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The team at Ethane is no ordinary one. It takes mortal minds and immortal skills to pull off perfect projects. The very moment you give us a go ahead, our teams start rolling, putting into place all their tools and devices.

Lalit Sharma

CEO & Founder

Lalit believes that information technology empowers people to do what they want to do. His belief gave birth to Ethane Web Technologies a few years back. His brainchild is now a fast moving, full-fledged web design, development and digital marketing company. As a focused professional and a visionary, Lalit knows that through his endeavors, he is changing the world. His motto in life is ‘performance with integrity’.

Sourabh Sharma

Managing Director

Perseverance, attitude and visionary, these three words best describe Saurabh. As a doer, Saurabh inspires everyone, while he tirelessly innovates paths to lead Ethane Web Technologies to a great success. He molds consensus by his forward planning, smart working and compassionate leadership attributes. Smarter is always the answer for Saurabh, a person you would love to work with.


Gaurav Sharma


Prashant Shrivastava

Vinay Sharma

Shishir Verma

Gaurav Shandil

Ashish Srivastava


Digvijay Pratap Singh

Prem Kumar

Manjeet Singh

Varsha Pal

Brijesh Rawat

Indresh Kumar

Ashuk Kumar

Amit Dubey

Vijay Singh

Kamakshi Parashar

Brijbhushan Singh

Ravinder Bhatt

Shurabhi Gaur

Sushant Pandey

Brijendar Singh

Suraj Kumar Singh

Sanjay Kushwaha

Mukesh Baghel

Latil Sharma

Amit Sharma

Vinay Padiyar

Tauseef Hussain

Shubham Kumar

Shubham Kumar

Ruby Bam

Rinku Singh

Rahul Rawat

Rahul Gupta

Pushpendra Singh

Puneet Verma

Preeti Negi

Prateek Negi

Parneet Verma

Pankaj Bharti

Neeraj Dabas

Mayank Kashyap

Gyan Mishra

Dharma Mahar

Brij Bhushan Singh

Boby Kashyap

Abhishek Yadav

Rahul Kharwar

Pooja Choudhary

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