What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Optimization allows businesses to create and enhance their social media account in other to get desired and measurable results. Having a social media optimization plan is very important if you want to build a business-customer relationship with your target audience.

Social media optimization can benefit a business in so many different ways – it can increase a business visibility, it can help a business generate qualified leads, make your brand known to your target audience and it can improve sales numbers. Also optimizing your social media makes it possible for your target audience to trust you and also get in front of your target audience.

How can we help you with our SMO Services?

Through Social Media Optimization, we can help your business in a variety of so many different ways ranging from promoting your product and building a brand on various social channels. We leverage on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest etc. Whichever area of business you find yourself, your target audience can be found in this social channels.

This is where we create content that is appealing to your niche and also educate your target audience by providing them with the right information. Essentially we help to promote businesses heavily on these social media channels so as to help them achieve their overall business goals and objectives.

Our SMO Marketing Services Include

Being the best SMO Company in Delhi, we specialize on building your business online presence through social media optimization. We help business who are trying to connect with their target market on social media to boost their followers, customer engagements and website traffic. We help them optimize their social accounts, create content that appeals to their audience and also run social ads. Some of our SMO services include:

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the biggest social media channel with over a billion active users and this makes it one of the best social media marketing channels for any SMO strategy. We start by creating a fan page for your business and optimizing it with videos, blog post, pictures and other relevant contents.

Also fill in all relevant information about your business and how customers can benefit from your products and services. Essentially what you expect from Facebook is for people to like your content, comment and the share it on their feeds so that other people (prospects) can also view it.

You will also include links to your website where your fans can click on to patronize your products and services. With Facebook you have the opportunity to meet more of your clients because of the sheer amount of people using it.

Facebook also provides business to promote their business by using paid-ads which gives you the leverage to get in front of more people, and these people are who Facebook thinks will most likely patronize your business.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is another social media channel that provides businesses with an opportunity to reach a very huge audience of people. It might not be as huge as Facebook but it has a lot of users. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that provides business and experts the opportunity to showcase their products, services and offerings.

Businesses can tweet about their business with pictures, videos and written words to communicate with their audience. Businesses also have the opportunity to conduct surveys. What you expect from people are likes, comments and retweets.

With retweets, you will be able to reach a much wider audience and get in front of people who can patronize your business. Twitter also provides businesses an opportunity to promote their business by using paid ads, this will enable businesses to boost their reach and get in front of more people. Businesses can also include the links to their website so that people can click on it and this will be able to increase their traffic and conversion all at the same time.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is another powerful social media channel but unlike Facebook and Twitter where you see all different types of people of all ages, LinkedIn is specifically for professionals and businesses who are looking for ways to connect with other businesses and professionals.

This is more like a B2B social media channel but also includes B2C as well. With LinkedIn you can also post written words as blog post, videos and pictures. People or businesses can like, comment and share on their feeds so that other people can also view it.

With LinkedIn you will be able to showcase your expertise and provide your audience with relevant content that adds value to them. LinkedIn also provides businesses the opportunity to use paid ads for reaching a much wider audience. If your business is targeting businesses or professionals, then it is a must that you use LinkedIn because it is the best platform that offers businesses with an opportunity to connect with such target market.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a social media channel that offers businesses the opportunity to showcase their products, services and offerings. Instagram is like an online magazine where you post mostly videos or pictures with little written captions that further explains what you are trying to communicate. To be more effective on Instagram, businesses has to be able to post regularly and mostly it should be video contents. This is where users can like, comment, tag other people and also share the content.

Instagram is a very powerful tool to showcase your products and even services, it is like your online brochure. Instagram also provides the opportunity to use paid ads to reach a much wider audience, you can target people from different countries, age groups and even area of interest.

Businesses can also use stories and highlights to market their products and services. Instagram is all about posting tremendous amount of relevant contents that resonates with your audience. You can also view analytics to better understand your audience, who views your content and how to better communicate with them.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is another powerful social media tool that provides businesses with a platform to showcase their products and services. Essentially pinterest is a tool that allows businesses the opportunity to post content that will draw the attention of their audience so that they will be able to click on the link to their website.

When your audience like your content, unlike other social channels on pinterest they pin it so that they can get back to it at any time. Businesses on pinterest mostly post infographics that provides their target audience with relevant information that adds value to them and also help them solve a particular problem they have.

These infographics are a short form of a long blog post that summarizes all the information under one short infographics, these lare usually embedded with the business website, social media accounts and logo. Pinterest also offers paid ads to reach a much wider audience, this will bring in a lot of traffic that will consume your content and also click through your link.

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Some of our Proven Social Media Marketing Strategies

With so much competition in virtually every industry that you can think of, staying ahead and connecting with your audience takes a lot of effort from the part of businesses. This is where we come in by providing you with tailor-made strategies that will put your business ahead of the competition. Below is a range of some of our SMO strategies that will help you grow your business:

  • Build a Strong Web Presence

Creating social channels for your business will help you build a strong web presence that will help you grow your business. By building your authority, you will appear as a leader in your industry and this will go a long way in helping you grow. Essentially you want to educate your followers on topics that are related to your industry and business, this will make them better informed.

  • Increase your Reach

By optimizing your social media accounts, you will be able to reach audience and markets that might otherwise be difficult for you to reach if you were to depend on your local reach alone. With social media a business has access to different cities – which means different customer segments and prospects for your business. This will tremendously help you grow your business and also profit.

  • Drive More Relevant Traffic

Social media optimization is a powerful strategy for generating both organic and paid traffic to your business. Most businesses involve themselves in social media optimization to generate traffic to their new website or increase the traffic flow of their existing website. Even without paid ads, a business can generate a substantial amount of traffic by optimizing their social accounts like Facebook or Instagram.

  • Generate Better Leads

Generating quality leads to your business is one of the main objectives of every business owner, whether it’s a small, medium or large business. This means that social media is not only for creating awareness, it can also be used to getting quality and better leads for your business that will help you grow.

What should you look into Before Hiring a Social Media Management Agency?

Relevant Industry Experience

When it comes to SMO, any Social Media Marketing agency can handle it for you. However to be effective in helping you get the desirable results you seek like generating traffic, getting leads and increasing profits, it takes an experienced agency to pull this off. You need an experienced SMO agency that can help you pull this off, we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients get the desirable results that they seek.

Compatibility & Communication

Like stated earlier, a white label agency can handle your SMO however you will need to make a research to find out if they are really capable and competent. Also you want an agency that will communicate with your frequently in uncovering your unique needs and creating tailor made SMO solutions that will help you achieve your business objectives.

Timeliness & Deadline

This is one of the most important things you should look for in any ROI marketing agency, which is providing you with the right strategy and also bringing in desirable results fast and on time. Agencies that are being patronized at all times by clients are the ones that bring in desirable results fast and on time.

Economical & Reasonable

Because you are looking for ways to promote your business which is essentially because you want to increase profits, you definite don’t want to spend a lot of money promoting your business because that will eat up your profit. So essentially you want to look for an agency that is quit economical in terms of their marketing service fees and also one that is reasonable in terms of their processes.

Our Process

Being one of the best 360 degree digital marketing agency, we deliver tailor-made SMO strategies for business of all types and sizes so as to put them in front of clients who are ready to patronize their services or products. We work with both domestic and international clients. All through the years we have become one of the leading SMO services in Delhi because of our track record of providing quality, effective and efficient services to our various clients. This is because we follow the best industry practices that delivers quality and effective results to our clients. Below is an outline of our SMO services process that we follow:

Increase your Business Analysis


We make an audit of the business in other to understand the business in its general sense and also the needs of the owner. This is where we conduct intensive conversations with the business owner and also carryout various research that will help us better understand both the business and the client.

We Care About Your Business

Increase your Business Analysis


After making the plan, we come to the next stage. This is the phase where we implement our strategy for your faster result. We create video contents, brainstorm targeted hashtags, be more engaging, collaborate with influencers etc.

Increase your Business Analysis

Review and Repeat

This is the last stage of our process where we review our efforts to get some insights as to what is working and what needs some adjustments or improvement. We also organize regular reports that will be used by our team and also our client. Based on our insight, we fine tune the strategies that does not work and then repeat what works so as to get more results for our client’s.

Why Should you Choose us?

Below are some of the reasons why leading brands choose us as their preferred Social Media Marketing Agency:

Innovative Approach

As the best social media management agency in delhi, our innovative and creative approach towards SMO makes us one of the leading SMO services in India , this is because we are constantly creating new ideas and imagining new methods that will help our clients achieve their objectives.

Return on Investments

Collaborating with our agency for your Social medial optimization services is one of the best decisions our client’s make because they tend to be satisfied with the results they get from their investments. What we always tell our clients is that every dollar spent is an investment that will reap benefits for their business.

High-Quality Services

In whatever we do for our client’s, we make sure that at every stage of our process quality is being checked. We do not compromise on quality because we follow the best international practices. Means to say, with us you will get the best and high-quality services that will help you to return your investment.

Customer Support

Our 24x7 customer support team are always available to ensure that all complaints from our clients are being attended to and also solved to their satisfaction. We never leave a customer unsatisfied and left-alone. We ensure that every step in our processes are in favor of our clients and we also try to make things easy for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

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