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Increasing your web traffic and sales can only be possible if you put your brand out there where your target audience will be able to see you. One of the best ways to increase traffic and sales is through PPC – which simply means pay-per-click management services. At Ethane, the noteworthy PPC company in Delhi, you get the freedom to opt for the best budget-friendly PPC solutions that can bring desired results in no time. Our PPC services in Delhi will help you build your brand and increase your customers, it’s also one of the best-paid strategies that have a high ROI. As the best PPC agency in Delhi, we offer a range of PPC management services to ensure that your company succeeds online. Some of our features are the following:

  • High ROI with less CPC
  • Well targeted ads to increase ROI
  • High click-through–rate
  • Guaranteed results and inquiries
  • Custom landing pages designed to reduce cost
  • Dedicated manager & customer support helpline
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What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

PPC ads are hyperlinked text ads that appear at the top or the side of search results pages. They are short ads that use target keywords that really qualify traffic to your website or store. You will only pay for the ads when someone clicks on it and visit your website.

PPC marketing is a great strategy that will outcompete your competitors and will quickly appear on the front page of search engines to put you ahead. Whether you are a new or established online store, PPC is the cornerstone of any ROI marketing strategy. PPC begins with a campaign and then you subdivide it into ad groups. Being the best PPC management company in Delhi, we promise to offer a comprehensive range of services to our clients. Are you excited to hire our PPC management services in India? We are just a click away.

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How can we help you with our PPC Management Services?

Whether you are an online store selling physical goods or you sell digital products or you sell services or you sell online courses, PPC will go a long way in ensuring that you get the desired traffic, conversion, and sales you need to be profitable. Is that what you are aiming at? Consulting with the experts at our PPC marketing company, you can have a great takeaway.

With our years of experience in working with different clients helping them with their PPC strategy, we will help you craft the right campaign that targets the specific audience you desire and put your brand right in front of them. Whenever your target audience is searching for the product or service you offer, your brand is going to appear at the top of search results which gives you leverage and increases your website’s chances of being clicked-through. The same applies to other PPC channels like social media.

Our PPC Marketing Services Include

Being the best PPC company in Delhi, we are excited to build your business successfully with our proven PPC Management services. Depending on your goals and objectives – whether you want to increase traffic to your website or increase sales and conversion, we help you design a targeted PPC strategy for your business that will help you achieve your business objectives. Our pay per click management services include:

Bing Ads

Bing ads are sort of auction-based and they usually rely on keywords to be effective. Bing ads allow businesses and advertisers to create ads (usually called bids) based on specific keywords. Bing ads are usually based on a PPC model, this means that you only pay when a prospect clicks on an ad. Just like Google ads, Bing ads are very similar as Bing is also a search engine. Not everyone uses Google at all times when they are trying to search for a specific phrase, product, or service.

This is why you cannot only depend on Google ads when running ads, you might also want to run ads on Bing as some of your target markets is active there. Bing ads come with a variety of advantages to businesses and advertisers which include the fact that they have less competition and cheaper CPC’s. Bing ads give businesses the flexibility to assign different campaigns in different time zones.

This is leverage to businesses because, with this, businesses are able to maximize their ad budget particularly if you are targeting the international markets. According to research, Bing users usually spend about 36% more money online when they are shopping than the average internet searcher which means that there is a great opportunity in using Bing ads.

This is leverage to businesses because, with this, businesses are able to maximize their ad budget particularly if you are targeting the international markets. According to research, Bing users usually spend about 36% more money online when they are shopping than the average internet searcher which means that there is a great opportunity in using Bing ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform in terms of the number of users, there are about 2.37 billion people on Facebook. With such a staggering number of users, it becomes only natural for any business owner to take advantage of this pool of prospects.

There are so many platforms that offer advertisers the opportunity to create ads for their target market, but Facebook offers the best platform for creating ads because it is well-targeted. Facebook is the best platform when it comes to running online ads for any type of business because it is a great way to connect with your audience and target market.

The beauty of Facebook ads is that it can get your message right in front of the prospects who are ready to buy your products and services. This makes it great for your ad budget, conversion rates, and also return on investment.

There are different types of Facebook ads ranging from Image ads, video ads, video poll ads, carousel ads slideshow ads, collection ads, messenger ads, story ads, etc. Facebook ad campaigns can be run for as many days as desired, it all depends on the ad budget of your business and the number of people you want to target. Ethane is the leading PPC Management agency in India that offers Facebook ad campaign services at a very cheap price. 

Twitter Ads

Twitter is another social media account with a lot of following that offers advertisers the opportunity to run a variety of ads for your business. There are different type of ads on Twitter ranging from promoted accounts, promoted tweets, and promoted trends. These ads are clearly marked with a ‘promoted’ icon.

Twitter is a great channel for white label marketing – driving traffic and increasing sales. Twitter ads enable you to promote single tweets or an entire campaign that is dedicated to specific objectives. Businesses have the ability to choose between different objectives – video views, app installs, website conversion, etc. Twitter ads make it easy to get your tweets in front of the right audiences that don’t follow you, which makes it useful for generating new leads for your business.

The good thing about Twitter is the fact that has a lot of professionals and influential people on it, this makes it attractive if such people are your audience. Notwithstanding, Twitter has a lot of so many different age groups and diverse cultures. Being the best agency of PPC in delhi, we also offer Twitter ads services. 

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads is very similar to Facebook ads with ads ranging from story ads, photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, collection ads, ads in exploring, etc. With Instagram ads, just like Facebook ads you can target people based on specific locations – countries, cities or regions, demographics – age, gender and languages, interests – apps people use, accounts they follow, ads they click, behaviors – by activities they do on and off Instagram/Facebook, etc.

With Instagram ads, a business can drive awareness of its product, service, or app in other to gain reach, frequency, create brand awareness, and local awareness. You can also make potential customers more aware of your products and services by increasing website clicks, video views, reach, and frequency.

With Instagram ads, you can also increase product sales, mobile app downloads, and even visitors to your shop. Instagram is actually great for mobile app engagement and website conversions. Like stated earlier, Instagram ads is much like Facebook ads as it uses pretty much the same powerful advertising tools as Facebook. So you can set up an ad, run it and also track campaigns in the same way as Facebook ads. You can also look at our PPC Management Services in India, we offer top-notch Instagram ads services. 

Pinterest Ads

With millions of advertisers on Facebook, you might feel it’s the best platform for advertising. However there is so much competition, so you might want to look for a better option. This is why we recommend Pinterest ads. Pinterest is not just a social media, it is more like a search engine like Google. Users usually search for specific content that interests them and provides them with inspiration for their work, project, or similar things.

Pinterest is a platform that offers advertisers the opportunity to create awareness for their products and services. Pinterest has over 250 million users which are huge for advertisers who are looking for platforms to connect with their audience. On Pinterest, pins are being promoted and they appear on the home feed and search results just like other regular pins, however, these pins are boosted and targeted to deliver way more reach.

There are a variety of different pins that are promoted including one-tap pins, promoted carousels, promoted video pins, promoted app pins, buyable pins, story pins, etc. Essentially Pinterest is a platform where people visit when they are looking for a variety of different ideas in different categories and industries. Finally, look at our pay per click management services that allows you to run your Pinterest ads easily. 

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Some of our Proven PPC Marketing Strategies

Whichever area of business you find yourself be it – manufacturing, technology, or services – it has become quite difficult to find customers. Businesses in these industries are now all taking advantage of the online world and because of it, it has become very competitive to thrive. Due to this, it has become a necessity to utilize digital marketing services like pay per click management services. With PPC you don’t have to be a big company or have huge marketing budgets to tap into online clients. Wondering how? Our PPC company in Delhi gives a way to your concern. Through our 360 degree services, we will help you market your business online. Let’s discuss how this PPC management company benefits the clients.

Setting up a Powerful Social Presence

Social media is key to getting in front of your target audience and building powerful brand awareness. As part of our pay per click management services, we are responsible for setting up social accounts for your business ranging from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. With billions of people on these platforms, it has become a necessity for any brand to be active. We will help you market your business on social media by creating the right content that resonates with your audience and attracts engagement. We will also create powerful ad campaigns that will put your brand right in front of your target audience in other to attract them and create brand awareness.

Applying Effectual Marketing Techniques

Social media is powerless without great content and this is why we will create engaging content for your target audience that provides them with valuable information. Pay per click management services is a powerful way to not only entertain your audience but also to persuade them in buying your products or services. We make sure to include the best marketing techniques while performing our PPC services in Delhi.

Planning and Conducting ROI-driven PPC Advertising

We, the noted PPC agency in Delhi, help you plan your PPC campaigns to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken by conducting thorough research. We then deploy the ads at the right time that will create the highest engagement. PPC campaigns have to be monitored and examined to ensure that it is working in the favor of your business and not against it. This is where our expertise comes in, we assess your campaigns and make changes where ever it is needed. We also help you manage all your PPC campaigns and make sure that every dollar spent brings in high ROI for your business at the end of the day.

Executing Vigorous email Campaigns to Target all Age-Groups

This is a very powerful marketing strategy that we implement at our PPC company in delhi. We will attract your ideal clients because it is well-targeted. With this, you know exactly who you are targeting and it has a very high chance of open-rate. Through this, we will be able to collect your target market and also have the ability to ask questions that will better enable us to serve them better by iterating your products and services. With strategic email campaigns, you will be able to attract new customers and serve them in a way that is seamlessly effective. We leave no space to provide you the best PPC management services.

What should you look into before hiring a White Label PPC Company?

Website Maintenance

Relevant Industry Experience

Unlike other marketing areas like SEO, SMO or email marketing, PPC is delicate and technical. This is why it needs to be carried out by experts who have relevant experience so as to ensure that your campaigns are effective. Our PPC management services in India have carried out several winning PPC campaigns for different clients and they have been very effective which is why we are the best in carrying out all your PPC campaigns.

Website Maintenance

Compatibility & Communication

Our team of PPC experts have been able to master all the necessary steps and process for carrying out a PPC campaign for various businesses in different industries. This is why we, the PPC agency in Delhi, are in a better position to work with your company in developing a tailor-made PPC campaign. We work together with your team to draft a PPC campaign that resonates around your brand and company culture so that you will be attracting the right customers for your business.

Website Maintenance

Timeliness & Deadline

The best thing about our PPC management services, we always try to bring results ahead of time. Deadline is the most important that you should look before hire PPC services in Delhi that offers you their services. Unlike other companies, we deliver desirable result before ending our deadlines. We have a team of experts that commit you to deliver result fast and on time.

Website Maintenance

Economical & Reasonable

Because you are looking for ways to promote your business which is essentially because you want to increase profits, you definite don’t want to spend a lot of money promoting your business because that will eat up your profit. So essentially you want to look for a PPC Services in Delhi that is quit economical in terms of their service fees and also one that is reasonable in terms of their processes.

Our White Label PPC Management Process

We are at the forefront in delivering the best PPC services in Delhi for both local and international clients of all sizes. Our experts at the PPC marketing company in Delhi help the clients in building a Powerful PPC strategy that attracts the amount of traffic and leads their business needs to be profitable. From our previous experience working with different clients in helping craft a winning PPC strategy, we have been able to iterate and fine-tune. Our process that enables us to draft a clear blueprint that brings in a tremendous amount of results for our clients. Our process is engineered towards the best industry practices, promising the best PPC management services to the clients. Below is a list of our PPC management service process:

Website Maintenance


Before delving into any activity, we first of all have a series of conversations with our clients that helps us understand the business and its market. We also conduct thorough research that helps us better understand the business. Extensive market research and keyword analysis are the two primary jobs performed by the experts of our pay per click management services.

Website Maintenance

Strategy & Action Plan

The second step is to draft a winning PPC strategy for your business, strategy that will not only drive traffic to your website but also increase conversion and decrease bounce rate. A winning PPC strategy is one that will help you achieve your business goals and objectives which is to increase profits at the end of the day. We also outline the necessary steps that needs to be taken. Share your requirements with us, our ppc services in delhi will assist you in customizing a strategy based on your priorities.

Website Maintenance


This is the implementation stage where we deploy the strategies and action plans that we have previously outlined. This is where we create winning sales funnels that increase conversion and also create the necessary content that will be used for the PPC management services ads.

Website Maintenance

Review & Repeat

The process of our PPC management services in India ends up with reviewing the results and applied strategies. This is the final stage where we review the results of our strategies and whether they have generated the desirable results that we seek. We also organize reports that will be used for present and future assessment. This process of reviewing and repeating will be done occasional. Where we see results, we continue in that direction and where there are hiccups we make changes.

Why Should you Choose us as your Best PPC Management Agency?

There are a number of different reasons why you should choose us and sign up for our PPC management services in India.

Innovative Approach

Being the best PPC management agency in India, we have experienced & qualified professionals that tend to put a lot of creativity and innovation in our services and PPC is no exception. Through our creative and innovative approach, they create ideas that will help you achieve your business goals and innovation. Reach the PPC specialists at our PPC marketing company in Delhi and find the most innovative technologies to market your business.

Return on Investment

Hiring our PPC management agency for PPC services is one of the wisest business decisions you will make because it will tremendously increase your return on investment as you will see the results in your business. We have a variety of different packages that will suit your different needs.

High-Quality Services

All through the value-chain of our PPC management services in India, our team of professionals ensures that every step that we take works in the favor of our client in ensuring that they get the best value for every dollar spent. At the end of the day, our clients get to achieve their goals.

24X7 Customer Support

We have 24×7 customer support assistants that are eagerly waiting to be of help to you and help you with any questions, support, or advice you need to get your business going. Our customer’s satisfaction is our pride because we look forward to creating long-lasting business solutions for them at all times. Our PPC marketing services in Delhi never fails to provide instant support to all our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is PPC?

PPC is the short-form of pay-per-click which are hyperlinked text ads that appear at the top or the side of search results pages. Businesses engage in this sort of marketing to be able to appear at the top of the search engine results page.

How can your PPC Services help me to Grow?

Our PPC management services in Delhi is made for all. Businesses in general are always looking for ways to increase traffic, bring in qualified leads, and increase conversion. This is why business owners carry out different marketing activities and PPC is a prerequisite when it comes to digital marketing for any type of business. PPC will help a business build a brand awareness that will make them known to their target customers so that they will be able to deliver their products and services and customers can be able to use it to solve their problems.

How long will it take to get my Work Done?

It really depend on the size of your business, the size of your market, the number of products and services you offer and for how long you intend to run these ads. Unlike SEO which takes a much long time before a business starts gaining results, PPC on the other hand becomes effective the moment it is set up. So with PPC, results start to take effect immediately in as short as 1-3 days.

How much will you Charge from me?

As stated previously, we have different packages that appeal to different clients in different industries. So the cost to a business will depend largely on the size of the business, the duration of the campaign, and the intended marketing budget set aside by the business.

Why should I trust you?

Like stated previously, we have different packages that appeal to different clients in different industries. So the cost to a business will depend largely on the size of the business, the duration of the campaign, and the intended marketing budget set aside by the business. Share your budget and we will customize the package for you, providing the best PPC management services in Delhi.

Will you Provide me Support for free?

When a client sign up with our PPC management company, the client enjoys 24×7 customer support for the duration of the package chosen by the client. We are always communicating with our clients to ensure that their PPC campaigns is running effectively and efficiently.

What Sort of Payment Methods do you Accept?

We accept all the leading payment methods that are available which includes credit card, debit card, online payment gateways, as well as bank transfers.

Is my Payment Safe with you?

All payments made by our clients are safe with us as our website and checkout pages are secured and protected with the latest security which includes HTTPS and SSL Certificates that ensure customer’s information and cards are safe.

Now, Let us help you to promote your brand & increase inquirues.

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