A look at the technical features of HTML5

  • Offline support
  • Advanced multimedia integration capability
  • Geo-location API
  • Superb canvas
  • Allows multiple app development frameworks

How do the developers respond to HTML5?

This run-time make-up language gives the ultra flexibility because the developers can use various frameworks like JQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, SproutCore and an array of libraries and tools. Write the code once and run anywhere is perfectly applied to this language; yeah, the adaptability is fantastic.

The updating process is easy because the App updates itself remotely on the server; the ability to provide better animation quality enables the developers to create beautiful Apps in quick time.

How much value does it add to your business?

The Apps are responsive, which means, the Apps are extremely intelligent to resize themselves to fit into the browser and screen size automatically and they are exceptionally intuitive too because they can simply detect each platform’s UI and adapt to it quickly. That’s superlative reflexes.

This particular feature will bring more customers because the new age customers want everything quick, they simply cannot wait for your App to load or orient itself according to the devices. The better the App responds, the more your customers respond to you.

Since it offers a great canvas, ultra super multimedia integration opportunity, this language is capable of creating Apps that will magnify your digital marketing effort due to its excellent cross-browser, server and device compatibility.

What revolution Ethane Technologies offers for the business and market evolution?

We are a revolutionary organization that believes in the instant change because to change would mean to understand the dynamics of the technology, the minds, the world and the constantly changing habits.

And we believe that an intelligent organization looks at the business as a whole not from a fragmented standpoint; hence, we thrive to incorporate human psychology, technology, and business philosophy in our workflow to create a coherent whole that addresses all the core business issues.

From the product strategy to design and delivery, we completely look after each process. The ideas are experimented, crafted, developed and the final product is delivered to the client. And everything happens instantly.

We love to communicate with our clients; our straightforward communication strategy sets us apart from other players in the market. We thrive to minimize the risk and maximize the productivity.

Consult us and discuss your requirements and needs, we will offer you end-to-end services that will bring more business and profitability. Most importantly, you will never have to worry about your digital presence ever again because we will be operating for you. Let’s talk…


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Yeah, the HTML5 is known for its cross-browser compatibility; it will run on all kind of devices that include all handheld devices

Of course, it is easy to understand the implication and application of the technology. We will make you understand the important aspect of the technology so that you can handle the App and improve your digital marketing strategy

Yeah, it will! But you need to deploy proper marketing strategy to enhance improve your revenue flow. The Apps will work as the communication platform and you need to have a robust strategy.

We give complete technical support to all our customers because we understand the negativity of the downtime. Our technical support team and customer service department are always ready to help you with your issues.

The cost depends on the kind of App that you want to create for your business. We give a customized solution, you can expect to get cost-friendly solutions, and the customized services are designed to meet dynamic consumer demands.

Well, yes, we house some fantastic talents and our developers are trained to address the customer’s issues, you will get a dedicated development team that will carry out the job until the final technical delivery.

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