Why need a Static Web Designing Company Services?

Static website design company makes the websites load faster.Did you know that the website which is fast to load is more likely to sustain competitive advantages in terms of traffic and conversions?

With a well-planned static design layout, your website maximizes the probability of higher conversion rates. You must know that static website designing services does not require hefty database designing and big programming to maintain the content present. A static website is purely written in HTML and displays similar information to every visitor. Static websites designs are easy to create and deploy zero complexity in programming.You will be surprised to know that many businesses prefer a static website design over others because it is less complicated and easier to run.In a static website, you can simply write in your content in any word processor and upload it in the form of .htm or .php webpage.

Go for static websites designs if:

  • You fear security breach.
  • You value reliability, speed and flexibility.
  • You want to have a version control.

So, take advantage of speed, reliability and security by having a static website design carefted for you by Ethane Technologies based in India.

Benefits of Static Website Designing to Business

  • Simple for Search Engines to Index: The static website designs are easier to crawl upon by the search engines which maximize the probability to attract more customers.
  • Saves Your Money: Static Web Designing is cost-effective and a perfect fit for the small companies.
  • Easy to Design & Develop: Static websites take little time in the designing and development.
  • Easy to modify: If you know basic HTML coding, you can easily modify website in case you need to incorporate any changes later.

Why Ethane Technologies?

Now that you have realized the importance of static web designing services for your business, Ethane Technologies endeavours to show your business and services online in the right light with a custom static web designing company in India that does not require frequent updates. Ethane homes a huge volume of technical talent and web experts that make your static websites designs excellent and unique.

Ethane Technologies provides professional static website designing services and deliver highly appealing and creative static websites designs to its clients. We help businesses explain their company’s objectives and goals through their static websites.

  • Ethane assists in planning, designing and development of static corporate websites.
  • We can also make personal static website Designs in limited budget.
  • We are equipped with a team of proficient static website developers who can make you design an appealing and exceptional website at a cost-effective price.
  • Our static web designing company is ideal for the startups who are searching for the effective methods to get their message out.
  • We make SEO friendly static webpages.

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  • Building the structure of the website
  • Creation of an appealing web page
  • Designing the layout

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This is dependent upon the amount of information you wish to have on your website. If you have multiple products and services, then it will be profitable for you to incorporate database in your website design.

We give the complete access to the clients who want to speak directly with their designers and developers. If you want to know about the progress of your project, then we will timely update you.

The time of creation is dependent upon the size and complexity involved in a particular project. If you have a deadline, then we will deliver a highly functional static website within the set time frame.

It is totally dependent on the type of website and the number of pages you want to have for your website. For instance, if you need a website with five pages with no animation, then it would cost you less.

No, we first discuss the designing requirements of the clients and after that, we provide them apt pricing. Once you made an order of designing with us, our team will start working strictly adhering to the price quote.

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