Mobile App UI/UX Design

If you are looking for a mobile app with an intuitive and interactive UI, hiring us as your mobile app development company could do wonders to your business. Whenever our team of mobile app developers takes up a project they give special importance to the app’s UI/UX.

They make sure that your app consumes less time while loading, avoiding scattering away of traffic. They make sure you are synced with various social networks giving it better exposure. A custom UI/UX enables the user to personalize the contents of his app according to his priorities.  A seamless connection throughout user interaction is a characteristic of great importance.

Mobile Widget Development

Widgets are a simple web app which is developed with the help of open web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. During the development process, the files are packaged into a zip file and downloaded to the phone. Mobile widgets can be used as shortcuts to various apps the user uses frequently. These widgets have access to a permanent storage facility for settings and downloaded data. Its mechanism is very similar to that of cookies, but surprisingly their storage capacity is larger and thus they don’t expire after a period of time. After hire mobile app developers, they will take care of your widget development from beginning till end by making sure that all of your widgets are functional and responding the way they should.

Hybrid App Development

These are web applications/web pages found in the native browsers like UIWebView in iOS and WebView in Android. Our mobile app developers develop hybrid apps with the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Now, these all are wrapped within a native application using Cordova which allows the user to go for any web-native framework they want.

Hybrid application development is way faster, simpler, spontaneous and easy to maintain too. The platforms can be changed anytime, according to the client’s requirements. Hybrid apps support a huge number of plugins which are useful in many aspects.

Mobile App Consultation

Before going ahead with the actual mobile app development procedure, we believe in going through a consultation session to get a better idea of a client’s requirements. First, of all, our experts identify the business objectives and user goals related to the product/service. After that, they try finding out what are your moments, i.e when is your app surfed mostly. Evaluating the mobile channels comes next followed by assessing solutions, APIs in-house development. Finally, our developing team selects the vendors to launch your app based on their platform, experience, and stability. call us to hire best company of mobile App development services india.

App Support & Maintenance

Our mobile app developers take care of your app even after your app is out in the market. They enhance the productivity of your products, enrich its features, regular functionality updates are done from time to time. Thus, our mobile app maintenance services make your mobile app feasible to use. Our customer support team is ready 24/7 to take care of any issues that may arise. Hire our mobile app development services India will save your 60% cost at least too.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of dedicated and brilliantly creative mobile app developers, digital wizards, and tech savy specialists synergize to deliver technology solutions for business success, from start-ups to corporations.

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At Ethane, we craft and strategize our services depending on the ongoing top market trends and plan them according to the requirements of our beloved customers.

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Like you already know, innovation is the key to success, and that’s why, we don’t just develop app, we innovate.

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Time & Quality

In this era, time is money and that is why we try to provide with the best value for your valuable time. On the other hand, quality is what we concentrate on because we know that a good high-quality application can generate more ROI than 1000 below the belt applications.

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Trust means more than anything to us, and that is why Ethane has been the favorite of 1000+ clients belonging from 80+ countries across the globe since last 10 years.

Our Development Process

We are not amongst those companies that create Apps just to fulfill the technological trend. Instead, our approach is to discover the requirements of our clients and think on achieving them via a planned development process.

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Requirements Elicitation

Our mobile app developers will work inexhaustibly to set up your business needs within the conditioned time-frame. They will keep you well informed regarding the requirements to keep and which to leave out on. Our skilled mobile app developers make sure that all your requirements are fulfilled.

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Testing & Quality Assurance

Our apps are tested and updated at regular intervals to avoid any unexpected anomalies. Our mobile app development team in India takes care of the fact that your app performs at its optimum level.

We Care About Your Business

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Design & Development

The design and development of your site are looked after by the talented mobile app developers of Ethane Technologies. Be sure, the quality of your app will be the best and most functional amongst other competitors.

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We have a robust & secure online transaction system which is completely reliable. Once the formalities are taken care of, and your approval is gained, our developers don’t waste any time in launching your app on the various platforms.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of Mobile App & Website Development Services with the best tech stack available. Our services ensure our client’s business growth and development.


Native Apps

Native apps are a software program that is developed for use in a particular platform/device. Native apps provide optimized performance and benefit from the latest technology, such as a GPS, in contrast to web apps or mobile cloud apps developed to be generic across multiple systems.


Website Development

At Ethane, we provide various website development services to all types of businesses. Our huge client base has taken us to a position where we can now promise to deliver fully functional website development solutions which will surely take you ahead of your competition as our web developers take care of the optimization of your site too so that it ranks well on Google search results


Hybrid & PWA Apps

We do provide hybrid and PWA (Progressive Web App) services too. Our web developers are well-versed with the required technologies and frameworks that are used in making hybrid and PWA apps. Not only we will develop the apps for you, but also maintain them after its launch to ensure its functionality.

Dot Net

Android App Development

As a leading app development company in India, we make sure that our clients receive the best quality Android apps in terms of utility and ease of usage. Our developers make sure you have an intuitive UI/UX design to run all the complex functions of the app fluently.

The apps made by us are up to the mark in every aspect. Be it app loading speed, fluency of the app, or functionality of the various options.


iOS App Development

At Ethane Web Technologies, we have a team of experienced iPhone app developers who work towards the conversion of your idea into reality. The experience of launching several iPhone apps, our developers have gained comprehensive knowledge about end-to-end iPhone app development and I tune app launch procedure. Our apps have a track record of getting iTunes approval with minimum iterations



Ethane Technologies has a team of talented and experienced mobile developers on board, who take care of the mobile app development in India. We cater to more than 2000 clients from diverse industries. Whatever your requirement is, just lend a hand towards us and we will provide you with customized solutions according to your needs. You can be assured your mobile app is in good hands.

Solutions We Offer

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Billing & Accounting Apps

An App that lets you to keep a track on all expenditures and spendings

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Productivity App

This App will aid your employees to give better and efficient output.

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Enterprise Content Management App

All important documents can be managed with the help of this App.

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Enterprise Resource Planning App

A good part of your business can be automated with this App.

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Customer-Relationship Management App

Having a better relationship with your customers can be made possible with this App.

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Performance Optimization

The performance of the business can be optimized courtesy of this App.

Why You Need Mobile Based Solution For Your Business?

With the passage of time, more small and mid-size businesses are now following the mobile trend. Businesses now understand that an effective strategy needs more than a website.

Nowadays, most businesses interact with users with their dedicated mobile apps, which brings them a step closer to users. This has taken the marketing scenario to a whole new different level. Thus, it’s very imperative that you too get a mobile-based solution for your business to stay ahead in the game. Call us now to hire Mobile App developers.

What Comes With The App

We provide a wide range of services along with our products.

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Data protection

Your app data stays protected when you use an app developed by us.

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Data Backup

Your data is safely backed up time to time, without any loss of information.

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Client Centric Development

Client is God. Any development process we undertake is sure to help out clients hew heights of success.

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No one likes a slow and dull website. Our efficient mobile app developers make sure your mobile app is enhanced to its optimum level.

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Systematic work helps us to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business. Our talented team of mobile app developers in India are always enthusiastic to take up new projects as soon as they arrive.

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