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Are you looking for a way to find someone on social media using just their username?

Well, the username isn’t all the information that you need to find someone, but you can search social media by username when you don’t have much information about the person you are looking for.

There are a lot of Social media username search tools (we have mentioned below) available in the market that can help you to conduct a reverse search using the username. Though it isn’t a very efficient technique, can be helpful otherwise as well.

Well, before we move on to the effective tools that are designed to perform username search, let us uncover a few things related to this –
Why searching for a username on social media is needed?

How to perform the entire process with minimum effort and time consumption?

Here we go!

How Username Search Social Media is Helpful?

If by the end of conducting a reverse username on search social media, you aren’t able to find the exact person you’re looking for, you will surely have more information related to them.

While it can compromise web-privacy, the majority of the users tend to apply the same username on all online platforms, including social channels.

This is similar to having a single email address on different websites, as remembering multiple ids can be a bit confusing.

Now, if the person you’re looking for has a similar thought process as yours, conducting a social media username search can be an excellent option for you.

Here, in this article, we have come up with some best Tips for Conducting a Social Media Username Search.

Some Tips to Conduct Username Search

1. Search Social Media By Username

The very first option is to find a social profile or search username on social media is using Facebook’s “Find Friends” feature. It is the most common feature often used by social media users to find someone on social media. However, the only challenge that arises is the result containing hundreds of individuals of the same username.

You can further narrow your username search by geographic location, schools attended, employers, and more. Remember, information accessibility ultimately depends on the user’s privacy settings.

2. Use Google Advanced Search

Finding someone on a particular social media username search engine might not be as helpful as looking for them using Google Advanced Search. Even if you are done with the normal search, you must not give up without trying out this particular search option. To perform Google advanced search what you need is the individual’s name, location, and other possible keywords that can narrow down your search results.

For example: If you look for someone on Facebook using just their username, you’re bound to find hundreds of names, while none of them is relevant.

However, if you were to do the same thing using Google Advanced Search, it just might do the job. Be it your Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat username lookup, you can choose this option to find the individual easily.

Here’s what you can do: in url:<username of the person you’re looking for>

You can perform a search by mentioning the username directly.
And, if you have a collection of words that you want to search, use one of them that is sure to be a part of the URL.

For example: in url:Samsung

3. Use Specific Sites

Some data might not be accessible to all search engines. However, you can conduct a search on the specified website itself to get more fruitful results. Websites like Spotify having their own search function, you can derive more information about the individual simply by putting the username.

For example: Search for a username on Spotify in the following way:


Another website that allows to search for information related to an individual is Reddit. Reddit Comment Search lets you find comments made with the username. Enter the username into the Reddit search box to find all the posts submitted by them.

Use the following format to do so:


4. Check on Social Media Brand Search Engine

The next option is to look for a username search engine that enables users to find a person instantly. Some popular yet free people search engines are, Peek You, Instant Username Search, etc.

Check out the KnowEm social media brand search engine. This unique social media username search engine allows you to carry an instantaneous search of more than 500 distinct social networks. While its main objective is to find brand information, it also works for the multiple social media wide username search.

5. Reverse Search

Reverse search option can be performed in several ways. You can either perform this using images or phone numbers. Try doing a reverse image search. Besides, username social media tools, several different platforms allow you to upload or include a URL to an image and run a reverse search. If you have a pic of the person you’re trying to find on social media, you may be able to reveal some data this way.

Besides the reverse image, you can even use the person’s phone number as a search keyword. Many individuals prefer adding phone numbers to their social media profiles. You can simply type the number and find the person associated with it. However, in some cases, the phone number needs to be verified whenever it is used, to ensure top security while driving information.

6. Search by email

Search social media by email is often the most effective option when you are tired of finding a username using other features. Social media users have a tendency to use the same email address on different websites. You can definitely take this email address as a clue to find an individual over social media platforms. Such detail works amazingly for searching people on social media.

Why Finding Someone On Social Media Can Be Difficult?

Searching for someone online, especially on social media, can be a bit challenging. Now, this may have multiple reasons.

Some people believe in keeping their social profiles private. In fact, some social media channels ensure strong privacy by providing this particular option to users. This makes the search process hard and complicated, depriving them to connect with people and grab different opportunities.

Another challenge appears when a user ends up finding the wrong individual on social media. This happens because not all individuals share authentic information on social platforms. Sometimes the limited information generates multiple questions, making it difficult to take a wise decision about the individual.

However, by using a proper username search tool, and by embracing the above-mentioned steps, it can be easier to find someone in just 5 minutes.

List of Some Best Social Media Username Search Tools

If the social media tips are not convenient for you, you can try to search usernames on a few best social media username search tools. We also have shared some of the search tools’ names below. Have a look!


PIPL is one of the most widely known social media username search tools that allow you to get contact information about people, be it social or professional.

It works in all countries and requires one to enter a name, email, phone number, or username and enter the location (optional).

PIPL offers 2 weeks free trial to search social username after which you can join their subscription as per your requirement.

2. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is another excellent username search social media tool, though it’s not available for free.

By entering the name, email, phone number, or address, you can find information like pictures, background records, friends, connections, and more of the person you’re looking for. Though you can access the basic details with a simple sign-up, you need to subscribe to a membership to get some background details about someone.

While you can search social media by the username to gather details of people all over the globe, some of its features are limited to the US only.

3. Whitepages

Whitepages isn’t only an efficient tool to search wide username but is also a great online directory service that helps to find more information related to someone.

From providing information like current contact details and current family members to letting you know the background records like properties and criminal and court records, Whitepages premium membership can help you with all of it.

4. Spokeo

Another username search social media tool Spokeo aggregates data from online and offline sources. It’s one of the best lead enrichment tools that helps you find personal, social, and professional details of individuals through email, names, telephone numbers, and other basic details. The best thing about this tool is it provides in-depth information about the individual whom you are searching for.

However, if you opt for Spokeo’s advanced search, you have to pay a few bucks to obtain the detailed report. The basic report includes name, age, relation, location, city, etc. While the details shared in the advanced report is worth the cost.

5. UserNameChecker

UserNameChecker is a free tool that allows users to search across 50+ social networks at once and find out a username within a few seconds. Just you need to type the username and hit the search button. The social media username search tool will show the exact availability status for the keyword you have put on search.

6. UserSearch

UserSearch is another most dominating username search tool that can bring results within 15 seconds. To find anyone online and on different social networks, forums, chat apps, and other platforms, this particular tool makes the perfect option. From Snapchat username lookup to reverse search, everything is possible with this tool.

Some Added Notes

You can use all the information you collect along the way to find even better social media wide username search results. For example, if someone has posted a blog using the username you’re looking for, use the name to search for them elsewhere.

While it is possible they might not use the same username, you’re sure to find more information related to them.

But sometimes, locating a person over the internet using social media username search tools, isn’t possible for an amateur, particularly if the target user has taken deliberate actions to secure privacy.

If you’ve tried all of the suggestions above, from the username search engine option to the email search option, yet can’t find any result, you should consider getting some professional help.

To share any thoughts that might help our readers, please use the comment section to let us know!

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