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We repeat, is it necessary to remove reviews from Google?

How many of you feel it is important? How many of you just want to ignore the reviews published on Google about your brand?

Well, the people who assume it is a waste of time managing the Google reviews should remain ready to accept risk in the near future.

Before we put emphasis on whether it is necessary to eliminate your online reputation, we would like to discuss – what are Google reviews and how they are important for the business.

What are Google Reviews?

Google reviews are nothing but a reflection of your business through the words of your customers. The reviews provide valuable information about the business, making it appear whenever a relevant search is made. They usually appear in Google local search and Google Maps. 

How Google Reviews are Important to Business?

We all know, words are sharper and more effective than a sword and so the Google reviews. A Google review has the potential to either make or break a business just by using a few words. It is beneficial as long as it displays the positive side of the business.

The moment it starts using negative content or fake content, it becomes worst. This leaves a negative impression about the company, affecting the online reputation of the brand a lot.

Browsing Google to learn how to delete Google reviews for my business? Keep patience. We will talk about this in detail. Till then you should have a look at the importance of Google reviews in a business.

Here is a list of compelling reasons to have a Google review for a business.

1. Build Brand Credibility

Studies have proved that 94% of online customers avoid businesses that contain a greater number of negative reviews. According to them, such businesses are not reliable and it really takes time to gain trust in such cases. This is one strong reason why you need to remove reviews from Google.

With more positive reviews and five-star ratings, the business achieves a strong position online. It helps to build strong brand credibility, allowing the online users to trust the brand for making purchases. A greater number of clicks and high conversions are easy to acquire from positive reviews.

2. Boost Brand Visibility

A Google review has the power to boost brand visibility online. By showcasing the positive reviews, Google highlights the brand on local searches and Google Maps.

Suppose you have 4 negative reviews out of 5. Such a scenario will hamper the overall image of the brand. Instead of enhancing the brand visibility in a positive way, Google will ensure no prospective buyers reach out to the website, triggering the business to remove bad reviews online.

With positive reviews, you can bring the website on the first page of Google and increase the search engine ranking eventually. All this helps in strengthening the brand reputation, drawing in a huge volume of online customers to a great extent.

3. Get Insight Into Customer Behavior

Be it the positive reviews or negative reviews, Google reviews help businesses to get an insight into customer behavior. It helps businesses to determine customer satisfaction, encouraging more new clients to join the business and make relevant purchases.

If carrying a positive review is effective, carrying a negative or a bad review is equally painful for a business. Therefore, monitoring each and every review and removing the bad reviews from Google is pretty essential.

Hope, now you have got your answer! Yes, it is absolutely necessary to remove Google business review if it is bad or fake.

To know how to remove bad reviews from Facebook, Google, or other social media platform you need to keep patience and keep reading the blog till the end.

Guys, are you wondering how to remove reviews from Google My Business? This question is immediately followed by another typical question – can you remove Google reviews?

Let us start with the second one followed by the first question.

Yes, you can remove my Google reviews and enhance your business reputation online. It is easy and quite essential. Just you need to follow a few steps on – how to delete Google review for my business.

A Detailed View on How to Remove Reviews from Google

Google reviews have the potential to drive in more new customers and generate quality leads in a business. However, there is no space for bad reviews to grow online and hurt the existing image of the brand. This what triggers the business to remove my Google reviews.

Here we have mentioned two proper ways to perform the task. One, by asking the customer to delete the review. Two, by learning how to remove reviews from Google My Business.

Find out the steps on how to remove bad reviews from Google.

How to Remove Negative Reviews from Google as a Customer?

Customers usually leave a review after making their purchases. If they are satisfied with the brand service or product, they leave a positive review. If they are not happy, they add a bad review.

What you can do is – Either solve their issue and encourage them to write a positive review. Or request them by saying – can you remove Google reviews? Remember, they will remove their negative feedback only when their issue is resolved and they are happy with your service. Therefore, first, work on the problem and then make a humble request.

You can share the following steps to remove bad reviews as a customer. Here they are!

  • Ask your customers to log in to their Google Maps.
  • Find the “Menu” option representing by three horizontal lines at the left corner of the Google Maps page.
  • Find the option “Your Contributions” under the menu that appears after clicking on the three lines. You will find them while scrolling down the column. Click on it.
  • A new screen appears. Tap on the “Reviews” option.
  • Under the “Reviews” section, all the reviews posted by your customer are displayed.
  • Ask your customer to select the bad review he has posted and press the “Delete” option. You can find the delete or edit option after clicking on the three horizontal lines.
  • Finally, press the “submit” button to delete the review from Google.

Isn’t this the easiest way to remove Google’s business review? It is indeed. You can even ask your customers to choose the edit option and make changes in the review. That also works!

How can you Remove Google Business Reviews?

As a business, you might be wondering how to remove reviews from Google My Business and set a clean reputation for your brand. Well, unfortunately, it’s not as easy as your customers can delete the reviews from Google. But certainly, it’s not impossible. You can definitely remove my Google reviews and enjoy a good reputation online.

The only option that allows you to remove reviews from Google as a business is by “flagging off” the comment.

Follow the steps to flag-off the bad comments on Google reviews.

  • Log in to your Google My Business page account that represents your business.
  • Find the “Reviews” option and click on it to view the entire reviews added by your customers.
  • Choose the comment that you want to remove from the list.
  • Click on the three vertical dots on the review tab. You can witness multiple options among which you can choose anyone to make changes.
  • Find the “Flag as inappropriate” option among multiple options and click on it. A pop-up screen will appear that displays Google content review policies.
  • Click on the “Next” button to proceed.
  • Another window displaying “Report a policy violation” appears on the screen. Under this, you will have multiple flag options.
  • Choose the flag option among the four available there and enter your email address to proceed.
  • Finally, click on the “submit” button to complete the task.

So, these are the exact steps on how to remove bad reviews from Google.

Flagging off the comment is the only way to get rid of your negative and fake reviews. You can definitely prefer this option when you are learning how to remove bad reviews from Google.

However, it is better if you look for other options as well. 

Easy Ways to Handle Google Reviews

Everyone is desperate to know how to remove negative reviews from Google. Does anyone want to know how to handle the Google reviews actually? We believe that’s more important than learning how to remove reviews from Google.

In maximum times, the problem arises due to having a lack of knowledge regarding properly handling Google reviews. We don’t want you to lose hope by visualizing all your negative reviews. Hence, we have come up with different possible ways by which you can handle all your real reviews on Google.

1. Give Prompt Response to All Reviews

No matter what the review is all about, you should be ready to give an instant response to all. Monitor all your reviews and review generating sites including Google My Business. The moment you find a review or feedback is added to your brand, make a prompt response.

Now, the reply to the reviews is not always the same. It depends on the type of content added as a review. If it’s a positive review, show gratitude to the customer and add a sweet “Thank You” in the end. However, a negative review should be handled with extra care.

Whenever you find a negative review, add an apology note to your response and try to solve the problem immediately. Before you ask them to remove Google business reviews, make sure you respond to the feedback politely.

2. Work on Customer’s Issue

Is your customer unsatisfied with the services or products? In that case, you should try to solve the issue as soon as possible. After replying to the comment made by a customer on your brand, try to connect with the client online or offline.

You can make a call and ask about the problem in detail. This shows how serious you are about your customer service, amplifying your behavior towards all your clients.

In order to solve the issue, it is necessary to recognize the problem they are talking about. Hence, a detailed call is needed. Once you succeed in eliminating the problem in no time, the customer finds your brand reliable enough to visit again.

3. Keep Contact with your Customer

Do you know 77% of online buyers trust brand reviews that are maximum three-four months old? Older reviews are often ignored as the latest reviews speak about how the brand serves in recent times. The same goes for Google ratings.

Try to connect with the customer who has once posted a review on your site months ago. If he is active or still purchasing your brand, it is easier to ask the customer to leave another review. You can even contact the person via Google reviews and ask him to edit the post.   

4. Authenticate the Review

Are the reviews added by the customers authenticate? In many cases, more fake reviews are generated. This makes the business worst. Check whether the reviewer is real or fake.

Fake reviews often fail to present details. If you find the review is generated by a fake account, simply reply to the comment. Wait for a response from the other side. If nothing appears, flag off the comment by following the steps mentioned above.

These are a few easy yet effective steps you must perform before deciding to remove my Google review.

How to Handle Bad and Negative Reviews on your Online Business?

Still, wondering how to delete Google review for my business? Instead of focusing on how to delete reviews, we would like to talk about how to handle bad reviews online.

1. Ask the Customer to Edit the Review

The easiest way to get rid of the negative comments on Google is by asking your customers to edit the review. Guys, this is not possible until you sort out their problem and satisfy them with your services. Once you do this, you can easily ask your customer to update their negative reviews.

Note: We have already mentioned the steps following which a customer can edit or delete a Google review.

2. Use Tools to Push Down the Negative Reviews

Several review management tools are there online that you can use to push down all your negative reviews. People tend to read the first few reviews of the first page. They hardly visit the last pages and scroll the older reviews. Therefore, you can use this trick to bring the negative reviews to the last page, adding more positive reviews on the first page.

Some popular review management tools are –

  • Google Alerts
  • Trackur
  • Social Mention
  • SentiOne
  • Reputology

You can choose any one of these tools to manage reviews and brand reputation online.

3. Flag-off the Negative Comment

Flagging off the comment is the second last step taken. It is used whenever the comment appears fake. If you find something suspicious about the reviewer’s profile, click the “Flag as inappropriate” option and submit a report to Google.

Google will remove the comment from your account in no time. This is one finest way how to remove negative reviews from Google.

4. Take Legal Action Against the Reviewer

Lastly, another vital option is taking legal action against the reviewer. You can choose this option only if you know the reviewer and want to get rid of the false statements made by the person on your profile.

Before taking a legal step, flag-off the review or ask him politely “can you remove Google reviews?”. If this doesn’t work, you have the right to take a legal step against the person.

Flag-off Options to Remove My Google Reviews

Till now, you have come across the term “flagging-off”. What that exactly means? Or how it works any idea?

When you are serious about learning how to remove reviews from Google My Business, you should have good knowledge of everything, including flag off.

Flagging-off a comment is a strong method to remove reviews from Google. This request can be processed when the review falls under any of the four categories mentioned below.

  • Posts contain harmful and inappropriate content: When you realize the review has nothing to do with your business, you can ask Google to flag off the comment.
  • Posts contain advertising or spam content: When you realize the review contain advertisement of products and asking other customers to join the competition, you can remove Google business review.
  • Off-topic: If the review is just a copy-paste of another review without realizing whether the review is related to the brand or not, you can call it fake.
  • Posts contain conflicts of interest: If the review post is made by a competitor who belongs to the same niche, this will generate a conflict of interest. You can ask Google to remove the review for violating the guidelines.

Get More Positive Google Reviews

You all are interested to learn how to remove negative reviews from Google, as these reviews ruin the business reputation online. One of the most effective ways to get rid of a bad reputation is by highlighting the positive reviews on the first page of Google reviews. But for this, you need to have more positive Google reviews.

Here’s how you can make it.

  • Get more customer reviews by using the email marketing strategy. You can create beautiful email templates and send the feedback mail to all your contacts.
  • You can create a pop-up that immediately appears when a customer makes his purchase and ask them to leave a review.
  • Whenever you notice happy customers, you can ask for a review in a reasonable way.

Key Takeaway

Several ways are there following which you can remove reviews from Google and enjoy a good reputation online. However, make sure you only choose the negative or fake reviews to delete. After all, positive reviews are required to enhance brand image and brand visibility on search engine results.

Guys, do you want to build trust with a minimum effort? Do you want to increase your website ranking on a search engine and remove your negative reviews from google? Come with us as we are the best online reputation management agency that provides top-notch services.

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