Is Infographics Play An Important Role In SEO?

Derived from two different words “information and graphics”, infographics are representation of any kind of information through graphic presentation. So, you may wonder that, why do you need to study infographics rather than presenting information in old conventional way?

The answer lies in the fact that infographics can relay information much more easily as compared to other conventional methods and also helps in generating increased search engine optimization.

Nowadays, infographics have become immensely popular over the internet and have been used by several social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Capabilities of providing information quickly and easily have made it reach that level of intensity.

If you are wondering what kind of relationship is there between infographics and SEO? Then your perception might not be wrong, similar to most of the people.

First of all, you might need to have prior knowledge about what infographics are? If you have enough, then let’s proceed or you can visit here.

Let me introduce some facts related to an infographic and its importance in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Why Infographics Are So Much Effective?

Image source: Google

The above image is a classic example of the effectiveness of information presented in using infographics. If you are about to explain the theory and process of continental drift in words, sheets will be less enough to elaborate and at the same, a reader will lose intensity to read it out. Things will appear more complex and they will end up gaining knowledge for nothing.

In this way, the content will fail to draw attention of readers and will end up lowering search optimization.

But, presentation of same data through different medium as shown in the picture will help your readers to understand the entire process within lesser time and with lesser efforts. Readers will gain knowledge you wanted to provide and they will retain an interest in your topic and will access your content again for further assistance.

This will eventually help you to increase the acceptability of your content and will lead to high organic search of your content directing lots of traffic to your website.

However, infographics need to fulfill some criteria before it helps in accelerating SEO. These are:

  • An infographic must contain an easily understandable story. Infographics, representing no real story are mere futility.
  • Letters, fonts, and colors need to be visible and attracting to the reader.
  • No extraneous information is to be included that may hinder the simplicity of the content.

There are a few reasons that could conclude the fact that infographics are more powerful as compared to other content representation methods. Visual contents, when presented interestingly, are likely to attract more readers to it. It increases both knowledge and interest in respect to a particular product and turns them into potential buyers.


Ways to increase the effectiveness of an infographic

Although, there may seem no real sign of interrelation between infographics and search engine optimization, on deeper analysis infographics, play an important role in SEO acceleration.

Infographics can convey information in most of the simplest ways. Few attributes make them so effective as discussed below:

  • Creativity and simplicity is the essence of infographics. The easier to understand, the more content will reach your memory. If you can implement out-of-the-box ideas into an infographic, it will help you reach more audiences.
  • Information in a graphical content needs to precise and appropriate. The use of excessive words makes one boring and hard to understand. Patience also runs out reading a large quantity of data.
  • Colors, fonts, design and overall appearance of an infographic must be an as basic target of an infographic are to make understanding of data much easier.
  • Inclusion of extraneous information is also to be avoided as it may interfere with readers’ minds. Information for each infographic content should be to its minimal that is knowledgeable and it fulfills the basic purpose of it, that is to make information easy to understand.
  • Inclusion of sharing buttons is one innovative and smart way that will allow your readers to share your content with others in their news feeds in platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, you need to be cautious that you provided are easier to find out and avoid complications.
  • Quality of the content needs to be good, a story must be conveyed in the simplest of ways. It ensures readers’ interest in the topic.
  • Too much use of graphics may hamper your purpose. Readers will lose both patience and interest if loading the content takes too much time.

As you have known earlier that infographics are a combination of information and graphical contents put together to represent bigger data within lesser time, does it works? It does!

Human brains are programmed in such a way that, visual information is more consumable to the brain as compared to non-visual information.

Infographics have the ability to a complicated content into an interesting one to captivate a reader.

Looking at the following picture will help you to realize the effectiveness of presenting data through infographics.

Image source: Google

That is the reason why people find it more comfortable in digesting a graphical presentation of information than a pile of letters only.

According to facts,

  • Humans are more capable of memorizing a thing or topic far more better when represented through visual cues such as image, than by hearing it.
  • Visual content is likely to be more shared compared to other modes of content.
  • Human minds capture information easily when presented using sufficient amount of shapes and images.
  • Readers who have gained interest in your topic, are most likely to share that content on their news feeds in any kind of social media platform.


Integration of Infographics in SEO

However, there is lesser evidence that infographics have a direct effect on SEO. Although there are ways that can improve your skills that will help you in presenting data to readers in a more convenient way.

Confusion regarding the interrelation between an infographic and search engine optimization may not be that irrelevant! As one might think of that, how can an image help in optimizing search results!

An infographic can only increase the awareness of a product to its readers and it increases the number of searches on that particular product. It eventually increases the SEO of a brand and ultimately fulfills the basic expectations, that increases brand awareness to increase sales.

Infographics are more effective in conveying information to its readers in easy and simple ways, and it helps in generating traffic to your website more and more.

People often conceive misconception that, simplicity and easy way to understand means to overemphasize on making an infographic more specialized. This makes it harder for people to extract meaning out of the presentation for the audiences.

Simplicity and innovation are key to making infographic content more effective.

A perfect example of infographic effectiveness is the presentation of a procedure through a flow diagram. People find it more easy to understand a topic better when presented in this way as compared with a thorough content representation.

Image source: Google

If you want to dedicate your infographic skills to its optimum level and increase search engine results then the following link may be useful to you:

The main interrelation of infographics and SEO is that a well-integrated infographic helps in increasing the amount of “organic search” of a particular keyword. It is driven by the grown interest for a product or brand, which has been unfamiliar to readers before their presentation through an infographic.

For example, if you want to represent one of the most influencing personalities in the world, Steve Jobs, what would the best option for you?

Before you derive an answer, let’s have a look at the link given that describes Steve Jobs and his contributions through the infographic method:

Representation of that mount of information without graphical presentation will be characterized as follows,

  • The content will appear to much for the reader and the one reading it will lose interest well before reaching the climax.
  • Even after reading all the information, the reader will hardly be able to recall what he/she has gone through.
  • Eventually, the reader will end up being confused and no such impression will be generated and the reader will lose interest in it.

On the contrary, the presentation of the topic in the way shown in the link can make things easier for readers. They will find it more interesting and eventually will end up going through the end.




Thus, it can be stated that infographics help in understanding larger information within a matter of seconds. Additionally, the information become arranged in such fashion that people find it more consumable.

Initially, there remains no direct interrelation between infographic content and search engine optimization. However, on deeper observation, infographics help in boosting SEO by increasing numbers of traffic towards a particular website.

An interesting and easily digestible content makes a good i

mpression on readers’ mind which refers to a greater amount of visitors to a website. People find it helpful that proportionally elevates organic research frequency for a particular keyword related to the topic.

Now, have a glimpse towards the picture given below:

Image Source:  Google

You may realize all by yourself that the complete process of infographic presentation has been conveyed in a single picture. Representing the same in words took a few sheets and it also took almost a quarter of an hour to read and understand it!

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