What is Ruby on Rails Web Development?

Coding is a tedious task during the development process and is vulnerable to unintentional human mistakes. However, with the advent of Ruby on Rails, the web development process has become easy and fun. Over a couple of years, Ruby on Rails has emerged as the premier choice of the majority of developers and businesses for developing modern and high-quality web applications.

Ruby on Rails is an MVC-based open-source development framework that facilitates the development of modern and dynamic web applications. It comes with various pre-built structures for database, web services and web pages that eliminate the need to create everything from scratch and make the development process fast and easy.

Ruby on Rails emphasizes the key principles of Convention over Configuration, Don’t Repeat Yourself, and the active record pattern. With its unparalleled benefits such as super-fast development, cost-effectiveness, simplicity of maintenance, code reliability, pre-built modules, and constant improvements in technology, Ruby on Rails helps in building premium and sustainable web and mobile applications.

How can we help with our Ruby on Rails Development Services?

As a stellar and the most trusted web development company, we have chosen to employ Ruby on Rails framework for building modern, intuitive and high-quality web applications for our clients. Over the years, we have gained strong expertise in developing versatile RoR development projects and are prepared to take up new and challenging Ruby on Rails development projects.

Here’s what makes us a reliable and professional Ruby on Rails web development company.

  • We have top-notch technical RoR specialists and knowledge in Ruby programming.
  • We follow an agile and customer-centric approach to Ruby on Rails website development.
  • We use clean code and user-centric designs.
  • We provide the right guidance and content management with RoR CMS development and maintenance.
  • We focus on the timely delivery of the projects without compromising on quality.
  • We offer full-cycle of Ruby on Rails development services including designing, development, maintenance, speed optimization, backups, user experience enhancement and more.
  • Our Ruby on Rails development services are affordable and open for all small, mid-sized and well-established businesses.

Our Ruby on Rails Development Services Include

We’re a well-established Ruby on Rails web development company with over 10+ years of RoR experience. We deliver result-driven, reliable and custom Ruby on Rails development services at the best market price.

Refinery CMS

The Refinery CMS is generally referred to as Refinery. It is a leading open-source Ruby on Rails Content Management System (CMS) with jQuery used as the JavaScript library. As it is an open-source development framework, it is absolutely free to use. This CMS uses Rail engines that make it very modular, extendable, and developer-friendly. It allows you to take control of your web designs, content and alteration of source code with the utmost ease without requiring technical expertise.

Refinery efficiently supports all the latest versions of Rails including Rails 3.2 and Rails 4.2 and Rails 5.1 and is extremely simple and easy to use. It offers flexibility to choose from diverse themes and templates and clean interfaces for any website.

The Refinery CMS is available in multiple languages including English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and many more. Since the Refinery CMS is a user-friendly content management system, any non-technical developer or user can alter the source codes, customize themes and templates and manage web content easily.

Moreover, when using the Refinery CMS for your web application, you can create web pages that retrieve information, content, database and many more from a secure web server. So, you do not worry about the security and confidentiality of your business idea, unless you share your credentials to any third party the platform.

If you need to attach Refinery CMS to an existing application, get in touch with our expert Ruby on Rails website development team and we’ll get it done rightly.

Locomotive CMS

Locomotive CMS is an open-source and free to use Ruby on Rails CMS that focuses on web content creation, publishing, and editing. Locomotive CMS allows the creation of multiple websites within one admin space, gives them domain and efficiently manages content through a single dashboard. It offers a multilingual admin interface and is a simple yet powerful visual editor for website content.

In addition, it comes with inline editing options, so you don’t have to visit the dashboard every time when you make changes; just click on the inline editor and you can edit your web content.

Locomotive sites come with in-built authentication functionality that enables them to build private access sections on your website. The authentication functionality provides you with amazing features including Sign Up/Sign In, Signed Out actions, email instructions which itself it a locomotive page, to help you reset your passwords, strong password encryption, and authentication viewed in Liquid.

For installing Locomotive CMS to your web application, you must have the latest version of Ruby such as Ruby 2.5 installed on your system.

Other Features of Locomotive CMS

  • Allows defining of modules using custom fields
  • Supports cloud system
  • Liquid templates
  • Layout system
  • API-based front-end admin
  • Automatically generates SEO tags from liquid tags

Locomotive sites are powered with a myriad of unique features that lets you have a feature-rich, fully-functional and secure website. If you wish to integrate the Locomotive CMS to your website, allow our top-notch CMS developers to set up and assist you with the operations Locomotive CMS.

Camaleon CMS

Camaleon CMS is an amazing alternative to RoR-based WordPress. It is a more advanced and dynamic Ruby on Rails CMS that is based on Ruby on Rails 4 and Ruby 1.9.3+. Camaleon CMS is adaptive to any project type without programming which allows the developers to focus more on content and less on programming.

With features like widgets, shortcodes, custom fields, easy content manipulation and file uploads, multilingual and multisite, speed, plugins, security and impressive themes, Camaleon CMS is the leading Ruby on Rails Content Management System. It is a flexible content manager that facilitates easy content manipulation by building custom architecture without programming by using custom fields and sections. It also allows you to easily integrate the Camaleon CMS with any existing Ruby on Rails project.

In addition, with Camaleon CMS, you can easily optimize the loading speed of your website by customizing your content for mobile responsiveness removing cache content, queries and merging asset files by compressing it.

Furthermore, the SEO & HTML5 features allow you to automatically generate sitemap and SEO configuration and SEO for social media optimization. All the generated content with Camaleon CMS is compatible with HTML5 and Bootstrap 3. .

When it comes to security, the Camaleon CMS ensures it through remote code execution, SQL injections, advanced sessions security, cross-site scripting, control of abusive requests and cross-Site request forgery.

Our top-notch RoR developers are well-versed with the know-how of the Camaleon CMS and other CMS, so you can reach out to them for all your concerns related to this Ruby on Rails development.

Radiant CMS

The Radiant CMS is a free, simple and easy-to-use Ruby on Rails Content Management System which can be adapted for diverse purposes. It comes with a fairly simple admin interface that consists of three tabs namely Content, Design, and Settings, and is available in different languages including English, German, Russian, Italian, Dutch, French and Japanese.

Radiant CMS facilitates easy content manipulation, page creation using Markdown, Textile or plain HTML, a hierarchical structure of pages, and comes with custom macro language Radius that uses XML-like tags to ensure efficient and scalable content management.

Radius facilitates the concept of context switching by allowing you to take dynamic control, whereby radius tags of one page help you take control over the content on multiple pages to prevent repetition and easy content manipulation. Lastly, the radiant CMS also supports custom text filters and page caching.

Like every Ruby on Rails application, the Radiant CMS also depends on the installed adapters for the database. Radiant CMS is a simple and incredibly easy-to-use platform that is beneficial for small or mid-sized websites. The Radiant CMS is a high-quality platform that comes with a user-friendly interface to foster easy content editing and publishing.

If you need to integrate the Radiant CMS to your website, our highly-qualified and experienced CMS developers will help you build a simple and easy-to-use website with Radiant CMS Development. If you’re interested in learning more about Radiant CMS development, you may get in touch with our team to explore the best features of Radiant CMS.

Comfortable Mexican Sofa

Comfortable Mexican Sofa is a powerful Rails 5.2+ CMS Engine that facilitates easy content manipulation and multisite management from a single installation. Every site has its own designs, layouts, pages, snippets, and files.

By default, Comfortable Mexican Sofa allows you to manage several sites from a single installation. It contains Content tags that are capable of page templating and CMS seeds for the initial content population.

The Comfortable Mexican Sofa also supports multiple languages and page localization and comes with expansile Admin space built with Bootstrap 4. It uses CodeMirror for highlighting HTML and Markdown and Redactor as the WYSIWYG editor. With minimal configuration, it ensures simple drop-in integration with Rails 5.2+ applications.

Furthermore, the CMS allows you to revert changes through Revision History. The Comfortable Mexican Sofa has few dependencies such as the file attachments are handled by ActiveStorage, image resizing is done by ImageMagick, which should be installed on your system, and pagination is controlled by kaminari or will-paginate which should be added to your Gemfile. It also facilitates easy navigation of pages, fixing inaccessible routes, testing, handle SVG file uploads, the creation of password protection pages and CanCan authentication.

The Comfortable Mexican Sofa comes with amazing features and provisions that allow you to manage your content easily. Our professional RoR developers have hands-on experience in RoR CMS development, so you can be certain of the best-fit CMS solutions for your website.

Alchemy CMS

Alchemy CMS is a robust, flexible and user-oriented Ruby on Rails CMS. It is free to use and an open content management system that comes with a wide range of features. Some of its interesting features include templating system, multilingual websites, multisite management, user access control, full-text search engine, contact forms, downloadable attachments, image processing, extendable through Rails engines, template caching and an admin interface for resource controllers.

By using Alchemy CMS, developers can easily configure every individual element to fit and install additional modules effortlessly. This helps in easy integration of Alchemy CMS to a shopping system, whereby the developers can easily add data sources like product catalog or membership list into the system. Hence, it helps the editors to edit and manage their content easily.

With Alchemy CMS, the web developers can design different elements easily as long as they’re capable of adding and fulfilling the project requirements.It comes as a mountable CMS engine and is bundled as a Ruby gem.

With over 10+ years of variable RoR CMS experience, our RoR developers are competent enough to handle projects integrated with Alchemy CMS. If you want to manage your website integrated with Alchemy CMS, hire our Ruby on Rails development services to get the desired assistance for your Ruby on Rails website development needs.

Spina CMS

Spina CMS is another amazing open-source CMS that makes content editing easy and fun. Spina CMS is built on Ruby on Rails development framework and eliminates the of HTML, CSS or configuration. So, with Spina CMS you can focus more on content instead of programming. Spina CMS offers just the right amount functionalities or tools to manage your content and overall website efficiently. It comes with incredibly simple wysihtml5 editor tool that facilitates easy text editing.

Moreover, it supports multiple languages and has an expandable Admin area to manage multiple sites. Since every client is unique, extending the Spina CMS in the right way can customize the themes for optimal usability. Spina CMS was specifically designed for busy clients. Integrating your website with Spina CMS can help you manage your content with the utmost ease as it provides user-friendly interface and simple tools that do not require any strong technical expertise. So, empower your website with the efficiency and versatility of Spina CMS integration and manage your content like a pro.

If you need guidance with the integration of Spina CMS on your website, you may hire our RoR CMS developers and resolve issues in a couple of minutes.

Whether you’re looking for custom website design, Commerce development,or mobile app development,or CMS integration, you can rely on our Ruby on Rails development services. We offer full-cycle of Ruby on Rails development services to create intuitive and productive web and mobile applications that cater to all your business requirements related to Ruby on Rails web development.

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As a pioneer Ruby on Rails web development company, we strive to set a new benchmark in the web and mobile app development industry by combining the latest technological trends with our Ruby on Rails development services to help you achieve your business goals and ensure business growth.

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Requirements Elicitation

We have a dedicated team of web developers who will collaborate with you to understand your business needs and deliver tangible results within a conditioned time-frame. We will assess your requirements and plan it with the entire team, thereafter, provide sensible suggestions to help you achieve long-term business goals.

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Our competent developers make the most out of the features of Ruby on Rails website development to build quality-rich and robust web and mobile applications. As a premium Ruby on Rails website development company, we build apps that are productive, scalable and secure.

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We ensure flawless app releases by performing an array of testing for the apps at every new level of the development process. With our meticulous QA testing, we aim to ensure delightful user experience from the first attempt by locating and fixing bugs in the real-time service.

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We employ a highly-secured online transaction system that you can rely on. Once we are through with all the formalities and approval of the application, our Ruby on Rails development agency launches your app on multiple platforms without wasting a single second.

What Makes us a Premier Ruby on Rails Web Development Company?

Strong Expertise

Our versatile developers have years of experience and vast knowledge in Ruby on Rails web development. We focus on delivering custom and high-standard apps by combining the latest technological trends for our clients that meet their existing as well as long-term business goals.


We work closely with our clients to understand their business needs and offer the best-fit solution for their project. With our tuned workflow and the right technology, we ensure that our Ruby on Rails development services are cost-effective, inclusive, and delightful.

Adroit Deliverables

With our agile and customer-centric approach, we provide tailor-made solutions for your RoR project that fulfill all your business requirements. By utilizing our expertise, we make sure to deliver the most amazing product that ideally fits your requirements on time.

Privacy Matters

Protecting your privacy and intellectual rights is our priority. Our operations adhere to the strict non-disclosure policies and seek your consent through a signed agreement before involving our team on your project. We deploy a highly-secured system that ensures privacy and security.

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