How to Remove Reviews from Facebook: 2020 Tips & Guide

Social media is a mandatory addition to your white label marketing endeavors. And, let us tell you, being the biggest social media platform, Facebook is quite a good platform to showcase your services and generate qualified leads for your brands. 

Now, if you do not have a Facebook page for your brand then, we would recommend that you create one as soon as possible because Facebook’s business page manage your online reputation and lets marketers and business owners get a clear understanding of how their marketing services are making impacts on their customers’ lives.

And, on the other side, these reviews let potential buyers get a better image of how effective your solution is and if they will be benefitted if they opt for you.

But, while monitoring these reviews you will come across some bad reviews that can severely affect your brand’s image and hamper your business’s overall rating.  And, it is quite apparent that nobody would wish to let those reviews hamper their business and neither would you. 

And, that is why we have come up with this article that will tell you how to delete Facebook reviews. we believe this will help you immensely to better your company’s image.

Guidelines: How to Remove Reviews from Facebook

This process seems to appear as a good option for those people who have received lots of negative reviews on their Facebook but along with this, Facebook doesn’t give you the opportunity where you can easily display your positive reviews publicly and this is completely its system issue. So as to evacuate every negative review, you need to expel the whole reviews segment from your Facebook Page.

We don’t prescribe doing this since having on the web reviews (positive or negative) still build your odds of landing clients. By the way, we will show you how to expel the Reviews segment from your Facebook Business Page.

These following steps will tell you how to delete a review on Facebook;

  • Go to your Facebook Page 
  • Then go to “Settings” 
  • Click on “Edit Page” in Facebook settings 
  • Look down to “Reviews” and snap “Settings” alongside it 
  • Move the slider to OFF 
  • Then click on the “Save” option

You should always keep in mind that disabling reviews does not erase them, it just conceals them. If you choose to empower your reviews once more, similar reviews will be returned.

In brief, the steps are discussed below;

  • To begin with, sign in and ensure that you’re utilizing this surface as your page (not your own record). You can switch between pages utilizing the white bolt in the upper right-hand corner.
  • When you’re utilizing Facebook as the right page, click the “Settings” button, situated on the right-hand side, over your cover photo.
  • After that from the Settings menu click the ” Edit Page” from the left-hand sidebar. Look down until you see the “Reviews” area, at that point, change it to “Off” and then save your settings.

Instructions: How to Delete Facebook Reviews 

If you believe in us, then we would ask you to stop seeking for how to delete a review on Facebook. All things considered, you presumably have some extremely incredible reviews there! So you might be thinking about how to delete a review on Facebook. Indeed, starting at the present moment, that is completely impossible on Facebook.

You can’t figure out which reviews you erase. While it is disappointing, simply consider the amount it is helping recognized organizations like yours from being in a similar gathering as cheats who just distribute positive reviews.

Over the long haul, the trouble makers will get removed, and you’ll transcend in the event that you keep fulfilling clients. A couple of awful reviews won’t hamper your credibility. 

Be that as it may, you do have one choice: Reporting reviews. You can report a fishy review to Facebook so they can examine whether it ought to be brought down.

So, if you are wondering how to delete a review on Facebook, in that case, what you’ll need to do is report it and hang tight for activity on Facebook’s part. In any case, on the off chance that you have a Facebook accomplice like us, there’s a workaround to make the procedure speedier.

We can connect directly to a Facebook manager to move the procedure along (and bug them about how much a fake or a negative review can harm your business).

Instructions: How to Report a Fake or False Review on Facebook

Explore your reviews area on your Facebook business page. It ought to be along the left-hand side, under your organization’s profile picture. Discover the review you need to contest, and in the upper right-hand corner of that individual review box, there will be 3 dots and an exclamation box. Click on the exclamation box and choose the option that best depicts the review you need to challenge or remove;

  • Go to the review section 
  • Click on the “. . .” in the upper right-hand corner 
  • Then click on “Report post”

You’ll be incited to choose one of the circumstances that apply. Pick the one that best suits your needs. You might be incited to develop the issue and broadly expound. 

This won’t get settled quickly except if it is compromising, risky, or unlawful. Something else, there truly isn’t any approach to accelerate the procedure except if you’re an internet-based life customer at an organization—and still, after all that, it’s not ensured.

While we’ve had achievement helping expel numerous bogus or phony reviews for our customers, a few cases don’t meet all requirements for evacuation. You’ll locate a similar issue on Yelp and other review sites.

In the event that it’s a negative review you can’t accept is valid, have a go at burrowing to its base and amending the circumstance. We’ve had customers transform 1-star reviews into 5-star ones just by saying ‘sorry’ making things right, and truly putting forth an attempt to fix what caused the circumstance.

Most importantly, don’t lash out, get snarky, overlook it, or offer reasons. That conduct doesn’t work to fix things in reality and it doesn’t work in the online one, either.


Most Facebook marketing service providers, including ourselves, don’t offer Facebook review expulsion help as independent assistance. You should be a customer with a passing advanced advertising bundle so as to get this going for you. In case you’re keen on computerized showcasing services as a total system, we’re glad to help!

How online reviews can make an impact on your business?

The open notion can affect your organization’s prosperity extensively. Regardless of what kind of service or item you give, if individuals talk about it, others will tune in. Clearly, that is bad for business in case you’re getting awful online reviews.

As a business with a site, it’s significant that you gather online reviews—individuals need to get suppositions on whether they should give you their cash, and reviews are regularly a major defender in the basic leadership process.

Indeed, 90% of clients read 10 or fewer analysts before confiding in a business! What’s more, to add to that, they go through about 31% more cash if a business has incredible reviews.

While most organizations couldn’t imagine anything better than to get positive reviews 100% of the time, it’s simply not reasonable. Furthermore, lamentably, to a greater extent, one negative review can cost you, 30 clients. Ouch.

Things being what they are, how might you fix this circumstance on the off chance that it occurs? All things considered, you can begin by expelling reviews on Facebook. Here are your alternatives for dealing with and evacuating negative Facebook reviews.

Important Notes:

Most computerized showcasing organizations, we included, don’t offer Facebook review expulsion help as independent assistance. You should be a customer with a passing advanced advertising bundle so as to get this going for you. In case you’re keen on computerized showcasing services as a total system, we’re glad to help!

With an expected 900 million one of a kind month to month clients, Facebook remains the most well known long range informal communication site in 2019. All things considered, it’s really clear that most organizations can profit by having a functioning nearness on Facebook. 

Step by step instructions to manage Facebook reviews 

Since you can’t simply evacuate the terrible ones and announcing reviews probably won’t be compelling for you, your most solid option for dealing with your organization’s Facebook picture is to figure out how to appropriately oversee and answer to Facebook reviews.

In the event that a client leaves a positive review, it is suggested that you at any rate “like” their review, and afterward, conceivably thank the analyst. Doing so will urge them to keep commending you. In case you don’t know how to word your reactions, we’ve assembled helpful positive review reaction layouts just as convenient tips.

To the extent negative reviews go, in all honesty, it’s still best to react to them as opposed to allow them to erase. Reacting to negative reviews allows you to apologize as well as now and again, you’re likewise ready to give your side of the story if proper.

By taking care of your negative reviews with class and genuineness, you’re indicating potential clients that you’re willing to assume liability. It additionally shows how extraordinary your client assistance is. These negative review reaction formats and tips will assist you with exploring awful remarks effortlessly.

To utilize your positive reviews furthering your potential benefit, we recommend advancing them. Extensively has extraordinary assistance that helps transform positive reviews into interactive Facebook promotions, intensifying those outstanding outcomes you generally guarantee. Let your best reviews eclipse a couple of rotten ones. 

Obviously, the most ideal approach to continue dealing with your online is to persistently request reviews from glad clients. In the end, you’ll have such huge numbers of extraordinary reviews, the awful ones won’t considerably matter!

Whether it is positive or negative, getting Facebook Reviews is critical in the event that you need to help your client base. Simply recall that, despite the fact that you can’t evacuate the terrible ones, you can even now change the story with a well-considered reaction. What’s more, you can get significant, progressive and positive reviews with the assistance of Broadly.

Looking for someone to help you with your business’s Facebook Marketing Strategies or to help you with Review Management? 

Like you already know that Facebook is the biggest social media platform and to be precise, the estimated total users of Facebook are around 900 million per month. And this makes it quite apparent why Facebook is quite capable to help you generate qualified leads. 

Now, it is pretty obvious that if you are running an entire business, you won’t be able to manage these narrow verticals which are actually pretty important in driving your business’s growth. And, that is why you might be looking for answers against your question of “how to delete a review on Facebook”. But, you do not need to worry about that as we are here to help you. Being the best white label marketing agency, we have experienced digital marketers that will help you to manage your Facebook content, be it the social postings or the campaigns or advertisements, so that you can easily manage your active presence on Facebook. 

Besides, we will also help you with tracking reports so that you are aware of what is going on with your social handles and get benefitted with a mind-boggling return on investment.

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