Which SEO Plugin Is Better For A Website SEO Performance & Tips To Manage them

SEO is one of the most critical aspects of any website and it helps in making your website popular amongst the lot. It helps in increasing the ranking on search engine and hence helps with organic search improvement. There are many SEO Plugins that can be used to manage the SEO.

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Using some tips and strategies, it is possible to manage the SEO of your website without hiring any outside company. There are a lot of optimization things that you can implement right now to improve the stats of your website. This saves you from spending a lot of money.

1) Yoast SEO

This Plugin works unbelievable for the website as it helps in managing a lot of optimization aspects for a site. This is one of the popular WordPress SEO Plugin which helps in optimizing the site with better content. It includes a page analysis tool along with XML site map.

The Plugin is able to quickly scan through the pages of the website and find out the errors and what needs to be improved for better SEO optimization. Whenever you find something wrong, you can correct the same post analysis for a content which is optimized for search engine search.

2) Google XML Sitemaps

This is again a great analytical Plugin which helps in understanding a lot of ways on how to optimize the website in the right way. This Plugin will help you to generate a sitemap automatically and hence indexing the website to the search engine becomes easy and convenient.

The XML sitemap can be submitted to Google for better indexing with the help of Google search console. If you are looking forward for creation of a site map, this indeed is the Plugin that you definitely need for generating more organic traffic.

3) Google Analytics 

The power of this Plugin in optimization of the website must never be underestimated. The Plugin can help with number of functions like tracking website visitors, finding the relevant & top keywords etc. It gives access to a dashboard where you can keep a track of website stats.

It gives you insight about things like the keywords that most people search for, demographics and important information that can be used to optimize the website aiming a better target audience.  It also enables one to track internal links.

These are some of the top Plugins that can be integrated to optimize the website and ensure that it gets better traffic.

Instead of spending lot of money, there are some tips which you can use to set up the website through right SEO.

1) Be careful with Page Title

This is one of the important aspects of a blog or post and is the first SEO item to be taken care of. The page must have unique title describing the content. It is recommended to use keywords in the title for organic search.

2) Speed up blog with Caching Plugin

The speed of loading of the web page is another thing that influences the traffic to the site. If the website loading time is poor, it impacts the traffic as no one wants to wait for so long. Use of a caching Plugin helps in faster loading of website.

3) Managing Breadcrumbs

This is again another integral part and it is important to have breadcrumb to all the internal pages. It is nothing but set of links which is present on top of the page and helps in faster navigation. There are many Plugins also that can be used.

4) Use Internal Links

It is a great idea to generate traffic and keep the audience on your site by using internal links. The internal links are those that link the page that one is reading to multiple other internal blog pages which helps in better traffic and optimization.

By following above tips in recommeded Plugins, we are sure that you will see good improvements in your website SEO performance and still if you need any help in managing above plugins or need more tips, Write to us below or contact us.

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