24 Best Things To Post On Snapchat to Boost Traffic – Tips & Tricks For 2020

Apart from the prominent features, Snapchat also takes a heap of hidden features. In this post, we’re planning to check out unique hidden Snapchat features and show you exactly how to get the best use of them.

Here, we’ll share the best things to post on Snapchat in 2020 as well as the top Snapchat trends, tips, and tricks that you must follow in 2020.

So, here comes our Awesome Snapchat Ideas You Can’t Be Missing In 2020…

24 Things To Do On Snapchat in 2020

1. Snapchat Face Lenses

After you have clicked a photograph, Snapchat is going to show you a Smiley icon beneath the Paperclip’ website link icon. Tap it to use the total selection of experience lenses while you do when you’re using them before taking the photo.

Do remember that the character is only going to do the job if the full face of yours is visible. If your picture does not show your face obviously, the mobile app won’t show the Smiley icon permitting you to access the face lenses.

Well, there are a lot of things to do on Snapchat with these, like to stream video games on Twitch with Snapchat air filters, or perhaps make video phone calls with Snapchat air filters applied to the face of yours.

2. Create Personalized Lenses and Filter

Another US-centric characteristic that Snapchat launched fairly recently will be the capability to produce lenses and filters immediately out of your Snapchat app. The filters as well as lenses that you generate will be geo-tagged and can be for sale just for a pre-specified time.

The concept here’s that owners are able to make customized filters for various events like weddings or birthday parties. To produce a filter, check out go to profile -> settings -> and tap on Filters & Lenses option.

3. Customized Skin Tone for Emoji

Emojis optimization are actually a fun way to communicate with your family and friends. You are able to spice up actually the dullest of mail messages with a bit of fun emojis. In case, you’re somebody who uses a great deal of emojis of course, if you happen to use a skin tone preference for these people, then simply you are able to establish a default skin firmness.

In order to establish the default skin tone for emoji, navigate to Snapchat’s viewfinder page as well as tap the profile page of yours and tap on the adjustments panel. As soon as you’re in the adjustments webpage, search for an alternative known as ‘Manage’, inside that, you will discover that the alternative known as Emoji Skin Tone’.

Here, just tap on the preferred skin tone of yours, and most of the emojis of yours will show in place in the exact same color going forward.

It is a basic tip, though a lot of owners do not truly know about it. It can help you save a lot of time if there’s a certain skin that you always work with.

4. Identify Songs Easily With Shazam Integration

Although it is not really a brand new feature, yet not a lot of people know about this. And so, tell me, did you realize that you are able to use Snapchat’s Shazam integration to determine the songs that you are enjoying?

In case you did not know, do not worry as we’re going to tell you exactly how to do that. All that you have to do is to release the app as well as press and keep on the camera’s viewfinder till the song is recognized by the app. Once you are done, you can use the trending song with your snaps as it’s one of the best things to post on Snapchat in 2020.

5. Share Stories On Other Apps

To discuss a story outside Snapchat, rather than tapping on a story in order to see, hold, tap, and it to get options. Thereafter, you’ll also get the choice to discuss the story outside of the app.

6. The New Snapchat Interface

Fortunately, the changes are significantly less extreme as the internet reviews make it look. In reality, the latest update makes the app even more approachable. From there you can swipe straight from the left to get into the chats of yours which are currently rebranded as Friends. That is because today the Friends page not just contains all the chats of yours but likewise your friends’ accounts.

7. Personalized Snapchat Experience

Absolutely no, do not get me wrong. It is not always full of useless bits of info, though the webpage is usually populated with rumors and gossip or maybe other pop culture subjects.

But guess what? You are able to flip a few switches and allow it to be much better. For starters, on Snapchat’s viewfinder web page, tap the profile of yours and reach the settings cog. Now, search for an option called Manage’, inside that you will see two other available choices known as Advert Preferences’ as well as Lifestyle & Interests’.

In the “Advert preferences” section you can flip the toggles for all the subjects you get to apply to you and ideally, Snapchat will demonstrate to you much less of the Jenner and Kardashian accounts in the Discover page and much more of what you would like to find out.

8. Find Your Fav Celeb

When you would like to look for celebrities to check out on Snapchat though you do not wish to get into their username one by one, there’s a simple way to locate celebrities on Snapchat. Simply tap on the Search switch inside the Snapchat app and hunt for the term “official”.

Snapchat will list out all of the recognized profiles starting with recognized celebrities. Naturally, not all of the celebrities could be found like this, nonetheless, it is a simple method to look for plenty of celebrities without putting their username one by one.

Moreover, being influenced by your fav star and creating your own version is one of the great things to post on Snapchat in 2020. Never lose the chance!

9. Send Money With Snapchat

Only a few months back, Snapchat released a Snapcash element allowing users to send cash to their friends and other contacts. Currently, sadly, the element is only offered in the US for right now. In case you’re residing in the US and wish to utilize this particular feature, first you are going to have to create the payment of yours. Here, scroll right down to find Snapcash choice and tap onto set it up.

Remember, you have to be above eighteen years of age to run this feature. In order to set it up you are going to have to first get into your credit/debit card details then include it with the account of yours. After you let that happen, open the talk on the individual you wish to send cash to plus type in the quantity you would like to send out.

10. Disable Snap Map

A number of months ago, Snapchat created a new Snap Map function which allows the friends of yours to find exactly where you’re so that they are able to join you or maybe vice versa.

Fortunately, there is a setting within the Snap Map element that enables you to keep the location of yours to yourself. To do that, release the app and also touch in with 2 hands to get into the Snap Map Mode. Here, faucet on the gear icon and make it possible for Ghost Mode. Ghost Mode is going to ensure that none of the friends of yours is able to see the location of yours.

11. Download History Data

Want to check what type of data Snapchat is keeping on you? Yes, you can easily do that by simply asking Snapchat to provide you with the data they have accumulated so far. In case, you first need to visit the accounts.Snapchat.com page and log in to the page with your Snapchat username and password.

12. Audience Analytics

Snapchat lastly unveiled a characteristic known as Snapchat Insights for creators allowing them to discover Story Views as well as View Time digested by week, month, and then season. Now, tap on the Insights button. Here Snapchat is going to provide 2 different analytics parameters.

The very first will be the Story View stats which displays the total amount of times your stories are seen after the beginning of the season. It is much like YouTube and YouTube Views Watch time.

13. Use Context Cards

Recently Snapchat also unveiled a brand new feature called Context Cards that enables users to get contextual info on Snapchat accounts by swiping up upon them. The Context Cards can feature info, such as reviews from customers and critics, instructions to the venue, working hours of functioning, phone numbers to get in touch with, rides from ride-sharing services, and other things.

At present, the function is actually living solely in select countries, nonetheless, the business has promised that they are going to expand this particular feature to more nations really soon. Remember when a story comes with a connected context card, it is going to show an upward arrow together with the term a lot more written below it.

14. Invest in Snap Store

Snapchat is actually recognized for selling its very own merchandise through its platform and also the company not too long ago expanded its choice by launching its genuine Snap Store within the US. Users could quickly locate the Snap Store by going to the Discover area of this app.

15. Magic Eraser Tool on Snapchat

Even though this one isn’t as new as several of the others with this list, surprisingly not a lot of people understand it. The magic eraser application on users is allowed by Snapchat to delete undesirable items that they’ve found in the digital camera frame. In order to make use of the device, as soon as you’ve grabbed a snap, tap on the scissors icon and get a makeover for your desired things to post on Snapchat in 2020.

16. Bitmoji Deluxe

A few days ago Snapchat unveiled the brand new Bitmoji Deluxe edition which provides plenty of different skin tones, accessories, facial features, hair colors, hairstyles, and much more to the Bitmoji app. If time is taken by you to design your Bitmoji, you can help make it appear almost like the replica of yours.

17. When Chats Should be Deleted

After the chats have been seen by both the sender as well as receivers, they’re removed automatically. The chats in team chats are actually wiped out after twenty-four hours. Nevertheless, you have got the choice to manage the automatic deletion of the chat of yours.

You can configure the chats of yours to get removed immediately after they have been viewed by you or maybe 24 hours after looking at them.

18. Stop Friends to Request The Location

While we love to share the location of mine with loved friends and ones, at times we entirely disable location sharing to get pleasure from a few special moments with a little more privacy. And that is when we disallow everybody to request the location of mine.

In case you additionally belong to the same school of consideration, you will appreciate this privacy-centric feature. To do, therefore, go as follows – profile -> Settings -> See My Location ->. Now, move next to the “Allow close friends to ask for my location”.

19. Clear Snapchat History (Specific/All)

Do you usually find Snapchat struggling to jog smoothly or even crash out unexpectedly? Chances are quite high that the social network app might be totally cluttered. In case you’re taking a look at this particular situation, clearing all of the caches may assist the app to eliminate exhaustion.

Apart from allowing you to recover some special room on the device of yours, it can additionally continue your privacy intact. Tap on profile -> Settings -> Clear Cache. Next, you can clear all of the Snapchat stories at one go or even get rid of the particular history as browse cache, stories cache, memories cache, and other things.

20. Enable Smart Backup

Snapchat will come with a seriously neat feature known as Smart Backup which allows you back upwards your memories more than mobile data when Wi-Fi is actually unavailable.

Thinking about how essential memories are, you might wish to create the best value of this particular feature so that many of the special moments of yours will stay protected. To allow it, click on your profile -> settings -> Memories. Next, switch for the Smart Backup.

21. Control Where Your Memories Are Saved

By default, your brakes are truly preserved in the Memories. Nevertheless, you can decide to preserve it in the photo library of yours or perhaps both in the picture library and memories. Should you want to control exactly where your memories are stored, click profile -> settings -> Memories -> Save Button.

22. Who Can View Your Story

Though Snapchat can make the stories of yours viewable to just the friends of yours, you can eliminate this restriction and allow anybody to take a look at your accounts. In case, you would like your fashionable snaps to have lots of traffic on the social network app, allow everybody to open the story of yours.

But, in case, you wish to give a bit more privacy to your clicks, you can personalize the adjustments to allow just selected friends to open them. To get going, head into Snapchat settings -> View My Story, and pick the preferred choice.

23. Manage Story Notifications

Did you realize that you can deal with the story notifications? In case you have not yet tried out this very neat feature, allow me to let you know it allows you to get notifications when selected close friends and subscriptions publish a new story.

From what we could see it could be very useful for the people that do not wish to overlook the accounts of the friends of theirs and favorite subscriptions. To get it done, head over to Snapchat Settings -> Notifications -> Manage Story Notifications. Now it’s ready to hit ‘Done’ to confirm.

24. Enable Two Factor Authentication

In an era in which sensational hacking, as well as information tracking, has become the concern of the day along with the right things to post on Snapchat in 2020. Therefore, an additional level of safeguard is the path to take.

In case you have not yet shielded your Snapchat talk account against hacking, right now is great to do it. In order to get it accomplished, go to Snapchat settings -> Two-Factor Authentication -> Continue. Now, stick to the directions to allow the 2FA for the Snapchat chat account.

Best Snapchat Ideas For Android & iPhones In 2020

Hence, the new Snapchat User Interface can be complicated for things to post on Snapchat in 2020, particularly for the users who have been habituated to the earlier UI since its launch. Nevertheless, we do think that once you get adapted to the new UI, you will enjoy all the new features that the framework is bringing after launching the new User Interface.

So, let us know which one is your favorite tip. Just drop your valuable opinion in the comment box below.

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