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Do you want a website that can outperform and outsmart the competition? If the answer is “yes”, then you have to leave basic web development frameworks like PHP and use Node.js development services Note; this is not a framework; in fact is a run-time ecosystem that works on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Yes, it is single piece software in the JavaScript world.

A quick look at the Node.js Development Technology:

  • Its micro-service architecture enables each service run on in its own process and communicates with the lightweight mechanism.
  • Each micro-service or module communicates with the database directly via the streams thereby increasing the speed and performance of the Node.js application.
  • This is also a prominent cross-platform mobile development tool that enabled Walmart to improve its mobile conversion rate by 98% overnight; handled 500 million page views without downtime and saved 40% of hardware cost and 20% operational cost.
  • The Node.js package manager (NPM) works as the open source JavaScript tool makes the technology evolve; as of now the NPM registry has 350,000 tools and 10,000 more tools are getting added every week which makes the ecosystem rich.
  • The Node.js foundation is responsible for its development; the best thing; IBM, PayPal, Microsoft, Fidelity, and SAP are the founding members of the foundation.

We at Ethane Technologies looked at the potentiality of this software and realized that the companies with high volumes web traffic must avail the advantages of this software to improve the response time and conversion. Let’s have a quick glance at the benefits of using Node.js for web development.

The Benefits of Using Node.Js Development Services are:

  • It powers the real-time web application with lightning speed for the multi-use real-time web app, chat apps this suite is a perfect choice and by running a super-fast chat App, you will be responding to your customers quickly.
  • The important actions like writing on the database, network connection and file systems can be performed easily and quickly making it fastest suite that creates highly functional node.js website that can handle the insane amount of transactions and functions without downtime.
  • The organizations can combine the back-end and front-end team with the help of this technology to eliminate the inter-silo dependencies.
  • Linkedin changed to Node.js from the Ruby on rails to improve their mobile traffic that made the application rum 20 times faster and swifter and reduced the usage of the server from 30 to 3.

We are one of the major web development companies offering superlative node.js development services to our clients should you like to know about us, our competencies and the benefits of being with us.

  • We house expert node.js professionals with relevant experience in the Node.js suite
  • We offer cost-effective node.js development services
  • Total technical support with dedicated customer service
  • Effective planning and neat execution
  • We maintain clear communication strategy to avoid misunderstanding between ideas and reality

The world is moving faster, everyone is looking for precise brand communication that is seamless, quick and responds to their concerns. And by deploying Node.js, you will be able to create a near perfect website that performs better and improves conversion rate. More than 300 reputed organizations like Linkedin, Twitter, PayPal and Walmart use this suite to drive growth.

Consult us today and give your business that much-needed boost and you will be surprised by the sheer potentiality of the platform and the benefits that it offers. You should be calling us now, you can WhatsApp too.

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