve the issues raised in the negative reviews.
  • Instead of making a long response, give a prompt and to-the-point reply.

Studies have proved that a majority of online clients are now trusting online reviews and ratings before making any decision about a brand.

The same goes for the real estate potential clients. They go through the reviews first before connecting with a real estate brand. Hence, the need for more and more positive reviews online.   

10. Use The Right Tools To Optimize The Entire Process

You must be thinking that the plan on social media marketing for real estate agents is over. But is it so? Remember, our question – how to market real estate on social media? The perfect answer lies here.

Till the last point, we were actually explaining the various tricks and techniques on how to market yourself as a realtor on social media. But now, we are going to focus on the online tools that actually make the entire job effortless.

Optimizing your social media marketing plan, you must consider different tools for different purposes. For example,

You can go for Hashtagify and Ritetag to discover new trending hashtags relevant to the realtor marketing social media topic.

Also, you can choose Snappa, Desygner, Canva, and Adobe Spark to create amazing graphics for social media.

You can find Buffer and Hootsuite options to automate your social media posts for the real estate business.

Apart from that, you can rely on Headliner, Typito, Splice, Clipchamp Create, and FlimoraGo to develop engaging videos.

No matter what marketing concept you are implementing, use the right tool to get the enhanced results.

Why Is Real Estate Marketing Using Social Media So Crucial?

Those who still hesitate to invest in social media should go through this section.

As per the recent study, 90% of online clients spend time on social media. This proves that maximum clients are generated through social platforms, compared to other sources.

This is one strong reason for having social media as a marketing channel. Moreover, social media has turned out the most effective marketing platform for realtors to meet other business objectives. They are listed below.

  • It helps in brand reinforcement.
  • Promotes instant brand engagement.
  • It leverages business with customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Also, it improves advertising the brand to the right audience.
  • It generates a cost-effective business reach.

Once you get this in your mind, you will automatically make yourself busy with how to market yourself as a realtor on social media.

Wrapping Up – How To Use Social Media For Real Estate Business

Real estate social media best practices are indeed powerful in assisting businesses to acquire several marketing opportunities. In fact, social media acts as a loophole to all your marketing concerns.

So, guys, if you are planning for successful real estate marketing strategies on social media, make sure you include all the above-mentioned points in your draft.

Go social, grow social!

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