Magento eCommerce Platform: Why Is It Best For App And Web Development?

Are you searching for a powerful eCommerce app and web development platform? In this post, you will learn about the Magento eCommerce platform and the features that make it one of the best eCommerce development platforms.

But first, let’s understand;

What Is Magento?

Built on an open-source platform, Magento facilitates eCommerce developers to use its capabilities to build unique and powerful eCommerce websites.

It offers a wide range of features to online merchants. From customizable design features to the content management system, Magento has a lot to offer merchants. It also provides many extensions that are built for eCommerce.

Let’s learn the vital features of the Magento eCommerce platform in detail.

Key Features of Magento eCommerce Platform

  • Secure Payment and Shopping Carts

While online shopping, payment is the sensitive part. Payment options should be SSL- secured. The credibility of an eCommerce website increases when it offers secure payment facilities to its customers.

Magento supports other multilingual third-party secure payment processors. You can choose to integrate these multilingual payment processors if you want to scale your business globally.

Magento eCommerce development provides an easy checkout facility. It facilitates online buyers to checkout as a guest or as a registered user.

Merchants can control how they want to offer checkout facility to their customers.

Magento also provides the option of a one-page checkout facility. It also facilitates users to create accounts right before the checkout.

You get an optimized shopping cart. Shopping carts get automatically updated. The account holder can view the added products when they login the account. Customers can also check all the tax and shipping related charges in the cart before checkout.

The shipping service integration enables Magento websites to show real-time shipping rates to buyers. Buyers can also track their orders from the account.

  • Tools for Marketing and Promotions

Marketing is an essential part of eCommerce. There are various ways to market your products to potential customers.

The most common ways to promote your products on eCommerce Magento websites are cross-selling and up-selling. Both cross-sell and up-sell are the ways to market your products to the existing customers.

When you sell products similar to a product that the buyer purchased or added to the cart, it is cross-selling. And when you try to sell a costlier product than the product searched by the customer, you do up-selling. These selling strategies are very popular ways of eCommerce marketing.

The Magento platform promotes cross-selling and up-selling. Magento eCommerce websites also show related products to customers.

Merchants can set pricing for coupons and catalog promotions. Merchants can choose to restrict these features for different products, categories, customer groups, and the time period.

Magento enables merchants to see the reports of coupon usage by the customers.

Merchants can also add an additional landing page for product categories. This feature can really help if you want to provide some information about the product categories separately.

This eCommerce platform also facilitates merchants to allow product sharing to all visitors or only for registered users.

Still wondering if Magento is good?

Why Magento Is Good?

  • Optimized for Search Engines

You must have heard of SEO websites. If not, don’t worry. The world of the internet is very competitive. There are millions of websites already hosted on the internet.

When you type a query on the search engine, you get thousands of websites in the search result. The websites that appear on the first page of the search result are more SEO oriented than the websites that appear on the latter pages.

The more your website is optimized for search engines, the higher it gets ranked in the search engine result pages (SERP). Your eCommerce website should be optimized so that it can compete with its rivals.

We all have done online shopping. Sometimes, we get a good shopping experience and sometimes we don’t.

There could be many reasons for these experiences. The website or app performance is one of the major reasons. And these user experiences increase or decrease the quality of a website, which later affects SEO.

So many factors affect the SEO of a website. The user interface, content quality, page loading speed are the main factors.

The user interface of an eCommerce Magento website should be attractive so that your website looks presentable. The UI should be simple and no buyer should find it hard to browse on your online store. The content quality of the website should be high. The product descriptions, graphics, including product images, should be of high quality and optimized.

Magento offers optimized pages that have a fast page loading speed. Magento allows merchants to choose SEO- friendly URL for eCommerce web pages.

Merchants can also rewrite the URLs of the web pages whenever they want to. The Magento eCommerce platform comes with a built-in SEO that promotes online visibility.

Magento also generates popular search terms automatically.

  • Easy Catalog Management and Browsing

Magento offers many catalog management features to online merchants.

It enables merchants to set pricing rules for different customer groups, which means merchants can sell the same product to retailers and wholesalers at different prices. This feature provides a lot of flexibility to the merchants.

Magento also enables online merchants to add extra product attributes. Online Merchants can create attribute sets that the buyer can use to sort the products.

Magento creates tags for product search and facilitates buyers to read reviews of the product. It facilitates online buyers to upload images and text to personalize products.

Magento provides a lot of features to merchants, which helps buyers in browsing products.

Merchants can add multiple images of product. Magento supports the zoom-in feature so that buyers can clearly see the product that they are buying.

Merchants can also choose tier pricing for the products. Magento enables online buyers to add as many products to their wishlist. Buyers can even create different types of wishlists. They can also send these wishlists to their friends.

Online buyers can compare the products in Magento eCommerce websites. They can also see the recently viewed products through their accounts.

These websites have breadcrumbs, which enable buyers to navigate while product browsing. Magento facilitates online merchants to add designs on product and category levels.

Merchants can choose the grid or the list format for product listing.


The above points were the main features of the Magento eCommerce platform. These features make Magento a leading eCommerce development platform.

There are a lot of other advantages of Magento, but it’s impossible to mention every detail here. It is a very powerful platform and opens doors to a large Magento community for support.

More than 50% online shopping is done through mobile phones every year. Merchants should grab this opportunity and target the customers who use mobile for online shopping.

Magento has introduced mobile app development platforms for online merchants. They can use the technology to build an app for their e-store.

Merchants can choose both Android and iOS for their business. You can also choose an iOS app development company to launch your e-store for iOS users.

The Amazing Magento eCommerce Platform Editions

Magento eCommerce has two editions to offer online merchants. Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce. Open source is free, while the Commerce edition is paid.

  • Magento Open Source Edition

This version is also known as Magento Community.

It is a free version and any merchant can use it to build a Magento website.

This version has all the features that a small business needs.

It enables online merchants to customize page layouts and create customer groups. This edition provides good performance to small-sized businesses with fewer resources on the website.

Merchants can download Magento extensions if they want extra functionalities for their store.

  • Magento Commerce

Also known as Magento Enterprise Edition, Magento Commerce is paid.

It has two packages: Magento Commerce Starter and Magento Commerce Pro.

The Starter package includes all the features of open-source Magento edition plus advanced features for mid-sized businesses.

This package enables online merchants to give bulk order facility to buyers. The merchants who choose this package get 24X7 Magento support.

The Pro package offers all the features of the starter package and some additional features to merchants. Pro package is more reliable and provides advanced analytics reports to online merchants.

Business reports can help merchants in planning business strategies. Merchants also get an enhanced catalog for their business. This package is suitable for large businesses.

Magento offers 24X7 technical support to its users.

Both starter and pro package support Magento cloud hosting. Small and mid-sized business owners can also opt for this package if they want to scale their business. Large businesses with more resources should use the Commerce Pro package to get high performance.

Why is Magento so Popular?

Let’s take a look at some interesting statistics about the Magento eCommerce platform.

  • More than 250,000 merchants use Magento eCommerce for their online store.
  • Approx 15% of top merchants are using Magento eCommerce.
  • More than 7,500 merchants migrated in the span of one year and choose Magento.
  • Magento websites handled a transaction of approx 100 Billion USD in 2016 and it is expected to reach 224 Billion USD by 2020.
  • Magento is mostly used by the merchants in the US, UK, and Netherlands.
  • These stats are surprising and they prove that Magento is one of the best eCommerce platforms available in the market.

Final Thoughts

eCommerce is booming every year. There is a lot of opportunity in eCommerce for business owners.

eCommerce gives you the power to sell your products to global customers. It transcends the geographical barrier. Any person with internet access can buy products through eCommerce websites.

Countless entrepreneurs have taken advantage of eCommerce. If you also want to grab this opportunity, you first to make your business’s online presence. You just need to hire an experienced Magento eCommerce website development company that would build an e-store for you.

Your journey to become one of the eCommerce giants will begin from there.

In hindsight, Ethane Web Technologies has 11 years of experience in digital marketing, mobile app development, eCommerce web designing, and development. During this time, we have served 1000+ clients from 80+ countries. If you are looking for the best iOS app development company, feel free to contact us.

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