Instagram Marketing For Lawyers – How To Grow Your Law Firm Business Using Instagram?

It’s no secret that social media is one of the most dominating marketing platforms for businesses irrespective of their niches. One most trending and dominating marketing channels that guarantee absolute growth in business is your Instagram.

To be accurate, 75% of US businesses are active on Instagram. Hence, there is no wrong if you are thinking about law firm marketing using this particular channel.

Further on, Instagram for lawyers is meant for building social presence and increasing the number of followers. Whether you are talking about a solo lawyer or a law firm, Instagram marketing is a great approach to consider.

Before we talk about how law firms can grow their businesses using Instagram, we would like to highlight few things we have covered up in the blog –

Let us take a dive into this complete guidebook.

Instagram marketing for lawyers: Stats and Facts

instagram marketing for lawyers
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As per the latest survey on Instagram for lawyers, US law firms who are actively using Instagram have at least 1000 followers on their list. While some law firms experience a very high engagement with 20k followers.

Apart from the level of engagement, attorneys are using this platform to share legitimate information with their clients. Such facts have really trembled the brands and encouraged them to focus more on Instagram marketing.

Reasons Why Instagram For Lawyers Works The Best?

Do you know, over 1 billion social media users are found using Instagram actively every month? A big figure, indeed! Among them, 80% of Instagram people are following at least a business on this platform.

Further on, it is considered the third-most populated social media platform after Facebook and YouTube.

Here are some significant reasons that make an Instagram bio for lawyers so special.

  • Instagram makes it easy for lawyers to partner with influencers.
  • Hashtags improve the visibility of the law firm brand.
  • Instagram helps attorneys to engage with new clients and prospects effectively.
  • Instagram ads enable law firm businesses to promote and gain great brand exposure.
  • Photos build brand credibility in potential clients and encourage them to take a shopping decision.

In general, Instagram works best for lawyers. We have recently examined how law firms have acquired their business goals using Instagram. You just need to learn how to market on Instagram for lawyers and embrace the steps. That’s it!

How To Start Using Instagram For Law Firm Marketing Purposes?

Instagram is potent in building brand awareness for the law firm business and having a good reach in the local community. It helps in generating more new potential clients and exposes its legal service to the right audiences who are actually in need of a lawyer’s advice.

It does all the job effectively with the use of Instagram posts, Stories, IGTV, Reels, and Insta ads. Even a business with a tight budget can invest in Instagram marketing for lawyers and acquire significant results out of it.

Now, the question is how to give it a start? We will discuss the steps that may lead you to success. But beforehand, what you require the most is an Instagram app with your own personal Instagram account like other potential clients.

Download and install Instagram from your respective app store that can be App Store, Google Play Store, or Microsoft Store. Once you have your Instagram installed on your mobile device, create a standard account and use it as your potential clients.

Instead of creating an Instagram bio for lawyers, create a normal bio and use it on regular basis. Here you can follow different Instagram accounts, maybe the accounts of the brands that inspire you. You can follow some local businesses whom you may find helpful. Guess what, you can even follow Instagram usernames for lawyers residing in different states, offering similar services. This will give you an insight into the competitive market.

Once you have a good number of followers, you should take some time out from your busy schedule to check the newsfeed, go through the Insta posts, scroll down the Reels, swipe right to watch the stories, and explore the videos on IGTV. Such a habit will help you realize the growing trends, law firm marketing ideas, and the competition going on Instagram for lawyers.

11 Easy Steps To Increase Your Law Firm Business Reach Using Instagram

Now, since you realize how different accounts with different Instagram usernames for lawyers work, marketing your business on this platform won’t be a difficult job. However, to ease out your work, we have listed down the steps through which you can grow your law firm and find new clients who are constantly looking for a lawyer.

Read the following steps on how to market on Instagram for lawyers!

#1: Start With Creating A Business Instagram Account

Forget about your normal Insta account and give it a new start. Now, this one will be purely for your business purpose.

We guess you have the Instagram app downloaded on your mobile device. Create a new account using your Facebook account details with the proper phone number and email address. Since Instagram is the child brand of Facebook, it is easy to create an account there if you are having an account on the parent platform.

Note: To create a business account on Instagram, you must have a business page on Facebook itself. We will come to this in the following section.

Make sure you add authentic contact details. Remember, Instagram will let your potential clients find your law firm business based on these details.

You can even connect with your Facebook audience and those in your contact list using this platform. If you want you can even skip the step for later and start customizing your Insta profile.

#2: Create A Strong Instagram Profile

Law firms on Instagram gain their first impression from their profile. This includes the profile picture, the username, the bio, and of course, the great posts that attract the clients. Before connecting with your followers, try to create a few posts with great content. A blank profile will certainly not help when you are marketing your law firm online

To have a proper profile picture, click on the profile icon followed by the “Edit profile” link. On this page, you can easily change your picture, your username, and add a proper Instagram bio for lawyers.

The photo you choose to present your brand should have a proper brand name, a logo, and proper brand color representing your brand. It should also match with other profile pictures on social media. If you have the same picture, it becomes easier for the audience to recognize your brand, spreading brand awareness across all social media networking platforms.

Next comes the username. To have effective Instagram usernames for lawyers, we would suggest choosing the brand name itself as the username. This will again help you to stay consistent with your law firm brand.

Next, is all about adding a bio. Instagram bio for lawyers should contain the mission and vision of the brand. You can add your thoughts or your intention to serve the clients. The bio should not be more than 150 characters in length where you can use disclaimers about your legal advice, experiences, and advertisements. Along with your bio, you can even put your website URL to define your online chamber on Instagram itself.

#3: Put Local Business Details On Your Instagram Profile

Whenever you think about how to market on Instagram for lawyers, the very first thing that should strike your mind is having a proper business profile with authentic business details.

Yes, we are talking about the local business details that contribute a lot to driving the potential clients directly to your chamber. Just imagine, you have a great profile pic with captivating pictures in your Insta library. But you haven’t added any address or contact details in your bio. Do you think you will be able to seek the attention of your potential clients? Certainly, not.

The potential clients or followers reach out to the law firm based on these business details. Therefore, you need to be accurate while you are adding local business details. But for this, you need to connect your account to your Facebook business page.

Whenever you switch your Instagram account to a business account, Instagram asks permission to manage your Facebook page. Granting this permission, any law firm business details added to the Facebook page will reflect on the Instagram bio for lawyers.

To put local business details, visit the public business information section of your Facebook business page. Here you can include your email address, contact number, as well as your location. All these details will automatically get uploaded to your Instagram bio, making it visible to potential visitors. Users even have the option to tap on the link and get proper directions to your address.

Instagram pulls all the information added to the Facebook page, provided that the page is set to local business. That’s the finest thing about Instagram.

#4: Create Engaging And Compelling Instagram Posts

Instagram usernames for lawyers are not effective until you have compelling Instagram posts to showcase in your gallery. Before connecting with your contacts and followers on Instagram, you must publish at least a few visually appealing posts.

Creating great posts for Instagram is not time-consuming if you have already pinned some ideas in your mind. You can follow other law-firm businesses to gain good knowledge on how to engage your audience with exciting posts.

To make your post more interesting and captivating, you can try out three different features on Instagram – layout, boomerang, and hyperlapse.

The layout feature allows you to organize multiple photos or videos in a form of a collage. The boomerang feature allows you to capture a burst of pictures that comes in a form of a short video or GIF, which when played loops backward and forward. The hyperlapse option enables users to create a timelapse video without any professional camera set up.

Apart from these, you can even create engaging images with tools like Canva and share them on your Instagram platform with a proper caption. Don’t forget to add suitable hashtags, appropriate location, and tag other Instagram users relevant to the law firm business.

No matter how great is your Instagram bio for lawyers, having good posts is definitely a need to acquire new clients.

#5: Make Use Of Hashtags In A Caption

In the last section, we have talked about adding hashtags to the caption. The trending hashtags are well-suited for increasing brand visibility and reaching out to the people who are looking for the desired business on Instagram. Apart from following other Instagram usernames for lawyers, you should also follow hashtags to avail the following benefits.

To gain trending ideas on future Instagram posts for your law firm business. Discovering new potential clients on Instagram who are literally looking for your service to follow.

Setting up strong brand exposure and spread brand reputation within the local community.

Explore the hashtags related to your legal keywords, cities you serve, service you provide, along with trending news, local events, and client interests. You can identify the recent posts done on Instagram for lawyers and note down the hashtags used to meet the law firm’s marketing goals. You can create such posts with relatable hashtags and engage your audience with your brand.

#6: Build Target Audience On Instagram

When you have a sufficient number of posts in your Instagram library and you have properly created your Instagram bio for lawyers, you must not waste any more time reaching out to the target audience.

Instagram marketing for lawyers is solely dependent on the followers. Make sure you already added your Insta icon on your website to drive the website visitors to your Instagram business profile.

Though you can choose different marketing techniques to bring the right audience to this social media business page, you can perform the job even from the Instagram app itself. Follow the steps –

  • Move to your law firm profile and tap on the “settings” icon.
  • Here you will find the “Discover People” option in the list. Clicking on this, Instagram will automatically bring the list of your contacts along with the followers in your Facebook list.
  • You can easily connect with them by clicking the following button. Your contacts will be notified the moment you start following them.
  • The notification encourages the contact to follow you back whenever they go online.   

Having a long list of followers is a true sign of having great connections. However, you can even enhance your business reach by exploring and searching the other Instagram accounts of other legal associations.

#7: Work On Building Engagement

Building engagement on Instagram or any social media implies generating a greater number of likes, shares, comments, and reactions from the followers. The best way to build such customer engagement with Instagram marketing for lawyers is by creating posts.

Start with creating enticing posts on accurate time. You can choose the business hours to make a visually appealing post, instead of posting anything at midnight. User engagement only happens when are active on Instagram. Therefore, before publishing any posts, you should learn the exact time when a majority of the users are on.

The more the followers are active, the more will be the viewers. This increases the chance of gaining more likes, comments, shares, and saves.

You can even go live, publish stories, create IGTV videos, submit ads, and comment on other relevant posts to ensure high engagement over time. We will get to them in the upcoming section.

#8: Use Trending Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is another strong feature which you can use when you are wondering how to market on Instagram for lawyers. Now, many of you will ask – what’s the use of Stories in law-firm business?

Our question is – Are law firm businesses devoid of a story? Don’t they have any story to tell their audience, their clients? Of course, they do. Even if you have nothing to share, you have your brand story of success, you have the story related to your business journey to share with your audience.

The fantasy is, Instagram Stories are not just about any particular story. You can share any brand-related images, videos, posts, or anything that represents your brand. It comes with multiple features like tag someone you know, add background music, put popular hashtags, create effects, add stickers, polls, ask questions, run quizzes or events, etc.

The Instagram Stories do not appear on the regular newsfeed. In fact, they disappear after 24 hours, from their publishing time. However, if you want you can make it a highlight and keep it in your profile as long as you want. Anyone following your brand, can click on the circular profile picture available at the top of the newsfeed and view the recent stories updated. They are quite trending and you can even make them run on Facebook Story at the same time.

Besides, you can even go live on Instagram Stories to connect with your followers directly. With this, you can learn how many followers are there online at that particular time and whether they are interested to connect with you or not. It is one best way to create engagement on Instagram.

#9: Run Videos On IGTV

A law-firm business can even run lengthy videos on IGTV, feature their brand story, behind-the-scenes, experiences, client testimonials, legal cases, and many more. Do you want to share any video other than your Instagram Live? Perhaps this is the best option to perform Instagram marketing for lawyers.

A few things you need to take care of while creating IGTV videos.

  • On IGTV, you can upload a maximum of 15 minutes of video from your mobile device and a maximum of 60 minutes of video from a web source.
  • The videos should be of 720p and 30fs with a vertical aspect ratio of 9:16 and horizontal aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • Every video should be in MP4 format and must not cross 650MB (15 minutes) and 3.6GB (60 minutes).

Instead of creating low-quality videos with Instagram Live Stories, try to use video creating tools for premium quality videos. Such videos will bring emotion and capture the attention of the audience in a better way.

#10: Promote Your Law Firm With Ads

If you are worried about how to market on Instagram for lawyers, Instagram ads make the best fit. Whenever you run an ad on your Insta channel, they appear on the newsfeed along with the Insta Stories.

With Insta ads, you can target the audiences who are interested in your legal services and are likely to get converted in no time. You can even customize your audiences based on demographics or reach the visitors who want to get engaged with your Instagram account.

Custom audiences can be created on the following basis.

  • Target people who are engaged with your law firm on Instagram.
  • Target people who have visited your Instagram profile.
  • You should target people who got engaged with your law firm brand ad on Instagram.
  • Target people who have discovered your Instagram username for lawyers and saved your posts or ads.
  • Target people who have sent a message to your law firm’s Instagram account.

Once you succeed in creating custom audiences you can easily target the right clients and reach out to them with your law firm service ad on Instagram.

Instagram ads fit really well when it comes to your law firm brand promotion. But for this, of course, you need Facebook Ads Manager to set your advertising account and eventually run your ad campaign on Insta.

#11: Get Yourself Verified On Instagram

To establish a strong brand impression online and to ensure brand credibility, getting a verified stamp for your law firm business account on Instagram is essential. This is one pivotal step to grow your audience on Instagram.

Adding a verified blue icon just beside the username and make your brand an authentic public figure, is quite challenging. Instagram itself performs the job when you send a request for verification to the platform.

To apply for a request, visit the account settings on your Instagram page. Here you will have to fill up a form where Instagram asks you to add your name, category, identity documents related to your organization.Once you put all your necessary details, Instagram will review them and let you know about its decision within a couple of days. A notification of approval will be sent to your Instagram notification.

Verification or the blue mark is necessary to boost the search engine rankings and make the brand stand out from the crowd. In Instagram marketing for lawyers, this is considered as the primary business objective. The moment you achieve the top rank, you can easily acquire more new clients with a positive brand image.

Tools To Manage Your Law Firm Instagram Accounts

Managing Instagram posts and accelerating your law firm business is not as easy as it seems to. At one second, you can start marketing your business on Instagram using specific features like IGTV, ads, Stories, Reels, etc. But when it comes to managing your posts across all social media platforms including Instagram, it becomes a bit challenging.

What you can do is choose one third-party social media management tool to schedule your posts, manage your ads, track your performance, and monitor results on Instagram. Some popular and effective tools are as follows.

  • Later Social Publishing
  • Buffer Publish Pro Account
  • HootSuite Social tool

All these tools are budget-friendly and come with high ratings and reviews in the marketplace.

Besides, Instagram itself has a separate section called “Instagram Insights” which you can use to monitor the engagement analytics for all your business accounts. The data generated on this platform, help a lot in Instagram marketing for lawyers.

Final Thoughts

Many successful law firm brands are now using Instagram marketing to grow their business reach and enhance brand presence online. The exciting features like IGstory, IGTV, In-app ads, etc. have paved a way for the law firms to promote and expose their brands to the targeted audience. That makes Instagram for lawyers a complete social marketing platform!

What are your thoughts? Don’t you like to use this trending marketing hub to connect with new followers and grab more clients? Create an Instagram bio for lawyers and start marketing on this social media channel. In case of facing any issue don’t hesitate to reach to our social media marketing experts. Being one of the best digital marketing companies we will help you to reach out to your goal.

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