8 Magento 2 Plugins Your e-Store Should Have: 2020 Guide

Magento 2 extensions are like catalysts for the Magento store. They have the potential to boost the effectiveness and functionality of the store. You get immense benefit by installing distinct themes and extensions that give you complete control over the store.

The treasure house platform Magento has the power to handle each query and situation flawlessly, and thus it has become inevitable for the business owner to build a store on the same.

If you are a Magento store owner and are seeking for a high-performance solution, then do not miss upon using the best Magento 2 as a platform. For perfect scalability in the digital stratosphere, Magento 2 is your one-stop solution. The flexibility and robustness of the platform make it favorable amongst the eCommerce store owners.

An added boon, you can further increase the effectiveness by using the Magento modules. But wait, are you confused with the pool of extension options available to you on the Magento store? If yes, then here is your answer. In the next section, we have listed down a few of the powerful Magento 2 extensions that will create magic in the store. Have a look….

Some Best Magento 2 Extensions of 2020

1. Price Negotiation Magento 2 Extension

No doubt that people have shifted to online shopping more than physical shopping. However, their expectations still remain the same. They expect the store to have every possible feature and functionality, just like the physical one.

In the same line, they expect the store to have the bargaining functionality. Price negotiation extension solves this purpose. The extension facilitates the customer to negotiate for a product, leave their bargained price, and later, it is the admin’s responsibility either to accept or reject the deal. It is not mandated for a customer to make an account on the store; instead, they can request a quote directly with a message.

2. Monetico Payment Gateway for Magento 2

We understand how badly does your store need a payment gateway that accepts global customers. Yes, Monetico payment gateway is a customized payment gateway that allows payments throughout the day, i.e. 24*7 without limiting the time zones and geographical locations of your elite customers.

By integrating this extension, you boost your sales and revenues in leaps and bounds. Isn’t it a beautiful feature to enhance the customer experience right there?

3. Store Credit Magento 2 Extension

There are times when a customer returns a product back to the store for some unfortunate reasons. During such scenarios, the handling of refunded money is quite a tricky task for the store owner. A quick solution to such a problem is the store credit Magento plugins. It facilitates the customer to carry out the refund transaction and stores the money in their account.

This credit can further be used to make regular payments and is displayed over a transparent grid. The extension notifies the customer through an email and gives an update of the same. Additionally, it allows the store owner to add up some credit rewards or Magento 2 loyalty points on their store signup, which further encourages the customer to make a purchase.

4. Shop by Brand Magento 2 Extension

Millennials prefer to make a purchase from the brands only. This feature once looked like a pipedream to have for the Magento eCommerce store owners. But, now, it is no more a pipe dream. By installing Shop by Brand Magento 2 extension, you allow your valuable customers to shop with distinct brands of the store.

Admin has the right to create various brands and thereby assign products to each one. This makes it quite easy for the customers to find a branded product in the store.

5. Product Sticker Extension

Today, customers are attracted more towards online products that say, “hot deals,” “limited offer” or “sale price,” etc. If you wish to provide such stickers on your products, then install a product sticker extension on your store.

It facilitates you to promote the newly launched product or show some exciting great deals over the limited products in the store. The extension makes it quite easy for the user and the admin to interact over a product and make the best deal.

6. Paypal Multicurrency Magento 2 Extension

What more do you need when you have this exclusive extension that allows users to convert the currency of their choice? Once the user clicks on the currency of their choice, the entire store will appear with the product & price in their chosen currency.

This makes the checkout process quite easy and seamless. Hence, without giving it a second thought, go and install the extension straightaway.

7. Live Chat Magento Extension

Millennials cannot stick to things that do not offer them attention or a personalized experience. And hence, live chat support is a quick solution to it. By installing it, you can engage with your customers over the store, help them with their problems, and give them a quick solution to it.

The extension allows you to have 14 days, free trial before you finally start using it. This is a great extension that every store owner needs to have for an exclusive and tailored customer shopping experience.

8. Mailchimp

It is one of the best extensions available on the list. Millions of store owners have already started using this extension and have grabbed their share of the benefit. What are you waiting for? This extension allows you to sync all your store data into the Mailchimp account and organize them automatically based on contacts and tags.

It automates the marketing features and reminds them if they have left the cart open without making the final checkout. It gives them product recommendations for future purchases and can also drive more customers on the landing page.

Magento extensions radically transform the way you do your business. The platform itself is versatile and resilient, and its extension adds on to the beauty of the open-source eCommerce platform.

That’s All!

Ending Lines

As you know, the plugin allows you to add more & more functionalities to your eCommerce store, therefore, we have discussed above some best 2020’s Magento 2 plugins your e-store should have.

Hope the blog is helpful for you to choose one of the best Magento 2 plugins. If you have any better suggestions let us know with the help of comment section provided below. Further, if you have any problem related to this, feel free to contact our Magento 2 Development experts. They will happy to help you.

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