How to Integrate your PPC & SEO Strategy To Increase ROI

As a marketer in the digital era, you do not want to lose out any opportunity to get substantial traffic and drive sales, correct? Now, as per Adept’s case study, the correct way to do this is by segregating a brand’s SEO and PPC strategy.

A B2B marketer as per Adept had integrated PPC and SEO seamlessly and the result was 55% increased organic traffic. That particular advertiser even enjoyed a 233% ROI on a paid campaign along with 48% revenue-boosting.

So, in short, it is proven that SEO + PPC =Good revenue and ROI! Now, the issue comes when you are faced with the challenging task of combining the two. After all, PPC and SEO are two very different ideologies. However, in the digital marketing game, you can say they are two peas in a pod!


SEO is cost-friendly, yet it takes a lot of time to attract traffic. PPC, on the other hand, targets the correct audience, but makes your pocket bleed! So, the best option is to integrate these two as smoothly as possible. Because a combined PPC and SEO strategy can cut costs and bolster brand exposure considerably.

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On this note,

3 More Reasons to Incorporate SEO and PPC

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As you’re well aware by now, the bloodline of any SEO strategy is data. Without it, no marketer can find out ways to garner the attention of audiences. Now, even though PPC and SEO work somewhat alternatively data processed from each respective campaign can prove invaluable to the other.

However, as these are completely conflicting ideologies, the key here is effective communication between the two. Once integrated, an SEO and PPC campaign together can help marketers identify the shortcomings and strengths of each campaign.

The bottom line is it’ll bolster traffic, get your brand sufficient exposure and help you top your competition.

Take a Look:

1.Competition Monitoring

Google is out to make life tough for marketers. It is continually changing it’s algorithms and ranking factors making it hard for advertisers to keep up. What’s more? With so much competition all around, the only sure way to succeed is by staying a step ahead of your opponent.

How to do that? Simple! By combining an SEO and PPC policy, marketers can gather valuable data, which will help them rank high in SERP and boost website traffic.

2.Sink Their Teeth in Invaluable Data

In digital marketing leveraging any form of data is vital for the success of search campaigns. The reason is no matter how much data a marketer gathers it still does not sum up 100% of the actual picture.
Both PPC and SEO marketers work on conception and hypothesis. Conception regarding how well an audience understands the campaign, the purpose behind a keyword string and so on.

Even then the sad part is data isn’t completely accurate. Thus, when one is leveraging data via both SEO and PPC, marketers can compare their hypothesis to find out what is right or wrong.

What’s more? The PPC strategy involving Google AdWords provides an advertiser with invaluable data that he/she can leverage to strengthen their existing SEO campaign. This will save money, time and assist in making sound marketing decisions.

3.Improved Customer Experience

As you already know, Google cares what it’s audience thinks! This is why it bought out RankBrain to comprehend user queries and introduced mobile-first indexing because almost 70% of web traffic comes via cellphones.

Therefore, if you aren’t satisfying the whims of your website audience, chances are Google won’t let you rank. Even Moz claims, to understand the needs of customers better a combined SEO and PPC strategy is the key to finding out user needs.

Further, this will also assist in eliminating mistakes and sharing content most appropriate for website audience, which is equivalent to better traffic for your site.

Well, now that you know of the importance of combining SEO with PPC, time to address the main question at hand –

How to Integrate your PPC & SEO Strategy?

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1.Leverage PPC Keyword for SEO

One of the cons of SEO experts is that they tend to go overboard when surfing through keywords. For example, these individuals aim to rank a page with a keyword converting at 5% with 2,000 monthly searches instead of picking a keyword of 2.5% conversion with 20, 000 monthly searches.

However, all this can be laid to rest now! It time to ditch the keyword tools like SEMRush, and especially Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner.

The reason being, Google is now limiting in-depth data only for marketers with an active AdWords campaigns.

This isn’t good news for SEO marketers who have been dependent on Google Keyword Planner without an active Adword campaign. So, if you’re lucky enough to have an active AdWord campaign use it to find highest converting PPC keywords for optimizing pages as per targeted traffic.

2.Combine Content Marketing with PPC

As per visiture, content is the fodder for SEO and is vastly dependent on transforming potential web users into customers. Now, the goal of PPC is to boost website visibility and improve sales.

So combining a PPC strategy with content marketing is bound to bring in favourable results. So, how to do this?

Well, utilize PPC for content promotion instead of just restricting it getting sales. Now, with your AdWord account, you’re already getting access to invaluable data, so by now you’ll know of:

  • Your audiences interest in your products.
  • The kind of demographics you attract
  • Most useful keywords.

With all this information you can develop content, which is sure to impact your audience properly. Now, by simply linking your PPC account you can promote your brand effectively. What’s more? Once you introduce site link extension , your content will get further promotion along with the brand name.

3.Boost Quality Score

Digital Marketing services India

Source: thenorthsider

Quality score is very vital for those with a Google AdWord campaign. Without a good quality score, you won’t get a good ranking. This is why the extra focus should be allotted to improving quality score. Now, as SEO controls landing page optimization, PPC improves quality score.

Now, remember as per Google, landing pages is one of the 3 factors that determine the quality score. So, by conjoined efforts of PPC and SEO experts, you can increase the strength of landing pages and boost the ROI of your brand favourably.

4.Retargeting Policy for SEO Traffic

SEO experts work so hard to get organic traffic, yet the sad news is that first-time visitors mostly refuse to convert.

This is why it is imperative that SEO experts have a foolproof strategy for boosting traffic as organically as possible. Now, one fruitful way to do this is Remarketing, where a combined SEO and PPC strategy is used to attain an ultimate goal.

How to do this? Simple, first woo in a user with good SEO content, and then use PPC for retargeting marketing. This will help users notice your brand better, analyze their needs and find reasons to invest in your product or service.

5.Utilize SEO Data & Minimize PPC Expenditure

According to blog.ingenious results and other websites, PPC ads can make your pocket bleed, depending on the niche industry you’re in. Now, this can put a damper on your digital marketing campaign and prevent you from giving it you’re all.

So, naturally, you’ll want ways to cut back on expenditure, right? Thankfully, if you channelize data gathered via SEO you can cut back on PPC cost.


  • Stop Using Costly Keywords

A combined SEO and PPC team can help reduce cost by eliminating difficult keywords. Moreover, the conjoined efforts by the team can assist you in finding the most applicable keywords, so that you can rank your website using those.

Now, this might take longer than usual, but undoubtedly it’s pocket-friendly and smart!

  • Geo-targeting Options

Sometimes traffic can spike from different geological locations. So, if your SEO teams share this information with your PPC team, they can work to manoeuvre bids smartly. As a result, this will feature your add and content more explicitly allowing you to target necessary audiences better.

  • Notice Well to do Long Tail Keywords

Your PPC campaign requires identifying well to do long-tail keywords. These long-tail keywords are firstly affordable, secondly, these are useful when it comes to voice search.

So, using SEO data once you identify long-tail keywords, you can integrate these in your PPC policy and improve ranking while cutting back on marketing cost.

  • Highlight PPC Advertisements

Let’s assume that you already have a product, which is ranking well. Now, as per seerinteractive, you can combine your PPC and SEO strategy to offer incentives like discounts. Once this is featured alongside your search listings, your website traffic will double along with visibility.

Well, now that you’re aware of the know-how to integrate your SEO and PPC strategies, it is time to implement these in real life. Stay ahead of your competition and cut back advertisement costs by effectively merging these two processes. All the best!

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