Popular Web Design Trends you Need to Follow in 2019

The internet has been constantly growing and changing for the past ten years. We have seen AR, AI, VR, and even AMP introduced in the past decade and with the trend, we need to know about the upcoming trends in 2019.

So, with all these acronyms, we see the changes in web design trends.

To be more specific, technology has made the websites smarter and surprisingly the inclination towards aesthetics for layout makes it a unique combination.

Did you hear aesthetic? Yes, now the focus is more towards creativity which means traditional stock photos, bold and vibrant colour scheme, asymmetrical layout, and in short, rampant creativity.

Sounds bizarre? Not really, because we have seen this trend fast catching up and now, we see most of the websites following the same.

There are sites who have gone immense transformation and are now completely undergone a makeover.

But why following trends is so important? Well, creativity has its own prominence but trends suggest the cultural moment which had details of what people are liking or want to shed out? The emerging demands, likeliness, and of course, the route to get inside the “others” head.

Well, it might sound tedious but to figure out the trend is not very difficult.

Especially in the online world where the best ones appear in the top search results.

Again, there is simply no merit in pushing against the trend and even if you do not like it personally, you need to follow it. Not because you lack creativity, but you need to make your presence trendy and in sync of the existing demand.

So, we here like to bring forward some popular web design trends for 2019.

  1. Black and white palettes

Gone are days when colours used to rule the website display, now the shift is towards black and white. Black as a color display the message which is strong and firm and white symbolizes pure and clean.

But why so much stress on maintaining the neutral hue? Colors create mood, connects the brand, and provide navigation to the users by creating visual landmarks.

Black and White Color Palette

Image Source:  color-hex

The visitor who is already visualizing so many shades at a given time soothes his eyes with these shades. The trend for 2019 is to give the visitor the best and only those who can fulfill the criteria are the winners. Well, the black and white shade shows the intensity of the website.

So, they are now used in most of the web design to increase the intensity.

Without any colors the visuals appear more realistic and different. The visitors perceive the textures and shapes clearly and the pace of navigating the site is more intense and slower.

  1. Serifs for onscreen read

Well, as the rule of the web world, we need to shake up things that are in continual use for a while. These little shake-ups are for a bit more results. this is the same for serifs.

Ideally, fonts no matter of their name and credentials, are all readable and can be easily understood. But some are designed to make the read more thought-provoking and attractive. They also need to be perfect for emphasis as the websites do not want to lose the attention of the client.

Now, websites are using sans serif for a long post and for headers and callouts, the bold serifs are ruling the trend.

Even though they are not new and have a good history, the tweak is to get more results from a little shaking up.

  1. Chatbots are emerging

The advancements in AI and machine learning has emerged the chatbots. They were emerging recently and in 2019 they will capture the limelight. They are much intelligent and effective with technological advancements and with high levels of customization.

They mostly have bright colours so that the visitors find them welcoming and do not miss them.

The prediction for 2019 is that they will bear a mascot which will give a personal face and will represent brand as well.

  1. Navigation simple and easy

Everyone knows that the UX and UI are ruling the web designs and so the navigation has to be simple and easy.

But, not only with the design or navigation skills, the sites have to be compatible with mobile too. Most of the searches are made from these devices (as the laptops, PC’s, are now for informal use) the visitor need not struggle to check the entire website on relatively small screen.

They have to do two actions at one time if they are navigating the site, one is to hold the device and second to navigate it. So, the design has to be in sync with the ease for the user. They generally navigate the site in mobile and so the sites have to be thumb friendly.

It might sound strange, but yes, the important icons, CTA buttons, and other navigation buttons have to be placed where the thumb can have easy access without compromising to hold the device.

  1. Geometry shapes are out, natural and animate shapes are in

Shapes depict a lot and web pages are set up for a systematic grid. But there is a significant shift from the designers to turn towards natural shapes and easy smooth lines.

natural and animate shapes

Image Source: immediate

This increases the sentiment towards accessibility and comfort which is the shift from geometric structures which are generally triangles, rectangles, and squares.

This is to make the page appear more apt with a human approach and lively with an illusion of movement.

  1. Video content is in demand

Videos are getting popular day by day and there are reasons for it. They save the visitors time as they now have the explainer videos which saves them from reading a huge block of content and posts. Not only that, they diversify the page and breaks the monotony of reading.

For 2019, sites with videos are going to get the right attention from Google as they have better chances of appearing in the top search results. This is solely because they are featuring video content above standard web pages.

Google always appreciate sites that have information for users and provide the right answers in the shortest time span to their queries. Videos are capable of doing it perfectly and so the trend for videos will stay longer.

  1. Anomaly art

It is a trend for retro designs to make a comeback and so the trend list of web designs too have a slot for the retro comeback in 2019.


Image Source: fineartamerica

With computers being so prevalent these days, there is no room for glitches. We always live in the fear that they will take over humans but the trend for 2019 suggests something else.

The glitch art depicts the breakdown of technology which is a unique idea for execution and design. It catches the attention fast and makes sure to give the site a distinct look and visual appeal.

  1. Assortment

Well, the web world has its users all over the globe and so the web design trends are now towards giving each one their due. So, no wonders that the emojis have different skin tones to match the skin color of the users from different part of the world.

Diversity is what the trend for 2019 is designed for.

2019 will see web designers make their shift towards inclusiveness. It will include improved accessibility standards and socially conscious and varied imagery. This will take a long time to become more prominent, but the designers are already geared with their craft tools to proof that the WW stands for World Wide in real.

  1. Small Communications

Don’t you find the small red icon in Facebook amazing which depicts that your inbox has new and unread messages? Even refreshing page on Twitter has beep. And all these are micro or small interactions.

These little tweaks are inviting and provide a humane touch to the user. They also involve the audience to the website. It also provides a subtle way to transform information for the actions and usage. This makes the website a little extra smarter.

  1. Cut the crap out

Gone are the days when websites were like the information centers providing non-relevant information. They were more of broadcasters for news and updates, but the shift has been witnessed in the last few years.

Now they are more specific and direct, and in 209, they will be more specific.

The right websites will show the user exactly what they want to look for. Minimalistic is the mantra and will rule the digital world in 2019. The distracting elements are removed and there is more of whitespace with clear and contrast typography.

Looking ahead

Well, all the above pointers are obviously made their presence and are in the process of getting prominent, but there are more surprises in the future. The time is plenty as in the digital world, every day counts.

These little upcoming changes in the web designs are all spread in front of you, and more are yet to arrive, so pick the best suited-ones for your website and make the perfect design.

Sourabh Sharma

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