Why Choose Magento Platform For E-Commerce Web Development in 2020

You must have heard of e-commerce. E-commerce means Electronic Commerce. When a business owner sells products online, it’s e-commerce. When you do e-commerce, you sell to millions of people directly. You can also scale your business by doing e-commerce. You can sell your products globally. Whether your business is located in main market or at a different location, it doesn’t matter. Your shop location doesn’t decide if you can do e-commerce or not. E-commerce is for all, anyone can sell products to online buyers on their e-commerce website.

If you are looking for e-commerce web development services for your business this blog is going to help you out. Well, there are lots of e-commerce platform available that you can choose for e-commerce development. Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms. Built on open-source technology, Magento is an e-commerce platform that enables merchants to control the look, functionality and content of their online shop. You can also choose a magento ecommerce development company for your e-commerce website. Magento 2 offers several plugins & features that will be beneficial for your business.

This blog is going to tell you about e-commerce web development. And you will also know why Magento e-commerce website is perfect for your business. But first, you should know about the basic e-commerce website and what are the essential things that matter while development. After that, you will know the features of Magento e-commerce websites.

Essential parts of an e-commerce website –

  • Good looking website

A good-looking website can make a great impression on the visitor. High quality graphics, well-managed content, attractive fonts and style, all these elements enhance the look of a website.

A simple and useful UI enhance the look of a website. The more attractive the UI, the more beautiful your website will be.

A UI (user interface) generally consists following four components –

  1. Input controls – (Checkboxes, radio buttons, list boxes, dropdown list, toggles, text field, etc. )
  2. Navigational component – (Search field, Pagination, Breadcrumb, Tags, Icons, Sliders, etc.)
  3. Informational component – (notification, message box, progress bars, etc. )
  4. Accordion – (Vertically slacked list of items)

A good UI increases user involvement and user feel convenient to browse on the website. 

  • Secure payment gateway

Buyers pay online to buy products on the e-commerce website. Buyers share the important details of their credit/debit card to pay for the products they buy. As Cyber crime is increasing day by day, these transaction details need to be secured.

  • Optimized performance

Everybody wants great experience on a website. A smooth experience with no hassle. To give users this experience, developers perform a lot of quality tests to make a bug-free website. There are lots of issues that are required to be solved throughout the web development such as page loading issue, internal and external link working etc.

The web developers try to optimize the performance of website. They ensure that the web page loading time is minimum. The web page loading speed should be fast as possible, because every user wants quick service. If your website is unable to respond quickly, it may create a bad impression on the user.

So, these were the essential things that an e-commerce website must have. Let’s now know the features of a Magento e-commerce website.

Features of a Magento e-commerce website –

  • SEO friendly web pages

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. A website should be SEO -friendly so that it can reach to maximum online users. Also, Google give preference in the search result to those websites that are SEO -friendly. Magento platform also support SEO friendly URLs. You can also rewrite the URLs links.

Websites that have high quality content get shown on the initial search pages of search engine including Google. Websites built on Magento platform are SEO friendly. Magento helps the websites to climb in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) through white-hat SEO.

Magento platform provides built-in designs to develop responsive websites. Magento websites have high page load speed, efficient UI. These are essential things that affect website’s SEO ranking. It also supports products categories and Meta data of each page that also adds-in to improve the search engine ranking of websites.

Magento also auto- generates the site map and Google site maps to provide better user experience to the customers while they travel. 

  • Third party integration 

Third party integration means website is integrated with any other service for the betterment of the website and the user. Both the website owner and the user get some advance features when website use third party tools and plugins. Third party tools like Analytics tools help business owner get the important insights of their e-commerce. Business owners get to know the data like most purchased product in a week, month or in a particular time period. Business owners also get to know the buyer’s behavior. They get to know various marketing aspects and plan their strategy according to them. You can also hire business analyst who will help you in marketing your business and planning future strategies. Hope you must have understood the importance of the third party tools and the benefits it provides to the business owners. 

  • Secure and reliable 

Every website needs security from hackers. E-commerce websites needs more security because thousands of buyers transact money here. The payment gateway needs to follow SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer) protocol so that the digital communication get secured and the hackers could not steal the credit/ debit card credentials.

Magento leads other e-commerce platforms in providing security to the users. Magento provides better security while payment. You should choose the Magento platform for e-commerce web development if you want to provide better security and reliable services to your customer. 

  • Customizable themes and templates

Magento offers many themes and templates for e-commerce websites. They all are customizable. This is one of the most amazing features of Magento platform. This feature allow business owners and magento ecommerce developers to design and develop a custom website. Business owners and the developers can choose themes from a wide range of Magento themes. These themes and templates are built to suit different types of e-commerce stores. You can find a lot of different kinds of themes that can cover several types of web design needs.

Anyone can download these customizable themes from Magento’s official pages. You can also get them from third party websites but you would need to pay for it. You can easily get the technical support for your website if you face any issue with the third party themes. Third party themes providers will assist you to solve your problem.

So, these were the major features of a Magento e-commerce website. These features will help business owners to compete with e-commerce giants in online market.

Why you should hire a magento ecommerce development company for your startup’s website?

Suppose you have a business idea and you wish to implement the idea through e-commerce website. You don’t want to delay the launch of your online business and you want an e-commerce website as soon as possible. As you have just known that the Magento has customizable themes and extensions, the magento ecommerce developers will quickly develop the website and host it. Magento is perfect platform for e-commerce. You should choose the magento platform for quick e-commerce web development for your startup.

E-commerce concept is really a revolutionary idea. It’s really a great thing that a consumer can get the desired product with the help of an e-commerce website. E-commerce is getting bigger and bigger with time. Research says that retail e-commerce will reach 25 trillion USD globally by 2020. Several entrepreneurs have used the concept of e-commerce to do startups. Well, whether you own have a startup or an established business, you can choose Magento for e-commerce web development. E-commerce websites help online sellers to meet online buyers. E-commerce enables businessmen to reach global customers. There are thousands of example of e-commerce successes. Many businessmen reached to millions of people to fill the gap of supply and demand. A lot of startups got success by just selling the products that the consumers want. They took the advantages of e-commerce to reach potential customers.

So, now it’s your turn to take advantage of the internet. Whether you have a small or large business, or if you have a startup idea, you can choose to go for e-commerce. Hire a Magento ecommerce development company for your business and do e-commerce to reach millions of people directly.

We have over 11 years of experience in digital marketing, app development, e-commerce website designing and development. We have served 1000+ clients from 80+ countries during this period. Kindly contact us to get your e-commerce website developed.

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