How To Craft A Reverse SEO Strategy To Fix Your Brand’s Online Reputation?

Table of Content: Reverse SEO Strategy To Fix Your Brand’s Online Reputation

Is your business experiencing negative publicity online? Well, this actually happens with all businesses irrespective of their size and type. A business, no matter how great it is, witnesses negative content that damages the online brand’s reputation eventually.

By the term negative content, we imply negative reviews from Facebook, negative reviews from Google, negative news, negative stories, and other bad pieces of content that have the ability to ruin a brand image.

Especially, the negative feedbacks and reviews generated on different online platforms bring down the gained market position. This happens because 86% of online consumers trust online reviews and 57% of them believe in online ratings.

People usually rely on a brand that gains 4 or 5 stars and has multiple positive reviews. Young consumers are more likely to get converted based on social media recommendations.

Considering these statistics, it is easy to conclude how important it is to have a good brand image over the internet in today’s date. That’s the reason why marketers are now prioritizing more on reverse SEO.

Reverse SEO techniques are the only way to suppress negative content like negative reviews on the web and keep the brand away from a poor reputation.

In this article, we will uncover a few tips and tactics based on which you can manage your search engine reputation. But before that, we would like to discuss a brief about –

What is Reverse SEO?

How does reverse SEO work?

Those who are new to this term should not skip the following section.

What is Reverse SEO?

Reverse SEO is a search engine optimization technique that can push down the unwanted links and negative content that appears on the first page of the search engine results. By undergoing this method, it brings out the pages that are most relevant to the searched query based on the keywords.

To deal with the negative results, the strategy utilizes a few reverse SEO tips and techniques. For example, making use of long-tail keywords, paying more attention to PRs and blogging, avoiding keyword stuffing, eliminating embarrassing photos, encouraging backlinks, etc. All these are embraced properly so as to maintain a proper brand reputation on the search engine.

Let’s take a sneak-peek into how reverse SEO works.

How Reverse SEO Actually Works?

Before hiring any expert for reverse SEO services, you must understand how it actually works. You should also have good hands on the different techniques that can literally push down the negative publicity of the brand on search engine results.

Well, we will get on to this. But till then, let us focus on the process.

  • Google easily identifies the bad content that can damage the brand reputation and ranks the site accordingly on the search engine. You need to identify them first by keeping an eye on PRs, blogs, social media posts, and other pieces of content.
  • Analyze the competitive edge of the site that has experienced a bad reputation online.
  • List down the high intent keywords that contribute a lot to a successful off-site SEO campaign.
  • Pay attention to interlink generation and earn quality backlinks for your site.
  • Repeat the process over and over again until the desired result is achieved.

Reverse SEO Tips to Craft a Proper Strategy

Are you in a confusion regarding how to reverse SEO? Don’t worry! Here in this section, we will point out the necessary tips and tactics following which you can craft a successful strategy.

To manage the search engine reputation of your website, you must go through the techniques that are responsible for suppressing the negative results on Google search. Let’s find them below.

1. Create New Online Assets

Who doesn’t want to promote his business despite having a lot of negative publicity? To suppress the negative content on the internet and to showcase the brand across the right audience, creating new online assets is the best technique.

By creating new online assets, you can promote your brand with SEO and rank your site higher on the search engine result page. Remember, reverse SEO services are meant to manage the search engine reputation of the brand.

Hence, displaying the site content above the negative search results is always a greater tendency. By creating online assets, you can link to your existing web pages that usually rank below the negative asset.  

2. Create Social Media Accounts

It is said social media performance of a brand is usually reflected on search engine results. Hence, having an enhanced social media account is very necessary when you are thinking about search engine reputation.

Be it your Facebook, Instagram, or any other popular social media channels, create a proper business profile by adding authentic information to it.

The best way to improve your social media performance is by maintaining proper consistency. Yes, we are talking about your activeness on social media.

Make a regular habit of posting creative social media content that includes image content, video content, press news, article links, and many more. The more you post, the more you get a chance to build your brand presence online. As we said, it influences a lot to the search engine results.

Posting regular fresh and unique content and updating the profile overtime should always be on your to-do list.

3. Create New Content

When you are thinking about your brand reputation on a search engine, you must not skip creating new content. This is among the top reverse SEO techniques that require special attention.

New content implies new trending blogs, articles, press releases, and so on. However, blogging and press news are the two most substantial content types that are highly recommended for this.

No matter what type of content you create, there are a few things that you must consider.

  • Choose the keywords properly for your content.
  • Add keywords in the title, meta descriptions, and body of the content and maintain standard keyword density. But make sure you do not focus more keyword stuffing.
  • Don’t forget to have interlinks to connect the blogs with other non-negative search results. This drives high volume of relevant traffic to the site.
  • Add a good author bio for your guest posts. This contributes a lot to suppressing negative results on SERPs and boosting SEO or reverse SEO.
  • Choose proper PR sites like PRWeb, BusinessWire, Digital Journal, Boston Globe, etc. that offer SEO-friendly news services.

Write proper engaging content and follow the above-mentioned tips to get the desired result.

4. Earn Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the most important element of the off-page ranking factor. These have a tendency to make the site more visible to the search engine result. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind.

  • Contextual links from other websites should be placed on relevant content based on the same business niche.
  • The links should be generated on the authoritative sites that are trusted by the search engine itself.
  • Low-quality backlinks followed by over-optimized anchor texts should be completely avoided.

Take care of these things when you are concerned about earning high-quality backlinks.

5. Create Quality Business Listings

Another most interesting way to boost reverse SEO is by creating quality business listings. Those who have forgotten to add this technique to the strategy must update it right now.

Business listings not just increase the visibility of your site online but even make your content appear more on Google’s first result page of the local searches. However, the magic of business listings showers when you never fail to add accurate details to your site.

Suppose you are serving in multiple regions with multiple contact details. Instead of using different numbers for different locations, use the same information across all your business profiles. You may have a slightly different bio for different profiles but the contact details should always remain the same, allowing Google to understand that they belong to the same business.

One most decent and highly-used platform is Google My Business. However, you can definitely look for other high authority sites like Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc. to list down your business name.

Business listings are considered the most initial step for marketing online. Here we have also mentioned a few sites where you can start creating your business online.

  • City Squares

6. Perform SEO Auditing of the Website

Finally, when you have completed all the aforesaid steps, it is time to perform SEO auditing of your website. SEO auditing represents the technical SEO of a website that includes several technical steps. Although this particular step is performed by the experts, you can even work on this if you have good knowledge of the following.

Several tools are used to perform the SEO audit and determine the website’s performance. These tools help in determining the negative reviews and optimizing the content for a better brand reputation on the search engine.

Benefits of Implementing Reverse SEO Techniques

In white label digital marketing, Reverse SEO comes with tons of benefits. Maybe that’s the reason why marketers never thought of avoiding the implementation of SEO strategy in their business. Let us pay attention to the compelling perks.

  • Reverse SEO pushes down the negative reviews displayed on different platforms over the web.
  • Reverse SEO removes all the negative reviews available on the first page of the search engine.
  • Reverse SEO eliminates all the negative search reviews from the blog posts that are usually about company executives.
  • Reverse SEO scroll over the negative articles and press news and hide them from the search engine result.

Earn Quality Backlinks Through Reverse Image SEO

Earning quality backlinks is considered one most effective ways to suppress negative results on the search engine. Do you know what’s the easiest way to earn those quality backlinks? By performing reverse image SEO!

We will get into this, but before let us describe to you in brief about reverse image search SEO.

What is Reverse Image Search SEO?

We all are quite aware of how to search for relevant images on Google. Right? However, the latest SEO trend has made it easier for marketers to upload an image and get the desired search results based on it. This process is defined as reverse image search SEO.

Instead of clicking on the “Images” tab on Google and finding out the exact image to your search query, Google allows you to upload the original image and undergo the search process based on it.  

Any image file of any format can be uploaded to Google for the relevant search. The moment you hit the “search by image” icon, Google will display everything about that image. These include –

  • File size
  • Image type
  • Other image sizes of the same image
  • Pages where the image is used
  • Similar images on different pages 

This gives an idea about the different pages where the image has been used, allowing the user to claim quality backlinks. We will get into this in the following section.

How to Create Backlinks Through Reverse Image SEO?

As you know, backlinks have a huge contribution to SEO and reverse SEO. It helps to build authority to the website and boosting brand credibility online.

But still, people find it difficult to earn quality backlinks. One prominent reason behind this is they hardly possess an idea about stealing the original media files. This is when SEO reverse image search is recommended.

Through SEO reverse image search it is easier to earn proper backlinks to the website. As here you can determine the media used by other websites and eventually find the unclaimed backlinks.

Suppose you have created an image for your website. You can definitely check whether your image is used by other competitors and on other pages. Here’s how!

  • Visit where you will find a search bar with an image option.
  • Click on the “Search by Image” option that comes with a camera icon. A new page will appear.
  • In this new window, you can either paste the URL of the image or upload the image file itself.
  • Finally, click the “Search by Image” button.

In many cases, you may find people are using your images without crediting you. You can use this reverse image SEO strategy to identify such pages and claim the rightful backlinks.

Tools Responsible for SEO Reverse Image Search

Plenty of online tools are there that can be used to perform SEO reverse image search. The common thing about all these effective tools is you can use any of them on any platform. Be it your mobile device or desktop or tab, with this tool you can get an accurate result no matter what image you upload for search.

A few popular tools dominating the market include –

  • Google Image Search
  • Yahoo Image Search
  • Pinterest Visual Search
  • PrepostSEO
  • Bing Visual Search
  • Getty Images
  • Picsearch
  • TinEye Reverse Image Search

Take Away

Is negative online reviews or feedbacks restricting your brand from attaining more conversions? In this situation, what you need is a proper reverse SEO strategy that fits your marketing goal. Still, if you are not able to achieve the result hire Ethane’s online reputation experts as we have experienced & qualified experts that will help you to go throughout the best way.

Remember, Google is the most widely used search engine, highly preferred by online users to make a search query. Hence, managing the search engine reputation by fixing the issues and highlighting the positive content is very necessary.

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