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iPhone and other Apple device users are habituated to smooth and efficient performance and thus, expect iOS apps to be well-designed, user-friendly, robust, and dynamic. Being a trusted iOS app development company, we have developed hundreds of iPhone apps over the years and we keep on delivering on our commitments, delivering just the right ios app development services. What makes our App Development Services different from others?

  • 20+ iOS apps delivered in the last 6 months.
  • Skilled iPhone application developers.
  • React Native and Xamarin experts to manage the job with ease.
  • Dedicated project manager for each project.
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What is iOS App Development?

Though both Android and iOS mobile platforms are widespread, the iOS app development proves to be more productive, especially in the US and the UK market, giving easy access to the iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices in these countries. So, you need to develop iOS apps for your business while targeting a global audience. Though several experts think that Android apps are more customizable, iOS is still widespread for its smooth, adaptable, and intuitive interface. Because of the popularity of the Apple device, if you target iPhone users, you must contact an iPhone app development company to complete your iOS app development job.

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How we can help you with iOS App Development?

We are an outstanding iOS application development company provided with highly talented iOS developers to create feature-rich, fast-loading iOS applications developed on the most recent iOS SDK technologies.

We follow the Agile Development methodology and maintain constant testing and QA for every iPhone application development project.

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Our iOS App Development Expertise Include

Food Delivery App

With the rise of online business in the food sector, people start ordering food through restaurant websites. Though businesses have started advancing with a native mobile app in the past few years, to offer services to their customers in a more accessible way. Our Food Delivery App services include;

  • Customization and Branding of App: For customization, the iOS app development company keeps regular contact with its clients and seeks their opinion regarding the color, placement of different details, fonts, features, and others.
  • Necessary Procedure to Launch App: Once the app is ready, the next step of our iPhone app development services is to ask for permission from the Apple App Store for the launch of the iOS food delivery app.
  • Support and Maintenance: Most of the food delivery chain doesn’t include their in-house web and app maintenance team. Hence, you need an iPhone app development technical team to look after the functioning of the app and fix any issue immediately. Further, a food app requires different panels for particular uses, like –
  • Customer Panel: Where the delivery app has a large number of features to help customers choose dishes, compare prices, etc.
  • Driver Panel: Where a section shows all the orders placed through the app and the location. This helps live-tracking, as well as manage the orders more systematically and efficiently.
  • Admin Panel: is considerably different and deals with the backroom services.

The major features include –

Backup and restore the database feature, location management feature, messaging feature, advertisement management system, place, delete or edit any content, category management system, and change password system.

Tracking App

Time binds us all, and the clocks, wristwatches are in use for centuries. But it’s time to move forward with the tracking apps. Being a top iPhone app development services provider, we often get projects, like iOS Tracking App development. What do Tracking Apps do for businesses?

  • Billing: Tracking Apps catch everything you do while you work that helps in counting the exact billable time and generating an accurate invoice.
  • Project Management: Time Tracking Apps can analyze the complete project information to assist you in improving project deadline estimations and costs in real-time.
  • Advanced Productivity: Tracking Apps unveil the causes of personal and operational inabilities, and help you address those, resulting in better productivity.
  • Track Hidden Responsibilities: Tracking Apps capture responsibilities that usually go unreported, like client calls, meetings, project communication, task management, and travel, etc.
  • Focus on Productivity: Tracking Apps automate the necessary admin jobs supporting employees to put all their efforts into productivity.
  • Further: Geo-location Tracking Apps is another comprehensive way to monitor, control, and manage employees and businesses. This helps you maintain-
  • Connection: Creates a link with your employees, and help managers get to know about their team members and build perception.
  • Transparency: These apps maintain clarity between employees and managers by sharing data, goals, and milestones. It helps employees to grow more responsible and productive.
  • Communication: Geo-location Tracking Apps bring more detailed and factual information that produces trust between employers and employees.

Our iPhone application development team makes sure to deliver the most comprehensive Tracking Apps for businesses to meet their needs and improve business probabilities.

Gaming App

The gaming industry has unbeatable potential, and as a leading iOS application development company, we are happy to help our clients in exploiting those opportunities and creating epic experiences for game enthusiasts across the globe.

We offer our clients premium iOS and iPhone application development services. With a core team of iPhone app developers on board, we design, develop, and deliver the most elegant iOS game app solutions.

Our adroit iPhone app development team master the game app development sector and build sophisticated gaming apps for the iPhone users, focusing on delivering a game app with magnificent graphics, high definition display, high-end processor, and other necessary qualities.

We are a trusted iPhone app development company, delivering striking and active iPhone gaming app solutions for users. Like other preeminent game app development companies, we aim to develop ideas into reality and give the exact game app following the aggressive market trends. It can satisfy all the interests of the user, clients, and players in terms of uniqueness and high-level features.

We consider offering outstanding user experiences with highly enrapturing and addictive mobile game app development. We take pride in building gaming apps from scratch and complete with flawless coding, resulting in seamless functionality. Our years of experience and our exceptional approach to conveying advancements to our app development process puts us among the market leaders.

Custom App

More than 100 billion apps downloaded from the Apple Store, which, without saying, gives fierce competition when it comes to getting your iPhone app noticed, downloaded, and approved by your target audience.

Further, with the continuous growth in the number of iPhone users, the competition will only become more merciless in the coming years.

Hence, a custom iOS application developed by a proven iPhone app development company supports your business to reach the target audience and penetrate the competitive market. Instead of settling up with a universal iPhone app, having a custom app helps you stand out by understanding the local business culture and the interest of your target audiences.

More than 100 billion apps downloaded from the Apple Store, which, without saying, gives fierce competition when it comes to getting your iPhone app noticed, downloaded, and approved by your target audience.

So, what makes us the best Custom iOS application development company of your interest?

Our custom iOS development strategy provides the resources essential for developing engaging iOS apps. We accomplish this goal by placing our core iPhone app development team to work directly with the client, and our team’s unique skillsets supply you the proficiency you need in the following fields –

UI & UX Design, Project Management, Tech Architecture, Software Engineering, and Testing & Quality Assurance.

Taxi App

Do you want to launch your Taxi Booking App for iOS? We imply advanced technology to build taxi apps for start-ups and aggregator platforms. Next, we connect your taxi fleet to users online and grow your business, and enable you to track your fleet in real-time, optimize operations and offer an excellent ride booking experience to your passengers.

We also deliver a white label taxi app solution for corporates and governments to meet employee and civilian transportation demands.

Our iOS app development services for best Taxi App development include the following features –

Passenger App with key features like –

Passenger Profile, Mobile Number Verification, Ride Now & Schedule Ride, Real-Time ETA, Fare Estimates, Multiple Payment Options, Notification Alerts, Driver Tracking, Emergency Alert Button, Promo Codes, Referral Rewards, Cancel Booking, Contact Driver, Ride Ratings, Trip History, Adding Favorite Location, Book For Others and Help & Support.

Driver App with key features like –

Easy Registration, Availability Button, Real-Time Requests, Booking Acceptance or Rejection, Cancel Booking, Trip Information, Navigation, Contact Passenger, Start & End Trip, Track Earnings, Driver Dashboard, and Rate Customer.

Admin Panel includes rich features like –

Secure Login, Admin Dashboard, Manage Drivers, Track Drivers, Manage Riders, Manage Dispatchers, Manage Vehicles, Manage Categories, Manage Tariffs, Reporting & Analytics, Dispatcher Panel, Manual Bookings, Heat Map, Manage Refunds, SMS Alerts Settings and Ride Later Settings.

Dispatcher Panel features include –

Surge Pricing, Number Masking, Business Profile, Split Fare, Ride Passes, Pickup Suggestions, In-app chat, VoIP Calls, Web App, Call Bookings, Operational Zone Setup, Flat Pricing, Driver Destinations, Driver Accounts, Calendar Integration, Physical Meters Support, and RTL Language Support.

Social Media

We develop collaborative social media apps that captivate your audience and keep them occupied for hours. These custom-made social media platforms help you bring brands and labels closer to your customers and attain business goals. Our types of social media apps include –

Apps: The audience often lands on your eCommerce app via search results. Regardless, the products listed on a marketplace must be quickly noticeable, as well as the product searches must be tailored to filter in or out a particular product, brand, and price point. Features of the app include –

Search Filter, Search Optimizations, Product Search, Quick Search, Advanced Search, Image Search, social app development 2, Aspiring & Wistful, and Contest Apps.

Contest Apps: These apps allow you to run contests is an excellent way to capture your audience and keep them occupied for a long. Contest apps are a great way to run contests, and developing contest apps is secure with our agile app development program and years of experience in developing mobile apps. Features of the app include-

Contest Creation, Contest Results, Social Media Sharing, Facebook Login, Play with friends, Send Invitations, social app development 3, Amusing & Exciting, and Social Games.

Social Games: We live in an era where people love playing social games with thousands of contestants across social platforms and share their gaming progress on social media. Features of the app include –

Request Gifts, Send lifeline, In-app chatting, Virtual Teams, Real-time actions, Invite Friends and Motivating & Educational.

Quiz Apps: With quiz apps integrated with popular social media channels, the millennials can compete against their social media friends and followers in real-time while sharing the status on social channels from within the quiz app. Features of the app include –

Real-time Contest, Multiple Categories, Quiz of the Day, Leader-boards, Social Media Share, and Levels of Quiz.

Chat/Dating Apps

The online dating and match-making business worth $2.5 billion back in 2015 and now is growing at an average of 5.1% every year. It appears like more people looking for love online through dating apps.

As online dating is no more restricted to dating websites, mobile dating apps are a big hit these days. If you wish to make your dating app more popular among iPhone users, you must launch your mobile dating app soon.

Our dedicated dating app development team brings you the best application, which is extremely secure, easily accessible, and more personalized. In-depth personalization helps to build the most successful dating app that supports the user experience over other dating apps available in the market.

The best features that our dating apps include –

User Profiles, Facebook/Google Sign In, Text Chat, Video Chat, Voice Call, Artificial Intelligence, Alexa Integration, Undoing Any Action, User Settings, Personalized User Interface, Geolocation, Location-based Dating Suggestion, Find Profile Match, Push Notification, Dating Partner Suggestions, Simple & Easy UI, Membership Subscription, Payment Gateway, Search with Filters, Administrative Features, eCommerce Integration, Advertising, Online/Offline Access, Dating Tips, Abuse Reporting, Block User, Emoticons, Favorite List and Calendar Integration.

Ecommerce App

Discuss your business idea with us and allow us to develop the best eCommerce app for iOS. Our excellence in designing and developing iOS app development strategy packed with creativity and technicality make us the leading iPhone application development company. We offer colossal digital solutions to clients to drive their industry growth.

We develop custom eCommerce Apps by employing our dedicated iOS app developers with extensive capability in developing innovative, flawless, and user- friendly iOS apps that encourage and automate business profitability.

Our eCommerce App development procedure includes –

  • UI/UX Research: our qualified team of iPhone app developers mark every essential of the individual client and deliver the remarkable iOS app.
  • Wireframe: our wireframe outlining and scalable UX architecture sets the business special from others right from the beginning of app development.
  • Prototype: it always brings the result of the business faster, and let the businesses to handle the changes it has to make to stand atop other businesses.
  • Deployment on App store: after the app gets ready, publishing it on the Apple Store requires a strategic plan on further updates, full support, and maintenance for bugs.
  • Maintenance & Back-end Support: we offer the best support and maintenance for the iPhone app to make navigation more smooth and flawless for the users.

Build excellent iOS apps that improve collaboration and competence.

Our iOS App Development Process

Smartphones and mobile apps have transformed the way we gather information from across the internet. These apps are now more accessible and easy to use, and let the users fit into the full potential of an iPhone. Still, with all its ease of access and absolute user-friendliness, conceptualizing, designing, developing, and launching an iPhone app is a laborious process. But as a leading iPhone application development company, we perform a thorough process of iPhone app development services with exceptional mastery. Our process includes 4 main stages –

Website Maintenance

Requirements Elicitation

The process kick starts with a client meeting with the project manager to understand exactly what the business wants to present its business app and what to achieve with the iPhone app concept design. The basic thing every developer needs to know – why an entrepreneur wants to develop an iOS application for their business. This helps them to design a structure of required application.

Website Maintenance

Design & Development

Once the deal is final, our skilled iPhone app development team starts working on Native apps for iOS using the iOS Software Development Kit or the iOS SDK, and Apple’s exclusive coding language – Swift. Though several obstacles may come into play that can severely affect the time and the effort demanded to develop a full-fledged app, our experienced developers overcome the hurdles with efficiency.

Website Maintenance

Testing & Quality Assurance

We all know, Apple is infamous for its meticulous App Review Guidelines and a tremendous app rejection rate. And the reasons are almost the same, always – either the app is full of bugs or doesn’t perform as expected, supposedly. But our iOS app development services follow the agile methodology stringently and maintain repetitive Testing and Quality checks and keep documentation of every step we perform.

Website Maintenance

Launching It Live

Having an iOS app developed and ready at hand is a job half done. And getting the “Green Signal” from Apple completes the other half. Now the real task is to get it launched on the App Store and make LIVE for the users. After developing and testing the iOS application the final part is to launch this for users. When all the necessary items are getting ready, the app is ready to launch on every app store.

What should you look Before Hiring an iPhone App Development Company?

The increased share of mobile users has spurred the potential for companies to reach their customer base through enterprise apps. Therefore, Mobile Apps have become necessary for most businesses. Further, with the growing market share of iOS devices are making it more primary to build native iOS apps. In case, you need to look for an iPhone apps development company that recognizes the nature of your business and target audience to develop an enterprise-grade iPhone app that is feature-rich, functional, and user-friendly. Consider a few key factors while choosing a professional and authoritative iOS app development company for your project.

Website Maintenance

Portfolio Relevancy to your Job

A portfolio check is a very first step to take before choosing an app development company to ensure their relevant market knowledge, skills, service-level agreement, and delivery timeline. Also, check their previously delivered apps in the relevant industry to get an insight into their experience and expertise. Be cautious of those agencies who do not provide a portfolio or case studies, as well as client testimonials.

Website Maintenance

On-Time Delivery Assurance

Any design and development company needs to set a reasonable project timeline and needs to make sure to stick to it. As most of the iPhone app development companies work on multiple projects at a time, they must deliver every project on time to maintain business reputation, as well as relationships with their potential clients. This also maintain the third-party relationships (between client and their clients).

Website Maintenance

Affordable Consulting

Do not compromise with quality app development, while letting pricing be the deciding factor. If you want to make your app competitive, and increase your traffic, boost RoI, invest in a quality iOS app development. Your business needs to have a flexible budget for your project. Make sure to hire a white label agency that has flexible custom app development packages, and agree with all the payment terms and methods as per industry standards.

Website Maintenance

Advanced Hands on Experience

To make your iOS applications a success, assign your project to an iOS application development company that owns excellent technical skills and the ability to deliver the apps, tested and quality assured, within the said deadline. For this, we have a team experienced team members of iOS application developers. They first examine all the details and then construct a relevant structure that has to be passed on to the customer.

Why should you choose us?

If you are handing over your app development task to an iOS app development company, we could be at the top of your list. We are a full-service web app and mobile app development company, trusted by over a number of clients for our smart, technologically sound approach. Here are a few more reasons to choose us –

Focus on Strategy

Unlike other iOS app development companies, we focus on designing the most sophisticated iPhone mobile applications. Our strategic, Agile Methodology-based approach helps us deliver iPhone app development services that are aligned and tuned with the ever-evolving technologies and business requirements of yours.

Innovative Approach

We never fall from accepting cutting-edge technologies and expert solutions. We have a experienced team of iPhone application development that uses proven techniques in combination with the latest technologies to get the best effects. We make sure your mobile apps will always be in the front row.

Deadline as Sacred

Being one of the best companies for iPhone app development, we work hard to uphold our reliability and reputation. Our team of iOS app developers always stick to the deadline as sacred without compromising on quality. Further, our project managers keep a track and support you whenever in need.

Esteemed by Clients

We’re a dedicated, offshore iOS application development company, creating the most engaging mobile applications for businesses of all ranges. Our vast experience in the domain and our attentive customer support have made us one of the most esteemed service providers for over 1000 clients worldwide.

Are you thinking of expanding the horizons of your iOS Apps?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is iOS app development?

As an established iOS app development company, we program in native languages, like Swift or Objective-C, and build cross-platform native apps using React Native (JavaScript) or Xamarin (C# and F#).

How iOS app development can help me to grow?

As iOS is renowned across the world and appreciated for its highest security, iPhone application development can achieve your goal in improving traffic and boosting revenue as well as earn more recognition.

What time I can expect to get iOS app development done?

However, there’s no guaranteed or more simplistic answer to this question, as several factors affect the app, the entire iOS app development services might take around 4 to 5 months before delivery.

How much cost you will charge for iOS app development from me?

If compared globally, the cost of iPhone app development by far continues to be the most economical. As per a rough estimation, the cost of getting an iOS application development company is roughly around $20-$40/hour.

Why should I trust you?

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified iPhone application development company with over 11 years of experience, 100+ IT professionals, 2000+ successful project delivery, and 500+ happy clients. We confirm our iOS app development services to follow the best industry practices and result in maximum conversion.

Will you maintain my iOS app development free & for how long?

Our customer support is available 24X7. We offer Lifetime support after completion of iOS app development, to help you modify your app as per business needs.

What sorts of payment methods do you accept?

We accept all types of Debit and Credit Cards, as well as online. You can pay one- time or avail of our affordable monthly payment option.

Is my payment safe with you?

Our website is secured and protected with HTTPS and SSL Certificates. We respect our clients’ confidential information and make all efforts to keep them safe.

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