What is Magento development?

Magento is a popular eCommerce platform built to deck out web developers for developing eCommerce websites that enable you to sell your products, services, or downloadable content to consumers. Instead of developing the same structural features of an eCommerce website, again and again, Magento stores these core features available for customization.

Magento development services cover an immense array of responsibilities and experiences. From installing and configuring your Magento store to building Magento themes, and developing custom features for your website, a leading Magento website development company does it all for you.

How can we help you with Magento Development?

Being a top Magento eCommerce development company, we have a dedicated expert developers team who master the Magento eCommerce website development and other customization services on your Magento website.

From design to development, our Magento development services have a proven track record of creating successful Magento eCommerce development, which helps our clients with improved revenue opportunities by using targeted digital marketing tools and excellent search abilities.

Our Magento Development Services Include

Our Magento eCommerce developers give shape to your imagination of having an online store. Our team takes care of all your business requirements and guides you to the best. We incorporate the latest Magento version and 2.2.4, to perform our Magento eCommerce website development services.

Custom Magento 2 Development

Magento 2 development is popular among market leaders like Land Rover, Timex, Sigma Beauty, Cox & Cox, Kurt Geiger, and many more. This open-source eCommerce platform offers exceptional functionality combined with a large variety of customization options that fit ideally with small to large businesses and build the foundation for constant growth.

The newer version of Magento - Magento 2 has come up with an extraordinary performance booster, mobile responsive website architecture, improved admin panel, and a diversity of other eCommerce development advantages.

Magento 2 development is an industry-leading eCommerce web development solution that benefits businesses around the world in advancing sales and approaching new buyers. It allows ambitious businesspeople to achieve exceeding the highest standards in this industry. As a prominent Magento web development company, we deliver all kinds of Magento 2 eCommerce websites to appreciate your business objectives and meet business goals.

Further, we put together in-built Magento functionality with all the required features from content optimization to the payment system integration. Our Magento development company do this to deliver custom-made Magento eCommerce and encourage your online business to advance.

Magento 2 Module Development

Every eCommerce business wants a different extension that supports its requirements. This is where Magento enables the developers to extend the native functionalities and integrate tailored extensions for eCommerce to befitting its objectives.

Being an experienced Magento eCommerce development company, we develop customized Magento 2 modules and extensions considering individual business's needs.

The experienced development team at our Magento development company makes sure that the projected module development fits your business, as well as the core functionalities of the Magento 2 platform, aptly.

While performing the module development, we follow Magento 2 architecture strictly. The module is compatible with third-party extensions and is fully open-source, offering customization swift. We keep HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript separated, make no core changes, and keep the Magento updates untouched.

Magento Plug-in Development & Upgradations

Magento 2 Plug-in is a technical plug-in introduced for better code writing. Similarly, Interception Plug-in is a little Magento 2 extension that supports editing any public class or method behavior by intercepting a function call, and running code either before, or after, or around the function call.

By using this Magento 2 Interception plug-in, businesses can change the behavior of a class, while there is no obligation to modify the class.

For Magento eCommerce developers like us, plug-in development and upgradations allow us to reroute any method call that is used on an object manager controlled object and exerted. It allows us to take programmatic action.

Custom Magento 2 Theme Development

Responsive websites are something that every business looks for. A website that responds well on different devices, like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. is essential for eCommerce. Hence, making a website that is not responsive to all these OSs lacks the maximum possibility to reach all your potential customers.

Once again, Magento is the answer. Its responsive theme is the solution to this issue. Our Magento eCommerce development team provides your website with the same setting despite the operating system and device, with Magento 2 Responsive theme development.

Its themes offer an interactive and convenient user experience. Magento responsive themes allow users to resemble their accounts across different devices. These themes come up with plenty of advantageous features that can keep users advanced in the competition.

Being an established Magento development agency, we have Magento 2 themes, and also multiple device-friendly customizations, over the years. We also master PSD to Magento conversion.

Magento API Development

Magento API framework enables developers to build new services for interacting with Magento 2 stores. Based on CRUD operations and Search Models, Magento API supports REST and SOAP web services.

We are a Magento development company and our developers use Magento 2 APIs for an extensive array of tasks, for instance, creating a shopping app and integrating it with the Magento 2 store. Through Magento API, you can integrate your Magento 2 store with CRMs, ERPs, or POS systems making your business more manageable.

Magento Websites Maintenance & Upgradations

Our developers make the Magento website management more straightforward and more efficient with ongoing Magento website maintenance and upgradations. Besides Magento development services for new businesses and redesigning websites for existing ones, we also offer Magento support services.

Our experienced Magento developers’ team is always prepared for all sorts of client support. Considering the ever-evolving marketing strategies and business objectives, we customize ongoing Magento support and upgradations and give a comprehensive solution.

Our wide range of maintenance and upgradations consists of managed hosting, technical support, and ongoing consultation. With our all-inclusive support services, we facilitate our clients to offer their buyers an improved and satisfying experience in their online storefront.

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Our Magento Development Process

As a reputable expert Magento website development company, our Magento eCommerce development services are beyond simple web development. Our eCommerce packages include Mobile App Development, Web Designing services, and other custom services to meet your business needs.

We follow a robust work process to complete our Magento 2 development projects on time, keeping the best quality. Even more, we always attempt the agile methodology for Magento development services that gives us the versatility to create immediate market feedback as per the most advanced business dynamics. From the start to the end, we follow the four principal steps to achieve the result -

Increase your Business Analysis

Requirements Elicitation

First, we listen to our clients requirements and then dig deeper to know your business, including essentials and desires, thoughts and intents, strengths and shortcomings. Our dedicated project managers perform Needs Analysis>>Competitive Analysis>>Goals and Objectives Establishment>>Kick-off Meeting with Client & Development Team>>Strategy Planning before getting on board.

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Design & Development

Next comes the Design & Development phase, where our most able Magento eCommerce developers work firmly to deliver the responsive website. Our developers' team makes sure to build a website that is best from every perspective of an ideal eCommerce website, including appealing quality, functionality, readability, credibility, authenticity, systematic structure, etc.

We Care About Your Business

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Testing & Quality Assurance

We strictly follow the agile methodology for our every development project, and that is no exception for Magento eCommerce website development projects, as well. We maintain testing and QA most repetitive all through the development process, to avoid any unforeseen oddities or bugs. Our development works adhere to all business regulatory and meet international standards.

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Make Website/App Live

eCommerce websites store confidential information of the buyers, as well as accept various types of payments. We make sure to use HTTPS encryption and SSL protection for your website to approve your site as secure and can be trusted. Now, it’s time to launch your website.

Why Should you Choose Us?

If you are in search of hiring a Magento development agency, we would like to draw your attention. We are a full-service web development and white label digital marketing company,trusted by over thousands of clients and relied upon for quality web developments and website maintenance.Here’s what makes us different!

Focus on Strategy

Unlike other offshore web development companies, we focus on creating a streamlined, sophisticated website, web app, mobile applications whether it is android app or iOS app, and campaigns. Our Magento eCommerce developers promise to create a sophisticated eCommerce website for you.

Innovative Approach

We don't recede from acknowledging cutting-edge technologies and expert solutions. Our eCommerce development team uses proven techniques in combination with the latest technologies to get the best results. Your website, apps, and marketing campaigns will always be ahead of the competition.

Always on Time

Being one of the finest web designing company, we work hard to uphold our reputation. Our team of developers always delivers products on time without negotiating on quality. Our project managers keep you informed throughout the Magento eCommerce development process and assist you in every now and then.

Trusted & Reliable

We’re a committed Magento development company, delivering the best eCommerce solutions for businesses of any range. Our vast experience in the field and our friendly customer support have made us the most trusted service provider for our over 1000 clients worldwide.

What we have Done in Magento Development

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Listen Music Mobile App

Music Pro Player

Listen Music Mobile App

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