Top 20 Coding Blog’s List for Web Developers/Coders Help & Support

The web development and coding are the dynamic processes. They are not constant phenomena because the technology is changing, the ideas are going through the revolution process, the minds are becoming agiler and demands are increasing. And in this highly changing environment creating websites and working on the web development field needs a constant quest for the knowledge.

Yeah, the new trends and technological advancements can pose you challenge if you fail to keep up with the changing dynamics.

Here is the list of top 20 coding blog’s list for web developers, most admired blog in the tech community that you should read to satisfy the hunger for knowledge. Read through:

  1. Coding Horror

Jeff Atwood an experienced web application developer is the founder of this blog. The blog educates the reader about the methodologies and tricks of dealing with the development process and security issues. This blog not only sheds light on the technological aspect but also it touches the human side of the development process.

  1. Six Revisions

If you want to brush up your UI and UX site designing skills, then choose this blog site. In addition, this site offers a range of tutorials, news and tends too. This is not all, you can find a range of written materials on different frameworks such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

  1. Pragdave

Dave Thomas is the founder of this site; he is inspired by Zen philosophy that promotes adaptability and flexibility. This site is a great place for various resources like development advice, news, tutorials, and opinions.

  1. Ytechie

The Founder of this blog site has a great sense of humor. His bio says that his brain is programmed with C, he speaks Node.js, and he believes that the universe is running on Azure. Well, for the people who want to have fun while gaining knowledge should visit this site! You are going to find a ton of humorous and insightful articles.

  1. Exploration Through Example

This site is pretty descriptive as the name suggests. The founder and author Brian Marick believes that only through trial and error method things can be understood and accomplished.  So, you are going to encounter enough of experimental suppositions and incidents that make you better agile developer.

  1. Tapiki blog – Server Debugging Made Easy

Seriously, do not you wish that you should have known the tricks of stopping the bugs to take place and server crashes so that you can go out with your girlfriend on the weekend rather than hunting down the bugs in a lonely cubicle that looks like a vast island of loneliness? Then read this blog.

  1. Fueled Blog

All the serious people who want to express quality through their work should read this blog because you are going to find some serious stuff, simplification of complicated apps and some serious and unerring professionalism.

  1. Programming Throwdown

It is in fact, it is a programming showdown. Yeah, might not be in a violent sense but certainly in revolutionizing manner because each episode has some new language and new technology to discuss.

  1. WatchDown – Programming

This is a Zambian e-newspaper that publishes articles on business strategy, programming language and other tech-related topics for its readers. So, get ready to have a fresh look at some of the new trends in the market.

  1. Software By Rob

Are you a lover of SaaS products? Well, then this blog by the serial entrepreneur who worked as a software professional in the past has to share some timeless insights in the SaaS development.

  1. Succeeding With Agile

Being an agile developer is not a matter of fragility. In fact, this blog will clear the air of the doubt that you carry about the agile development as an unconventional process.

  1. A Geek With A Hat

This is a very unusual blog site. Well, it is not that it does not talk about technology; of course, it does, but besides the technology, it also speaks about the industry, the job prospect and the challenges of being a developer. Now, this is going to be a leisurely reading experience.

  1. The Daily WTF

How many times have you felt that life is boring and utterly repetitive?  and do you realize how badly you want shout saying “WTF” Well, that is a common occurrence and a well-known emotion that threatens the sanity of the humanity. But you can certainly break out of the disastrous mindset by reading some hilarious failures in the development industry. Yeah, that is going to be fun.

  1. Code simplicity

If you love the complexity of the simplification process, then you should read this blog. This will educate you to learn the art of simplicity as far as life and business are concerned.

  1. Aphyr

This blog speaks about the coding world and code testing in particular. Not only that but it also provides you an interface to check your coding skills via a code test. If you are someone who loves to know more about code testing, then you should visit this blog and read.

  1. David Walsh

This blog is written by David Walsh who works as senior developer in Mozilla. The articles here are insightful and educative. Especially, for the people who want to improve their skill and knowledge on the front-end development technology must follow his articles and advice.

  1. Martin Fowler

The Author of this site Martin Fowler has already written seven books on programming. His blogs are timeless resources for the aspiring and experienced developers alike. His keen interest lies in the agile development, project delivery, and refactoring.

  1. UIE Brainsparks

User Interface Engineering is thriving to educate developers on improving their UI and UX development. Lengthy commentaries articles and podcasts are its way of communication. Developers who want to explore the UI and UX field should follow this blog.

  1. Silk And Spinach

The author of this site is a freelancing agile developer, this blog specifically aims to attract agile developers. The author’s experience in agile development field makes this blog site an insightful site for the agile developers.

  1. Word Aligned

Thomas Guest, the author of this blog strikes a balance between the witticism and technical expertise. You are going to discover a bit of personal anecdote here and there along with technical articles.

We have compile this list of Top 20 Coding Blog’s List as per the  searching trends and developers activeness on these blogs still if you find that we miss any blogs who really deserve to have in this list, please write in comment below.

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