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  • Python App development platform
  • Laravel and HTML5
  • Swift, Objective C and X-code for iOS App development
  • Android Mobile Application Development
  • In-house coding
  • Hire App Developer

Insight into our developers’ mind and development process:

What is development? It is a process, right! That is a simple and straightforward answer, but the process involves complexities like product strategy, SWOT analysis of various platforms, App creation, testing and technical delivery.

Our developers are not extraordinary people, but they possess superb technical knowledge that enables them to adapt to the dynamic client demands. Do we take pride in it? Of course, not! It is simply the business protocol. Neither our developers believe in smart work nor on the hard work because our approach is simple. Observe, analyze, act, and never react.

The software side of the “business of things”:

The current consumer base is extremely agile and experience oriented. They are looking for a brand communication on an emotional level, which means, the orientation should be towards flawless and compelling content delivery. And the mobile Apps are the suitable platform for extreme brand communication.

The Apps act as the missing link between you and your customers; the new age customers are exceptionally good at critical analysis. You dare to provide shoddy services, they are going to dissect your brand into pieces and make it viral on the social media. You better pacify them, talk to them and address their concerns.

And Apps are your only strategic weapon to understand their behavior. Yeah, right; the Apps can tell a lot about your customers’ psychosis.

Why stylish companies choose Ethane Technology?

Most of the stylish brands chose us because we understand the idea of style. Yes, it is the ultimate expression of your ideology. The brand perception is nothing but the unique manifestation of the core values and ethics. And Ethane Technologies translates all the ideas into digital and technological reality.

Creativity is not a glorious act for us. We understand that intelligence is itself creative, but humans have spoiled it by giving stress on intellectual capability rather than the cognitive ability. And here in our organization, we believe in the spontaneous response that means you give us a project and we will execute according to its merit, not on the basis of some philosophical abstraction.

When we look at our client’s objective, we always search for the brand motif and deliver final products that jarringly display their core brand personality. Ultimately, if you’re not stylish, you are not making a statement and people are not going to choose you because nobody wants to be ordinary.

Talk to us and we can actualize your brand idea. It is time to get stylish and influence the world. Let’s sit together.


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The platform depends on your strategic objective; if your consumer base needs Android App, then you should be going for it, if you need to target more tech-savvy market, then the iOS is the perfect platform.

All the platforms have their advantages and drawbacks and the choice of the platform depends on the nature of the project. We analyze the project dispassionately and then decide the right platform. Sometimes the platforms are chosen on basis of the project budget.

Yes, they do because sometimes the project demands multiple framework application to execute complex technical features. Our developers go through the rigorous training process and we make sure that they perform efficiently.

We have a dedicated customer care team that works round the clock to provide seamless support to our clients.

We work according to clients demands that mean you can get your project delivered to you whenever you need them. But you have to define the deadline before the project kicks off.

That complete depends on your marketing and content strategy, we can assure you that if you can deploy insightful tactics, they you are going to win it.

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