What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is a continuous process of checking the site for bugs, mistakes, vulnerabilities, and keeping it updated and upgraded. Consistency of the maintenance process keeps your website healthy, promote traffic growth, and boost your SEO and search engine rankings.

For companies from small to big, website maintenance is essential in order to attract, engage, and retain customers. Further, the regular monitoring of the website keeps the business running smooth.

How we can help you with Website Maintenance Services?

There are several maintenance liabilities to perform periodically. Some of the tasks are also time-sensitive, like website security checks, updates, and patches. Without these, your online business has the potential to fall in danger. With all these in mind, a leading website maintenance company follow the major website maintenance tasks on the specific interval -

Weekly Tasks To Be Done

  • Check if all pages are loading without errors.
  • Run a backup and keep a previous version of the site stored.
  • Make updates to website software, applications, and plugins.
  • Check functionality of the forms.
  • Remove any junk and spam from pages and posts.

Monthly Tasks To Be Done

  • Check page load speed and make sure nothing embroil performance.
  • Review security scans and ensure everything is in place.
  • Analyze website statistics from the past months.
  • Review the blog section to see if any article needs modification or update.
  • To examine all the pages of the websites.

Quarterly Tasks To Be Done

  • Check website design and structure if any improvement required.
  • Review graphics and images to check for any update.
  • Evaluate SEO and Meta Tags to ensure they are productive.
  • Test and tweak pop-ups, forms, and CTAs.
  • Review workload for employee efficiency and to recognize the scope of automation.

Yearly Tasks To Be Done

  • Update reference to the current year.
  • Review every page for content accuracy, and relevancy.
  • Compare any active email addresses to check if any are unnecessary and can delete.
  • Ensure the website domain name renewal.
  • Review the top-performing blog and articles and update with new content.

Our Website Maintenance Services Include

Isn't it a sigh of relief once you launch your website, and it runs great? Yes, but that is temporary. Your website requires regular maintenance. Though you may think website maintenance is considerably about fixing bugs, in reality, website maintenance services encompasses a lot more maintenance services. Here's what our all-inclusive best website maintenance services includes -

ethane technologies

ethane technologies  Scan for Security Vulnerabilities

Security is the primary concern for any business online and also the very first reason for website maintenance. As a trusted website maintenance company, we check for the security vulnerabilities and fix them to make sure that your website is not attacked or hacked.

ethane technologies  Repairs and Fixes

We run both internal and external link checkers that are used to identify errors, bugs, and broken links (if any), and fix them promptly to assist your website to perform well on the search engines. These activities have a significant impact on maintaining websites.

ethane technologies  Browser Compatibility Testing

We make sure that your website functionality, like filling up forms, contact forms, checkout forms are working smoothly, and the website is compatible with rarely-used browsers, as well. Google is the most preferred search engine instead of Bing or Yahoo.

ethane technologies  Software Update

Your website is dependent on several significant application software, like the content management system, customer relationship management, which you need to update to upgrade their themes and plugins. Like there are many tools for e-commerce websites that are used to maintain stocks.

ethane technologies  Hybrid & Website Backups

Database backups are essential for every maintaining the websites and that's why we include automatic weekly website backup in our website maintenance services. Further, the website maintenance costs are inclusive of website restoration once in every six months.

ethane technologies  Site Speed Check

Our website maintenance services include periodical site speed checks, and optimization if required. To enhance the productivity of any website, there are many tools that helps to raise-up the speed of a site. These activities increase the traffic of a site on a regular basis.

ethane technologies  Search Engine Optimization

Our ongoing SEO and digital marketing services go hand in hand with website maintenance to recognize the issues which affect the search engine ranking and make efforts to fix them quickly. SEO is one of the best way to raise the pure organic traffic of a site.

ethane technologies  Analytics

Using Google Analytics dashboard, we examine the critical metrics of your website and the drifts in the key metrics. Google analystics helps to analyse the overall view of a site. It checks keywords - whether keywords are easy, hard, or moderate to rank on search engines.

ethane technologies  Website Content

Both the search engine and users prefer current and updated content on websites. Regular revision of your content, correction of existing issues, and updates of the latest information with targeted keywords are some of the crucial parts of our website maintenance services.

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You should choose a leading and trusted website maintenance company like ours, for the best website maintenance services. Only an established and experienced website maintenance agency can offer a professional service at most lucrative packages. Our ace services and affordable website maintenance costs talks for us. There are proven reasons that make us the best service provider of website maintenance services.

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  • We provides Robust website maintenance services to various industries.
  • Analyze organic traffic, blog subscription growth, conversion rates, ROI, and much more
  • Help you concentrate on core businesses by relieving you from website maintenance follow-ups
  • It helps you manage all the orders to meet customer needs.

As a certified website maintenance company, our support team is the ideal to address your maintenance concerns. Further, our dedicated customer support team is available for 24X7, with the promise to offer excellent communication to our proposed and existing clients. We guarantee we make website maintenance safe and without problems. Feel free to talk to our support team for any assistance concerning our services and packages, discussing new projects, informing you about the status of an ongoing project, and any business inquiries.

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